WOKE: Willingly Overlooking Known Evil!

It is more than obvious at this point KKK slavery lefties are not alive.  Not a single ounce of original thought permeates their cranial cavity as all they do is regurgitate what they have been programmed with.  Any entity still watching propaganda CNN is literally dead and most likely does not know it’s gender.

Please god dispose of this despicable TRASH!

How do you know if someone is a KKK slavery democrat nowadays?  It is easy as anyone who knows their gender is NOT a catatonic slavery KKK slavery lefty. The FACT that a Republican cannot figure this out shows you just how stupid they are also.

The catatonic programmed RETARDS do NOT have an open mind in the least!

Clown world is reaching unprecedented heights at this point as the inmates are clearly running the insane asylum. Catatonic KKK slavery lefties are not fit to run a hot dog stand yet we have these mental invalids as Mayors and Governors all over the country destroying everything in their path.

How do people not see this?

RETARDED KKK slavery lefties have the nerve to call me RACIST and a BIGOT when the closed minded walking programmable zombies get triggered by the wind changing directions?  They push this disgusting putrid vulgar agenda of LGBT and transgender garbage?  Willingly overlooking evil by pushing the mutilation of children is exactly what these repulsive pieces of TRASH are doing. Not that they realize it since it is clear they are simply not alive.

Your vote doesn’t matter and it is merely there to give you the illusion of choice. Egotistical RETARDED sub human bankster scum runs the world and their destiny is the fiery pit indeed! The upside down race is the diseased sludge who call themselves joos but are not but are the synagogue of satan!

A KKK slavery lefty is programmed to believe they are very intelligent and are open minded liberals.  Yet they overlook a vegetable like Biden who is a drooling moron not even in control of his bladder.  Gotta keep the con man Trump circus going to keep the blithering idiots occupied right

Good bye prideful BIGOTS and good riddance!

The false left vs. right paradigm is such nonsense at this point and the overlooking of simple FACTS like the RACIST supremacist subversive LYING parasites of ItsaHELL doing the blatant controlled demolition of 911 is clown world personified.  If a yid is proud of being of their particular faulty inbred race I feel sorry for the loser TRASH. 

Both parties are controlled by satan’s children. The illusion of choice is complete and utter bullshit!

I have long known about how the minds of the masses are completely inverted so they believe the opposite of the truth while ignoring all the salient FACTS proving this is so, but due to the Trance people are in I get blank stares when I point this out! In my dealing with anyone of the ashkeNAZI yid persuasion who are almost all catatonic KKK slavery lefties, it has always confounded me that they believe they are smart yet run away as fast as possible when I contradict their programmed beliefs.  I now know they are literally hard wired to be stupid as are all morally depraved lefty filth. 

The public indoctrination centers are destroying minds so people are good slaves so they will do what they are told to do. That is why they are trying to turn everyone into a comatose KKK slavery lefty.

The extremist deplorable sycophant HATE, RACISM and BIGOTRY that spews out of rude and offensive KKK slavery lefties mouths nowadays is just utterly insane an repulsive.  I am done with it!

RETARDED KKK slavery lefties are not alive so their impending demise is of no concern for open minded liberals like myself!

I do not let catatonic KKK slavery lefties regurgitate their programming in my presence for a reason. This is the truth and hopefully the gullible TRASH dies sooner from the clot shot than later.  Euthanasia really is the only cure!

If I piss you off and not all the LIES, then it is you who has the problem not me in the least. If I do trigger someones ego they should be giving me thanks I don’t put them into a coma because I can. I say this because I care!

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