Your vote has NEVER mattered!

We are unfortunately being ruled by a bunch of egotistical RETARDED useless eating faulty inbreds.  America has fought on the WRONG side of every war for these useless eaters as satan’s children are the master LIARS whose destiny is clearly the fiery pit.  This is a guarantee.  The bible which is the only truth we have states this and since I know the inversion of reality we are in it makes complete sense.

It has been this way your whole life! Voting is merely an illusion of choice!

The fallen angels as described in the book of Enoch do rule the world and God stated in the bible they would.  Satan’s children would be money grubbing egotistical RETARDS and it is easy to which schizophrenic psychopathic subversive LYING parasites it applies too. It is very easy to see why Satan chose such an arrogant inferiority complex race that did much inbreeding to make them practically all mentally RETARDED! That is why the truth is so bothersome to their fragile egos!

I never wanted to despise all of the egotistical RETARDS, it is their actions which have most certainly warranted my disdain for the subversive LYING parasitical descendent of Esau/Amelek/Edomite/ Sodomite scum. The bible warned us along with so many people throughout history. Most of the easily manipulated arrogant morally depraved filth are catatonic mentally deranged RACIST prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat TRASH!

Since both Presidents regurgitate the fictitious term “White Supremacist,” it is easy to see both of them are puppets and controlled by the parasitical bankster sewage behind the scenes. Trump derangement syndrome vs. Trump support syndrome is merely the ruse to keep the masses occupied with nonsense. Trump is not even the selected puppet and you still have mentally deranged sycophant KKK slavery lefties still programmed to attack him.  This way they can ignore what a disaster vegetable Biden is as it is so obvious Biden is not even in control of his bladder.

Any programmed RETARD who regurgitates the fictitious term “White Supremacist” is a vile RACIST piece of TRASH! Euthanasia is the only cure for this despicable filth! Most euthanized themselves willingly with the clot shot! Good riddance!

It is very obvious at this point that all RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats just need to be euthanized and to get the gullible morons to euthanize themselves is proper karma. NO mentally deranged HATEFUL BIGOTED rude and obnoxious KKK slavery leftie belongs in any civilized society EVER!

Yet they don’t protest the KKK Planned Parenthood clinic where they brutally murder innocent babies? Black lives do not matter in the least to the RACIST domestic terrorist HATE group BLM as the useful idiots are all disposable sewage! Thank god this trash euthanized themselves!

God will come down to throw the ugly smelly ashkeNAZI yid vermin into the fiery pit.  While the egotistical RETARDS think themselves as Gods, they will be shown their correct place eventually.  Those who believe they are wise in their own eyes which the sub human beasts do will suffer the biggest fall of all!

The egotistically RETARDED ashkeNAZI yids who have deceived all the nations future is very HOT! God’s justice will be done!

Your vote has never mattered as the parasitical banksters have always ruled behind the scenes.  All death and destruction like wars or big pharma is merely a business model.  Everything is completely inverted and how people cannot see this at this point only dictates exactly how much of a Trance they are in.  Jesus, Martin Luther, and Hitler were all fighting satan’s children.  It is so obvious yet when the masses cannot understand this simply concept it is clear when the bible talked about the few being saved it all makes sense.  I have trying to wake people up for years but the mind control is very good.

The biblically backed FLAT earth truth throws the deceived into a tizzy, just like any truth really. Pride goes before destruction is simply the truth, as pride is the human ego and it always believes it is right!

Satan’s minions may be ruling the world and in this God has put all of us to a test to see who has the courage to break down the barriers to be chosen by him as he does not want lukewarm and complacent in the least.  The bible states there will be a remnant left of his people and it is quite obvious Satan’s minions are trying to kill all White People at this point who then must be God’s chosen.  I believe we have been so deceived by satan’s Children who are the self proclaimed chosen ones and when you are so egotistical in that assertion, it only means they are chosen by the devil.  God sure puts on one hell of a test doesn’t he?

The yids are really the Khazarian mafia who are master LIARS, theives and murderers. They are pure psychological projection artists proving they are satan’s children with every LIE! Yet your typical supposed “Christian” will regurgitate “Jesus was a joo.” Organized religion is a control mechanism for the masses completely. Jesus fought the descendents of Cain the murderer!

If you pay any attention to the puppet show which is the US Government, you are deceived.  It is simply not real.  You have always been ruled by schizophrenic psychopaths who are sacrificing children to Molech.  Just look at the synagogue of satan’s ItsaHELL’s flag?  The star of remphan 666 stating they worship molech.  Everything is in front of your eyes if you mind is not blind. 

The synagogue of Satan ItsaHELL who attacked America is a criminal syndicate protecting pedophiles. This symbol is the star of remphan 666, not the star of David in the least. Everything is in front of your eyes to see, but if the mind is blind you cannot see simple FACTS!

The bible is NOT fiction, but the masses reality is a complete work of fiction!

The first line was my favorite quote since I was young. I had what could be regarded as a perfect childhood with wonderful parents. But my observations of the rest of the world said something was wrong, I just didn’t know what. Why were lefties so stupid? True wisdom only came by questioning my own beliefs where I figured out that I was also as I left the Republican party over 30 years ago. It took me a while to unravel the mystery, but I did!

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