I am the victim!

Anyone that wants to be a clinically insane, morally depraved prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat nowadays must be a victim! Hasn’t it worked well for the egotistically RETARDED cultural swine ashkeNAZI yid vermin by perpetuating the holohoax?  Haven’t the subversive LYING parasites solidified their place in the fiery pit?  Why yes they have!!

Public indoctrination centers are pure child abuse at this point! Anyone that sends children there are RETARDED!

Since HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats have overwhelming euthanized themselves via the clot shot, the eternal “victims” karma will get them exactly what the gullible morons deserve!  Will the regurgitating morons ever really know?

To be a clinically insane catatonic KKK slavery lefty, you must be a victim!! Pure HATE is how the mental invalid lefties are controlled!

Let’s just be honest here, the luciferian subversive LYING government has euthanized this despicable leftist filth as their days are numbered.  We must thank the easily manipulated TRASH before they die suddenly. I am not very fond of the walking programmable zombies in the least as they get triggered by a simple change of the wind.  Any truth I say triggers them and all an open minded liberal like myself has to say is I am the real liberal and you are RETARDED.   Catatonic KKK slavery lefties don’t like the truth at all but will surely ignore their own stupidity in taking the clot shot and wearing slave masks. 

Blatantly obvious FACTS are very offensive in the Brave New World!! Oy Vey!!

I deal with a “Mexican Supremacist” all the time where I have to give him presents and bow to him constantly to stay on his good side.  This makes me a victim all the time.  Yet being the Mexican Supremacist that he is he says he is the victim!  We have extremely vicious fights to see who is the victim!  To stop any argument we just agree that yids are useless eaters and then everything is better then plus KKK slavery democrats are insane.  These are the things we can agree plus that yids have an inferiority complex and are egotistically RETARDED parasites.  Then we hug and everything is better then!

Mentally Ill Men Are Sticking Tomato Paste Popsicles In Their Butts To Mimic A Woman’s Period – This link would not load but if you want to see it go to redvoicemedia.com and search for it.

I bet these insane men call themselves “Progressive” right?

Euthanasia is the only cure! Putrid vulgar diseased puke KKK slavery leftist TRASH doe NOT belong in any civilized society EVER!

Even though I am a victim I prefer not to be and that is why I social distance from poisoned lepers who took the clot shot as I obviously don’t want to catch any of their stupidity either besides any of their tizzy fits. I get attacked by stupid Republican’s enough!

Deaths for the gullible morons from their pride will be immense!

I am a victim in that I know both parties do not serve any of my interests and they both serve subversive LYING parasitical bankster scum. I am looking forward to the TRASH’s eternal suffering however.  The illusion the useless eaters have that they are getting away with it is comical, as we know the ego always denies the truth.  Sorry yids you are not and if they choose to attack me for telling the truth, only your suffering will intensify.  I am just God’s messenger giving you fair warning. 

The filthy animals days are numbered! Once God disposes of this filth there will be world peace! Enjoy the fiery pit egotistically RETARDED savages! Satan’s children sure are good deceivers!

To deny we are in a dystopian inverted world at this point is extremely delusional.  Pushing absurdities that men can get pregnant and have people believing this nonsense is pure comedy, yet a trajedy at the same time.  Any gullible moron who believe something as this most assurdly has willingly euthanized themselves and will go to the slaughterhouse alone, and rightly so.  Pride goes before destruction is the immutable truth.

The cultural swine sub human beast ashkeNAZI yids are despised by God! Self proclaiming they are God’s chosen is just another feather in their road to the abyss!

God still rules this realm but he does give free will to use as a test, and gives satan the right to manipulate this free will.  The truth is in the bible but if you do not use reasoning in your process of understanding the bible, you will be led astray.  Organized religion uses faith as a control mechanism and faith is simply pride.  Pride or the ego is always the control mechanism for the masses.  It has never changed since the beginning of time when Eve was tempted in the garden of Eden.  The serpent seed used Eve’s pride to take her away from paradise giving her ego the illusion she was attaining wisdom, while the exact opposite was true.  It was the beginning of the complete inversion of reality we are in today. 

This is eve’s action played out upon the world. One simple act of defiance from God created the inversion we are in today. Every act of defiance from God that everyone does on a daily basis is the same.

To those much is given much will be expected.  It is a simple FACT that people will be jealous of those people who have more than them.  I have experienced this my whole life as I have never been jealous of anyone, but I have been attacked many times in my life which I know exactly why now.  I certainly know the blasphemy of those who call themselves joos, but are not, but are the synagogue of satan and it is because of their jealousy entirely.  It is the same principal of where satan is jealous of God.  Everything in our inverted world is predicated on jealousy and not righteousness in the least.  God want’s us to figure that out and wade thru this mess that satan has created.  But the ego’s I believe I am right disease is in the way at all times.  Satan is that ego and it must recognized that satan exists at all times on our God’s created FLAT earth.  This is what makes the belief in the truth about FLAT earth so powerful as it solidifies the bible as the truth.  To deny God’s created FLAT earth is to deny satan exists. 

To deny FLAT earth which the satanic scum know is true by putting it on the satanic UN logo is to deny the truth. The biggest LIE of all is the satanic glob and if you believe this absurdity, then they can make you believe pretty much anything. Once this veil is lifted and you know the bible is literal NOT metaphorical, the truth simply cannot be stopped.

But he does as we are living is a spiritual war entirely that is beyond our comprehension as human’s are mostly pawns in the game.  Only the few actually think and most are programmed NPC’s especially KKK slavery lefties who literally are not conscious.

God has to be a comedian. The world is a mess and it is most certainly controlled by satan’s children and their criminal banking system and their love of money which fuels their ego and love for satan. The end is near as described in the bible so well in revelations. I am not a soothsayer in the least as the signs are screaming as big changes will be taking place. I don’t know when, but I know the signs.

This is just the truth.  I am just a reporter.  Nothing more, nothing less.

It is all so tiresome!

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