The inversion as illustrated in the bible and everywhere!

No matter how many times an open minded liberal like myself talks about this, if a person still have the inverted mind they have no logic to figure it out.  Most people are controlled entirely by their ego which inverts reality in their mind without any corresponding logic and because they are functioning off of their ego they have the I believe I am right disease so they do not question nor can they. 

Since people ignore FACTS they ignore the blatant upside down world we live it. It blows my mind every day!

I cannot think for anyone else and obviously I am accused of what the other person is guilty constantly plus people will block me or tell me they do not want the truth because it is offensive to their LIES.  This is why Jesus was so offensive to many because he told the simple truth as the vast majority of Christian churches would kick Jesus out of their premises today and call for the death penalty for him

How much more obvious can it get?

The egotistically RETARDED cultural swine sub human beast ashkeNAZI yid vermin do control the world thru their criminal fraudulent banking system. The subversive LYING parasites are driving by their massive inferiority complex combined with their ugly smelly nature.

The end is near for satan’s children! The fiery pit will be very hot! LOL!!

Useless eating rude and offensive catatonic RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery leftist filth obviously has willingly euthanized themselves with the clot shot so at least we will not have to put up with this TRASH much longer. The upcoming destruction and annihilation of the Racist terrorist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL vermin by God will be the culmination of what the bible says. 

Thank god this TRASH willingly euthanized themselves! Every rude and obnoxious lefty needs to be disposed of as none of them belong in a civilized society EVER!

As we know there are KKK slavery lefties and righty’s alike who both who are compliant slaves who regurgitate the entertainment from the propaganda msm run by satan’s children.  Both are blithering idiots as anyone with any common sense knows that if a yids lips are moving it is a blatant LIE. When your father is the devil this is what you do.  It is more than obvious at this stage of the game that the ashkeNAZI yids are simply a software program as it is really the only way they can act in such a repulsive manner that they do.  It is truly unfortunate that Hitler did not dispose of the scum that Jesus so eloquently described well in John 8:44.  It obviously is very sickening that supposed “Christians” call satan’s children God chosen as God certainly did not chose this cultural swine in the least.  This truly is the ultimate inversion where satan appears as God and God as satan.

I will enjoy the parasites burning in the fiery pit immensely! The Khazarian ashkeNAZI’s are NOT real joos in the least which is prophesied in Rev 2:9. If you believe the bible it is quite obvious!

But the inversion is everywhere in everything even the most slightest of details.  To cure cancer the first step is to tell the programmed RETARDED Rockefeller oncologist to go fuck himself.  The rest is easy tbh. Calling a rude and offensive prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefty a liberal is absurd since they cannot even form complete sentences nowadays.  It is literal HATE speech to call a catatonic KKK slavery leftie a liberal when they celebrate pride and morally depraved sexual deviant prideful BIGOTRY.   This is just how blatant the inversion is and it applies to absolutely everything.

The ego denies the obvious truth and this is how the masses are controlled. That is why agent smith will attack the truth and why Jesus was also attacked. It is so simple yet so difficult to attain since a person’s pride or ego must be understood before this truth can be attained. It is the ego which inverts everything in our world which makes it the complete opposite of the City of God.

If the truth bothers you that is your problem not mine in the least.  If you think you are “saved” then you are merely showing your pride in your beliefs.  The road less traveled is the right one but it is only the few not the masses you travel it.  Reading the bible is fruitless if you do not believe it.

Pride prevents understanding the bible. If you have pride in your heart and believe you are the one right God simply does not let you comprehend it. The ones who know the bible inside and out are usually the worst offenders as intelligence is NOT regurgition, it is the ability to reason the difference between arrogance and confidence. Arrogance comes from pride and confidence comes from humility. It is that simple and it is the truth!

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