Revisiting the controlled demolition of 911

When I hear people regurgitating the propaganda news it makes me absolutely sick.  It is only entertainment and not news in the least. It frankly is so disgusting and far from the truth of reality that when I hear people regurgitating this nonsense I know just how far from reality most everyone is.

The same subversive LIARS who control the media clearly did the controlled demolition on 911. So who are the egotistically RETARDED sub human beasts who run the propaganda media?

If the supposed news has not reported that the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL did the controlled demolition on 911 and considers the subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yid vermin human proving they are RACISTS, then nothing on the TV “programming” is even remotely real.

911 song! Silverstein is of what useless eating inbred race?

If a person refuses to acknowledge the simple FACT that Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL TRASH did the controlled demolition and that the yids father is the devil, they are simply not awake in the least.  If an egotistically RETARDED cultural swine ashkeNAZI yids lips are moving, it is a LIE.

The sub human beasts admitted doing the controlled demolition? Better ignore that FACT right to stay in the Brave New World!

Satan’s Children do run the world and that is why it is such a mess.  This is exactly what the bible says would happen also but it is quite obvious God wins as he will usher in world peace by the brutal destruction and annihilation of the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL.  This is not speculation but prophesied many times as the satanic Talmudic idol worshippers will be destroyed. If you do not realize the extent of the spiritual battle we are currently in I suggest you wake up.

This is the destiny of the useless eating maggots who falsely call themselves jews but are not, but are the synagogue of satan. The inbreds pride will lead to satan’s children’s demise into the fiery pit!

It is more than obvious that your organized religion is controlled as many supposed “Christians” who purport to be believers will scoff even at the simplest of truths that the bible is a FLAT earth document proving they do not believe the bible, but themselves.  This is the ego in a nutshell.  It believes the LIES while ignoring all the blatant FACTS.  This is the deception that has befallen most of humanity. If someone clings to their satanic globe lie they are simply a heretic.

As is obvious anyone who still believes in the satanic glob is a heretic!

Buildings even if they are hit by airplanes simply do not come down like a controlled demolition into their footprint like they did on 911.  Building #7 was not even supposedly hit by one and it came down in 7 seconds which is only possible in a controlled demolition.  No airplane parts in the field in Sahnksville.  Everything is completely absurd and like many people that day I was in shock and that made me ignore all the absurdities of the day.  While questions arose in my own mind, the mind control quickly shut those questions down simple by the FACT that it was beyond my own imagination that someone could have done that on purpose.  I was not yid woke at the time but with the numerous interactions I had had with the faulty inbreds in my life I was beginning to realize just how incorrigible and stupid the whole race is.  I noticed the arrogance but found nothing that they should even be remotely arrogant about and noticed they were all programmed retarded KKK slavery lefties.

The Khazarian ashkeNAZI mafia are not real joos nor are the egotistical RETARDS semitic in the least. Those who call themselves joos are the most deceived race on God’s created FLAT earth because their pride makes them so easily manipulated as evidenced by most of them being mentally deranged catatonic KKK slavery lefty TRASH!

I knew something was wrong all my life, but the controlled demolition of 911 was the beginning of all the rabbit holes that simply never stopped and I always found the same inbreds at the end of the rabbit hole.  The RACIST terrorist sub humans beasts at mossad even admitted doing it yet people deny they did it?  It is because people are in a Trance so they deny the truth.  If the propaganda news run by Satan’s Children has not mentioned it EVER then you know all of it is a LIE.

Nobody likes the truth! The ego goes berzerk every time it is spoken!

We live in an inverted world where people deny the truth just as Peter denied Jesus because the masses are controlled by their ego.  To deny this orchestrated event was done by the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL is just another denial of truth.  It is that simple.

Whether your ego is telling a LIE or the truth it is still controlling you and that is the issue entirely. The ego needs to be acknowledged before the real truth and reality can be attained. So many supposed truthers stay in the Matrix because they refuse to admit their own ego exists which is denying satan exists. It is the fatal flaw of the masses.

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