My life as an open minded liberal philosopher!

Since I don’t live in Plato’s Cave and most people do, living every day around these zombies is very surreal to be honest.  I never know when I will trigger some programming of someone’s false perception of reality.  We are living in such a time that true reality is such an illusion for most that what I say is shocking to most people’s senses.  Whether it be the earth is FLAT, or the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL did the controlled demolition on 911, it will trigger the programming.  It is a constant where Peter is denying Jesus.  It really is this way entirely.

This is exactly how it works! The ego must be recognized for this to occur. The highest form of human excellence is to question oneself and others!

Lots of egos want to give me advice on my approach while not questioning their own beliefs.  So what is my approach?  I tell the truth and I will not back down. EVER!  I get accused of not having tact while people are tactless in giving me this advice.  People like personally attacking me while they justify their actions by saying they are thoughtful criticisms or tell me what I can or cannot say.  Sorry, nobody tells me I cannot speak the truth and it is they who are being rude.  Being the nice guy that I am I do not typically give them a linguistic enema even though I could as since I am in complete control of my own ego which is the key to it all, I truly can intellectually run over almost anyone I please. 

There is a reason people are scared of me! It is because I tell the truth!

The true key to intelligence is the ability to tell confidence from arrogance as arrogance comes from programming.  Intelligence truly comes from question one’s own beliefs first as if all you can do is personally attack someone you are a fool and do not have a free mind.  I can recognize the arrogance very easily and provide someone with a creative response that gently nudges their fragile ego.  It doesn’t behoove me to run everyone over even though I could.

Modern psychology is pure mind control as what they teach about the ego is the complete opposite of what it is! Jung saying you can have an ego death is complete nonsense as it is like saying satan doesn’t exist. The ego is exactly what causes the inversion we are currently in!

Not many people call themselves a philosopher obviously and only someone who has complete control of their ego would do such a thing.  A philosopher is a thinker where the masses are simply easily led and will regurgitate what they are told to think.  My original thoughts are quite the opposite of the official narrative of nonsense created by satan’s children.  Hearing catatonic KKK slavery lefties or righty’s regurgitate nonsense from the Cave wall which today is the big screen TV “programming” is very irritating to say the least. 

Turn this TRASH off for good! It is NOT news but entertainment only!

By now I have run into the Cave and gotten beat up many times for telling the truth, and while it used to affect me somewhat, nowadays it actually fuels me.  Is it frustrating?  Yes it is. But having my ego under control which ultimately is the key to confidence, I am able to roll with the punches and use emotion while elucidating the truth.  If you do not have your ego under control you simple cannot do this and get very frustrated so then people lash out.  It is how the ego works.  The key is to be able to lash out but not actually do it knowing that I could if I wanted to.  If I use emotion to kick back the ego I use it by stating simple FACTS but never personally attacking anyone.  I know beforehand they will regard my emotion as a personal attack as they personally attack me.  Quite the conundrum when I know their perception is that my emotion is attacking them while I really am attacking their ego which is pure emotion so it can only be affected by emotion and not logic.

I can verify this is correct in spades!

Understanding the ego is the whole key to exiting Plato’s Cave.  The LIES are just the symptoms and need to put in that category if a person is searching for the truth.  You can know all the LIES and still be in the Matrix.  If you don’t know that when a yids lips are moving it is a LIE, you are most certainly in the Matrix just like if you cannot name the subversive LYING parasites who runs the RACIST supremacist egotistical RETARDED cultural swine who run the propaganda media, you are not conscious in the least.

Oy Vey!!

It is the truth which bothers people as they like their comfortable LIES confirmed.  I tell the truth and I do not back down is exactly why I trigger their egos or programming.  Since everything is a LIE most everything I say has the potential to cause consternation.  Vaccines are all poison, KKK slavery lefties are catatonic, or the holohoax is nonsense all can cause problems.  But even simple things like RETARDED KKK slavery lefties are not open minded so they are not liberal can also cause issues.  It doesn’t matter what truth it is it will cause a hizzy fit.

This is how it works. If the truth is stated it will bother most people. That will never change.

As an open minded liberal philosopher I will only fight with the truth and never violence.  Violence is obviously being employed by satan’s children and enhanced by the subversive LYING propaganda media filth.  If the yids can get away with the controlled demolition on 911, they obviously are arrogant fools. 

The arrogance of the egotistical RETARDS to actually admit it is immense! Their destiny is not pretty!

The truth is just the truth and it that bothers someone that is their problem not mine. 

Just more truth!

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