Secret covenant of the Luciferians

Everything is a LIE!  Your reality is not real.  The wool has been pulled over your eyes.  Your food supply has been poisoned and the useless eaters are spraying you with poisons in the form of chem trails.  Just look up in the sky!  Unless your mind is blind it is impossible to not see.

There are extremely evil people in the world whether you like it or not as evidenced by the satanic blood human sacrifices done at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics.  The satanic death cult KKK slavery demonrats all obviously have a mother who made the WRONG choice. The walking programmable zombies spew their extremist deplorable sycophant programmed regurgitations wherever they go.  The karma of the gullible morons euthanizing themselves with the clot shot is a perfect ending for the prideful BIGOTS!

If you cannot connect the simple FACT that abortion is murder, then you are not alive yourself!

I have understood the great deception for quite a while now and understand the inversion quite well.  To hide the Great Tartaria which had free energy to the truth that the earth is FLAT is just the beginning of the deception.  Nothing from current common knowledge is true especially history.  Every war is a bankster war as all death and destruction is a business model including modern medicine.

Zombies walk the FLAT earth!

All vaccines are poison and meant to keep people sick so they do not think, plus shorten their life span.  The reason homeopathy which is correct is not used as it is not a profit model, and that is the reason it was banned from the luciferian Rockefeller medical schools as they were required to NOT teach it and only the big pharma pill pushing indoctrination for profit so doctors would actually be killing people while believing the complete opposite.  All modern medicine is pretty much all TRASH and if you want to live a long time I suggest you don’t go to the programmed RETARDED Doctor.  Cancer can be cured but not by an oncologist as they are there to poison you for your early demise for profit.

Pride goes before destruction and when arrogant bastards die they get what they deserve!

As an open minded liberal who cares for women and children, I see the complete inversion extremely easy.  If you cannot see the inversion you are not awake in the least.

Always invert everything on the luciferian TV “programming” for the truth. If you cannot do that it is important that you do NOT watch the TV at all!

I am just a reporter who speaks the truth about true reality.  Nothing more, nothing less. If the truth I write offends you, please FUCK OFF!


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