Martin Luther King: RACIST useless eating despicable filth!

All mentally deranged putrid vulgar prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat puke are all vile RACIST filth, just like egotistically RETARDED subversive LYING cultural swine sub humans who call themselves joos but are not, but are the synagogue of satan. At this point only the most ardent RACIST supremacists would regard the ashkeNAZI yid vermin as human. 

Yids are hard driven NPC’s! einstein RETARDATION is immense with the faulty inbreds!

Martin Luther King was just another useful idiot who was a coke fiend and loved prostitues while appearing as this wholesome god fearing person in front of the camera, but like everything else that is an inversion in our world, he was just despicable filth and a complete fraud.  Yet the parasitical yids as using this piece of despicable filth in our schools to teach blatant RACISM towards White people like all the rest of their satanic agenda along with their LGBT and transgender filth.

This obviously is correct but they are using riots because Blacks are easily manipulated by the egotistically RETARDED yids who still own Black people as their slaves. If Black people could ever just figure out how incredibly used they really are, but they simply are overall a very stupid violent race.

As anyone who knows me I do not let any programmed RETARDED KKK slavery lefty regurgitate their programming in my presence nor should any child be allowed around this mentally diseased puke. Teaching the exact opposite of the truth about Martin Luther King really was is what is going on in our public indoctrination centers falsely called schools.  Even in the most conservative areas they are teaching that only White people can be Racist which is actual racism towards white people while telling Blacks who are easily manipulated to vote for their own demise for the catatonic KKK slavery demonrat vomit that they cannot be racist! What absolute bullshit!  How convenient as this only proves once again what I have figured out.

Malcolm X figured out the subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yids and that is exactly why they killed him. Just like Jesus or Martin Luther (NOT King) he was telling the truth about satan’s children.

The sub human beast RACIST supremacist ashkeNAZI yid vermin are satan’s children and too deny this obvious reality is too deny such obvious FACTS such as the earth being FLAT.  It is beyond absurd to believe in such nonsense as conspiracy globbery yet people keep protecting their programmed LIES.

The civil rights act was totally designed to break up the Black family so the satanic zionist parasites could use Blacks to attack White people who the ugly smelly mongrols are very jealous of. To deny that all catatonic KKK slavery demonrats are RACIST is just absurd!

Just more of the complete inversion of reality we are in which is pushed by sub human beast faulty inbred race that Jesus spoke about in the bible.  If you do not believe what Jesus said then you are not a believer which means your typical “Christian” is completely deceived.  Jesus was a jew or the sub humans are God’s chosen will be regurgitated from their mouths which is the deception created by satan himself.

The satanic scum behind the scenes!

You must invert everything for the truth.  This is the truth as it is so obvious it hurts!

Absolute despicable subversive LYING TRASH!

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