Karma: Death by clot shot from someone who wronged me in business!

Now I do not wish death on anyone like mentally deranged HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat TRASH wishes death on me for being a white male, but when it happens to someone who has wronged me in business I do take a little satisfaction in this justice of our clown world. Since I am the honest guy I have been slighted in our inverted world on a consistent basis so seeing a LIAR be a gullible moron and take the clot shot and die does not lend to any of my sympathy.

Lefties are not alive! Just a bunch of repulsive cultural swine!

I moved to the area where I live now for numerous reasons but one of them is having ski areas since I love skiing.  So I took a part time job in reservations which was extremely simple and required some phone work which did not even require any selling so it was simple, but I also got a ski pass as part of it.  So I could do this simpleton job and enjoy some skiing.  However, the vast majority of the people were catatonic KKK slavery lefties with extremely fragile egos so I knew at some point I could trigger them from the most inane detail.  So I truly tried my best.

I knew the simplest smallest detail in the midst of catatonic lefties but I truly tried my best to keep every conversation in the intellectual childrens pool, but that is very difficult to do all the time. You never know when a complete sentence will trigger the sycophant KKK slavery lefties!

But at one of the short meetings with staff one morning I tried to tell a little joke and it caused significant cognitive dissonance zombies faces where I saw mouths wide open and I realized I triggered some programming.  I blew it off as I thought it would just pass over.  But a few hours later I was called into the office and was told I was being fired.  I asked why and he told me there were some customer complaints.  I told that is not true in the least.  Then he made up another LIE which the ego will do and I told he that was not true either.  I then asked the young guy who was my direct manager about how I was doing and he said I was doing great which totally made his false accusations even more obtuse.

The smallest of details will trigger the cognitive dissance especially with catatonic lefties. Telling the truth that it is I who am the open minded liberal does it with alot of righty’s as that nonsense programming has been blasted into their brain for all of their life. My truth triggers programming in all different ways!

Lastly, he said well we really don’t have to have a reason to let you go at this point which I agreed was true.  I wanted to say you are letting me go because of a harmless little joke aren’t you?  But I didn’t since it would have led to nothing.

Yes, he was a yid so I expected a LIE and I got it! He tacitly admitted he lied but obviously would never admit that to make sure he continues to LIE and be a good yid! Yid’s like Bobby Fischer who tell the truth about their race are widely denounced!

But the reason I told this story is because the person who fired me I recently saw his obituary where he died at 45 years of age which means he took the clot shot not that they would report this truth in any media however, but you know it was the cause.  He was a most likely a yid and I am sure he was a KKK slavery democrat.  For sure I did not know him well and he was nice in outward appearance, but he obviously had no problem LYING to do his job which is a common problem in our beast system we live in.  So yes karma was a bitch for him in this case and I gleaned a little satisfaction knowing his pride led to his destruction.

The criminal satanic banksters unfortunately control the minds of the masses. And they are NOT real joos nor semitic, but Khazarian ashkeNAZIs mainly who were converted in the 8th century and hide their criminal activity behind the facade of judaism but are following the satanic Talmud and zionism filth. This beside the disgusting Vatican and the Club of Rome is where the world is ruled from in a tyrannical manner. Everything is a LIE!

Pride once again foes before destruction and there will be many more of these stories coming very soon!

Gosh, such prideful RETARDS! Jesus was right wasn’t he!

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