Organized religion is a control mechanism for the masses!

Recently a close acquaintance of mine had a son die in a car crash and held the funeral at a local organized religion community church that blatantly showed they were satanic by the show of a synagogue of satan RACIST terrorist ItsaHELL flag and their star of remphan 666.  This simple FACT was not noticed by the mourners because of people being in a trance.  Anyone supporting the egotistically RETARDED cultural swine is obviously deceived and being led down the path to hell.

Star of Remphan 666 for the RACIST terrorist ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911! All the symbols right in front of your face but a blind mind cannot see!

God’s upcoming destruction and brutal annihilation of the faulty inbred TRASH of those who call themselves jews but are not, but are the synagogue of satan is fast approaching as the vermins days are numbered.  It is more than obvious to anyone who searches for the truth that these useless eaters run the criminal banking system and are the Pharisee money changers from the bible that Jesus used the whip to throw out of the temple. Those who have been deceived to call Satan’s Children and erroneously call them God’s chosen will not be saved in the least as God’s people are clearly lost for a lack of knowledge.

Talking about God and Jesus in ItsaHELL will now get you a prison sentence! If you support satan you are not Christian in the least! The psychological projections from the schizophrenic psychopathic inbred’s never stop! The fiery pit is getting very hot!

It is so obvious to see satan’s children pushing this satanic transgender and LGBT morally depraved filth as those who call themselves joos are filthy animals with a very haughty spirit. If a yids lips are moving it is a LIE since their father is the devil as so illustrated in the book of John.

The German’s got rid of the ashkeNAZI’s yids satanic transgender clinics and burned the child porn from the egotistical RETARDS! The German’s were NOT NAZI’s as that is just another psychological projection from satan’s children!

It is more than obvious to me that organized religion is a control mechanism for the masses with the 501©3 so they get the tax exemption for the contributions so they follow the satanic agenda such as same sex marriages and such. If you bring up the truth about the earth being FLAT as confirmed in the bible you will get thrown out of the vast majority of churches.  The truth really bothers most churches as they just want to collect money tax exempt while delivery a feel good message to keep their parishioners feeling good and docile.  It almost seems like a ministers duty is too keep everyone a lukewarm blithering idiot by relying on faith so they don’t use reasoning to actually comprehend what the bible says.  Heaven forbid if some parishioner starts taking the bible literally!  They might just start realizing the government and propaganda media are run by satan!  The truth is bothersome especially in the church!

The bible is a FLAT earth document period. If you still believe the satanic glob you are deceived and following satan.

My old Lutheran Church which is extremely blasphemous to Martine Luther and what he stood for is literally teaching racism towards White people with the “White privilege” nonsense. So who are jealous subversive LYING parasites who made up this fictitious RACIST term? Could it be those who call themselves jews but are not, but are the synagogue of satan?  It seems the bible is pretty straight forward to me, but if your mind is blind like your typical organized religion sheep, the biblical truth is very immaterial if you just received a feel good message to make you drool.  Then you can go home and watch the ball game for more blatant racism towards White people!  Hooray!

Thankfully I have White Male privilege so I cannot be RACIST or Sexist. Catatonic morally depraved prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties are NOT

Since I am an anti-Racist and anti-HATE I am not very fond of mentally deranged putrid vulgar morally depraved sexual deviant KKK slavery leftist TRASH.  Seeing the prideful BIGOTED gullible morons euthanize themselves en mass with the clot shot was a little surreal to be honest, but I don’t doubt God made the correct decision in the least. The satanic LIE of calling RACIST KKK slavery lefties a liberal is something that triggers my ego immensely as I do not like LIES in the least.  Unlike the masses whose ego is triggered by the truth, my ego is simply triggered by the LIES.  I prefer my position immensely and I am sure God does also.

Pride goes before destruction doesn’t it?

To me it is very offensive to call RETARDED KKK slavery democrats liberal since that is a LIE since they are prideful BIGOTS as clearly shown by the mental invalids celebrating pride.  KKK slavery lefties are clearly RACIST filth and completely polluted thumb drives of misinformation. The walking programmable zombies are extremely rude and offensive as we know and are upset by themselves since they cannot figure out their own gender.  I do not let the morons regurgitate their programming in my presense, as the RACIST filth is just disgusting at this point. Their upcoming demise to end their miserable lives is the correct decision for all.

I fear God. I don’t fear men. Any questions?

Organized religion builds pride in ones beliefs period and pushes that faith is all you need.  Faith is pride is devoid of reasoning so the bible cannot be interpreted properly.  This is why organized religion is a control mechanism for the masses.  It is why I do not attend church because all I do is contemplate their ego when I go there.  Many organized churches got their parishoners to euthanize their parishoners with the clot shot and why not since they are the ones building up their pride right?

How much money was made to euthanize their prideful parishoners? Oy Vey!

Pride goes before destruction.  All those who have pride in their beliefs will reject this statement because they believe they are right which is the disease afflicting humanity.  The truth only offends those who live outside of it!

If you do not HATE the murder of innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics and the LGBT transgender satanic agenda, you are embracing evil and your road to HELL is guaranteed!

Socrates timeless wisdom is correct!

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