The human ego inverts reality 100%!

It is easy to see once your mind is no longer blind that KKK slavery democrats are clinically insane. The useless eaters are always the victims and complaining how they have been wronged. Just like the egotistically RETARDED subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yid fake joo vermin. At least the clot shot will do it’s job in time so the prideful BIGOTS are euthanized.

You told the truth? This is the reaction you will receive
EVERY SiNGLE TIME!! This is the ego triggered entirely!

As an anti-Racist, seeing mentally deranged putrid vulgar KKK slavery demonrats willingly euthanize themselves so they can no longer bitch and moan is obviously a good thing. No KKK slavery lefty belongs in a civilized society in the least.

The fiery pit awaits! The egotistically RETARDED sub human beasts days are numbered! Of course the morally depraved pervert is a RETARDED KKK slavery demonrat!

The ego has no logic but is logical in it’s actions.  The ego psychologically projects what itself is guilty as abundantly illustrated by RACIST prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery leftist morally repugnant filth.

Psychological Projection: A theory in Psychology in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive or negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.

Narcissist: A person who has an excessive interest in or admiration in themselves. An extremely self-centered person who has an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

It is exactly this simple!! Do not over complicate it in the least, just let God dispose of this TRASH!

A narcissist projects and is a LIAR and all politicians are liars.  It is just part of the clown world we live in.  No race has a more inferiority complex than the ashkeNAZI yids and it is in their DNA to project onto other what they themselves are guilty.  They LIE cheat and steal very well but are unable to remember to buy that mirror.

The ego always gets upset over the most inane tiny detail. It never questions but will always give advice!

The free mind never gets upset but will ask questions of why do you say that. The free mind is naturally inquisitive but always calm.

The ego denying the ego exists is exactly what the ego is.  Now I cannot figure this out for anyone else but myself as everyone has to figure it out themselves with sustained thinking.  I cannot teach you anything, I can only make you think.  I give you the logistics of it all which I never had when figuring it all out myself.  I did it all thru interactions with all types of people.  Once I noticed the logical pattern of everyone who spoke with their ego it all made complete sense.

The masses are completely controlled by their ego. The ego is literally satan and the sub conscious minds programming!

I was never plagued by the former RETARDED KKK slavery democrat syndrome in the least as I never have been able to figure out how they tie their shoes.  The conceited programmed moron lefties always ran away from any debate with me my whole life as I know now they are not programmed to debate in the least. Nowadays I have graduated to getting attacked to Republican’s when I tell the truth that it is I who am the open minded liberal and the left vs. right paradigm is TRASH!  How anyone believes the nonsense anymore is clearly massive psychosis!

Satan’s children control both parties. The narcissistic faulty inbreds are master LIARS as their destiny is not pretty in the least. I would not want to be them for all the money in the world! I am the rich one with wisdom as all they have is money! Pride goes before destruction!

It is the inbreds inferiority complex from their lineage of Cain that drives them to be such losers. The bible is NOT fiction!

The ego denies ALL FACTS and is programmable thru repetition of LIES like conspiracy globbery.  The ego always denies the truth!  Doesn’t matter how small of a truth it always denies.  Some of the most infamous denials from your typical stupid Republican is when I state most musicians are KKK slavery democrats.  They will burst out in emotion stating “I can’t say that!”  But I just did so obviously I can!  Still doesn’t matter as after the ego is triggered the mind no longer thinks. Stating the simple truth that most musicians are KKK slavery democrats is very offensive, but it is a simple FACT it is the truth since musicians memorize their music so much that they destroy their critical thinking or reasoning capabilities.  Stating I cannot say that after I just did that is just another LIE from the ego.  The ego is a LIAR and it always will be.

Plato’s cave is very real! When you wake up to reality it is so obvious!

The ego’s I believe I am right disease is also noted to interrupting me constantly while obviously accusing me of interrupting. The ego loves to give me advice on my approach but if I ask them so what is my approach I always get a blank stare. KKK slavery lefties are all egotistically RETARDED and are controlled entirely by their ego with materialism, sex, drugs etc.  Their software lines of “I am very intelligent” and “I am an open minded liberal” are quickly vanquished when you state you are NOT a liberal since you are not open minded in the least!  Steam usually comes out their ears because their programming glitches shorting their whole software program.  Their only defense is too drool profusely.

KKK slavery lefties only use slip on shoes nowadays because shoelaces are quite troublesome!

The ego is what inverts this whole mess of a clown world where catatonic KKK slavery lefties have trouble figuring out their gender.  It is beyond pathetic and having them willingly euthanize themselves via the clot shot is really a blessing for them.  KKK slavery lefties have absolutely no free will and are pure NPC’s.  I do provide free linguistic enemas to any of them if they regurgitate the fictitious RACIST term “White Supremacist.”  It is obviously because I care!

This is the Matrix. Nothing else and once you figure out this riddle everything makes total sense. But the ego will stop people from even looking at information as it is controlled that way!

The Matrix is one thing and that is the ego.  Nothing else.  Not all the truths in the least.  The ego will get upset emotionally over the littlest simple FACTS even though it comprehends many of the big FACTS like the controlled demolition on 911.  It is the small FACTS it still overlooks for many people like catatonic prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats being the anti-thesis of a liberal.

All TV is programming. It is very important to turn it off to wake up. It is mind control and is the bane to humanity!

All FACTS matter for the truth!

The Brave New World is the ignorance of FACTS, especially the literal nature of the bible. It is that simple yet so amazingly difficult to figure out!

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