Jesus’s parables of Truth are offensive ya know!

Because organized Christianity is merely a control mechanism for the masses and not Christianity at all, Jesus’s parables telling the truth are very offensive in the Church.  Today’s supposed “Christian” church celebrates pride and is woke which is willingly overlooking known evil.  If you can’t see that organized religion is a completely infiltrated mess keeping people in Plato’s Cave by now you are in a trance.

Did you know I brandish a whip also? The whip is called the truth!

At the behest of the egotistically RETARDED cultural swine subversive LYING parasites who call themselves jews but are not, but are the synagogogue of satan, churches are pushing RACISM towards White people even in the Lutheran Church in the form of “White Privilege” named after Martin Luther who wrote the book “The jews and their LIES.”  Houston, we have a problem which includes free mason NASA being fake and gay.

The bible is a FLAT earth document! If you don’t believe FLAT earth you are NOT a believer in the bible!

Jesus was NOT a jew and neither are those who call themselves joos nor are the LYING thieving selfish slothful morally depraved TRASH that call themselves joos today as they are run by the Khazarian ashkeNAZI criminal banking system mafia.  Jesus described these parasitical mongrels very well in John 8:44.  If you don’t like my reasoned thought, then all you need to do to get really mad is understand Jesus correct position to really get mad.

You cannot be a true Christian and support the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911. The subversive LYING Racist Supremacists most surely are NOT chosen by God, but because of their narcissistic programmable intellectually deficient demeanor satan chose correctly!

Because the masses are controlled by their ego any truth spoken is offensive. The earth is FLAT as the bible is a FLAT earth document is my favorite truth to tell currently since it always evokes such a meltdown.  I like being entertained too!

So it is 200-0 knockout for the FLAT earth? Conspiracy globberyists insulting my intelligence is quite humorous at this point!

The blatant truth that mentally deranged morally depraved BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties are catatonic walking programmable zombies tends to get a rise out of people also.  The comatose TRASH can only regurgitate their programming while having trouble figuring out their gender.  And people doubt my thoroughly researched observations? 

It is not my fault KKK slavery lefties are catatonic!

Many years ago after I figured out KKK slavery lefties have no critical thinking whatsoever so they could not comprehend a simple FACT, I told one of them on joobook that he could not comprehend FACTS.  He said of course he could because his programming told him he was very intelligent as his head jerked due to it glitching.  I told him if his mother had aborted him we would be not having this conversation.  He promptly responded with that was my opinion.  My realization that KKK slavery lefties are not actually alive was solidified.

The hallmark of the Brave New World is people being unable due to a lack of reasoning to comprehend simple FACTS, plus making women into whores. The biggest FACT people ignore is that comatose KKK slavery lefties are not even remotely open minded so they are NOT liberal in the least! Drooling gullible morons is a better description!

If satan were to control the world with his evil, he would need to invert everything just like it says in Isaiah 5:20-21.  Now some say I overuse this passage but in reality the premise of this bible passage is throughout the bible over and over again.  I personally just hope the Bible or Jesus isn’t too offensive to you, as then you will realize I am pretty mild by comparison. 

With the satanic agenda of LBGT and transgender mutilating children in progress, if you can’t see it you are not alive!

The inversion would obviously have to take place in everyone’s mind so they believe the opposite of the truth while the truth would be offensive.  That means people would be functioning off of their ego which always denies the truth and makes up lies to protect the lies they are programmed with.  This is the truth as the masses are exactly this way since I know this as an open minded liberal.

If you are controlled by your own selfish ego it is a FACT you are being controlled by satan. Your ego is your pride and it is always wrong!

I love those who tell me I have pride and ask me if I have been saved.  Jesus, Socrates or Martin Luther’s wisdom has at least saved me from these people’s pride so I have that going for me.  I will send them a bible verse typically which really makes them mad as we know the bible is offensive these days because it tells the truth! I rarely get a response back and if I do they will project their pride in their beliefs back at me and never listen.  It doesn’t matter if it is myself or Jesus doing the talking at this point, they listen to neither.  Can you say hardened hearts or what?

I hope this bible verse spoken by Jesus didn’t offend you?

Pride goes before destruction and this simple verse is the Matrix in a nutshell.  Do not catatonic KKK slavery lefties celebrate pride which is bigotry and adject stupidity?  Yes they do and to completely prove it they willingly euthanized themselves with the clot shot.  Did they finally make the right choice by accident?

This bible verse is exactly what the Matrix is when you extrapolate it out thru reasoning. Pride makes a person believe they are right and god is wrong, while not listening to the words of Jesus, or Socrates, or Martin Luther, or St. Augustine, or many others. The I believe I am right disease is humanities problem as the masses have been deceived immensely. If you do not let go of your pride you will never attain true wisdom.

Jesus speaks about the Pharisee money changers who we know are those who falsely call themselves jews and obviously are the RACIST supremaicsts who made up the ficticious term “White supremacist.”  The egotistically RETARDED cultural swine are parasites just as Jesus spoke of.  Their einstein RETARDATION is immense as the narcissistic are master LIARS and psychological projection artists just as Jesus described.  When the truth is spoken about them they will always spew their extremist deplorable sycophant HATE and Bigotry. As Jesus said correctly about them.  But tell that to your average organized religion “Christian” and you will have HATE spewed your way.

Plato’s true quote was different but it meant the same thing. Tolerating evil has a price and we were warned!

So if you do not like my truth, obviously you would also want to crucify Jesus for his truth.  Things most certainly have never changed have they?

Those who fail to learn from the bible are destined to repeat history. The yids are not even related to the jews in the bible as they are Khazarian ashkeNAZI yids nor are they semitic in the least! They are master LIARS however!

If Jesus or my truth offends you, it is better for you to catch a ballgame as the bible will really be offensive!

God does not let you comprehend the bible if you have pride in your heart. You may know the bible so much better than me and can quote more verses and it does not mean a thing. You need extremely simple reasoning to figure out the bible and to attain that you must recognize your own ego. We all have an ego and the wisdom from Jesus and many others teach us how to figure it out. It is very easy yet the most difficult task you will ever do in your life. It is how you pass the test!

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