Repulsive RETARDED prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat memes!

Obviously, for an open minded liberal like myself it is repulsive and offensive to call a mentally deranged KKK slavery democrat a liberal since they are clearly programmed RETARDED closed minded bigots.  The filthy morally depraved TRASH is simply not alive.  It is the LIES that bother me but in our inverted world it is the truth that bothers most people.

This is a very accurate portrayal of a catatonic KKK slavery lefties mind! Absolute TRASH!

While stupid Republicans are docile and intellectually muted, KKK slavery lefties are beyond help and are catatonic gullible morons who willingly euthanized themselves with the clot shot.  We can at least thank them for putting them out of our misery and theirs.  People get mad at me for saying all KKK slavery democrats are RETARDED while I get very upset when someone calls the closed minded insane prideful BIGOTS liberal.  The mental invalids are having trouble with their gender right? Calling the RETARDS progressive is correct as they have progressively gone from RETARDS to completely insane.

Regurgitating Tucker Carlson is just as bad as a catatonic KKK slavery lefties drooling tbh. Many stupid Republican’s do this. Tucker Carlson is entertainment not news in the least!

While regurgitating the propaganda news is still a thing stupid Republicans do, it frankly is all a RETARDED KKK slavery lefty can do.  KKK slavery lefties are a walking programmable zombie and nothing else.  The lefty sheep get upset if the wind changes directions if they are told to do so.

This is the unfortunate truth! KKK slavery lefties are NOT alive!

Here are some memes of the catatonic blithering idiots for your viewing pleasure!Here are some memes of the catatonic blithering idiots for your viewing pleasure!

A dead arrogant prick like this is a dead RACIST! Good riddance!

And hopefully all this filthy TRASH took the clot shot!

The immutable truth as all catatonic KKK slavery lefties are devoid of any thought!

The egotistical RETARDS are despicable useless eating filth! Their willing help in euthanizing themselves is much appreciated!

Euthanasia really is the only cure for this despicable TRASH!

The RACIST supremacist pedophile satanic HATE group ADL goblins sure don’t like the truth much! The egotistical RETARDED sub human beast steal lots of money but are obviously unable to look into a mirror. The fiery pit awaits!

The heretics who don’t believe the bible is a FLAT earth document overwhelmingly took the clot shot! If you don’t believe FLAT then you obviously don’t believe the bible. Catatonic KKK slavery lefties are all programmed with the satanic globbery LIE!

In the inverted Orwellian world the truth offends, but LIES like calling catatonic closed minded prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties liberal does not. This is how our inverted world works! The truth is just the truth and it doesn’t care about your programmed LIES in the least!

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