Digital currency is safer?  DON’T you believe it!

If you do not know everything is orchestrated by now as all the world is a stage, then you are not awake.  Nothing by chance in the least.  The masses are led around by strings and fed a bunch of LIES by first the propaganda msm run by the RACIST supremacist subversive LYING parasites who are satan’s children who falsely call themselves joos and are incorrigible egotistical RETARDS.  If a yids lips are moving it is a LIE.  Anyone still watching TV “programming” is a complete and utter moron since the left vs. right paradigm is a pure puppet show.

You are a slave NEO! You were born into slavery and that is expecially true if you are an American. Pride in America who has fought on the WRONG side of every war? American’s are the most deceived nation in the world and it is time you wake up to that reality!

The start of the bank failures is all orchestrated.  This can be coordinated since who are the lying thieves who run the corrupt banks?  Same parasitical faulty inbreds who have been the thieves all along.  Same group of morally depraved filth who are primarily mentally deranged putrid vulgar RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat TRASH!  For satan’s children to install a digital currency so they can control you and cut you off if you tell the truth, they must collapse the banking system and destroy the US dollar which they are doing thru other countries such as Russia who is backing the Ruble with gold.  Putin is not your friend either since he is surrounded by satan’s children in Chabad Lubavitch.  There are repulsive RETARDED baby dick sucking rabbi’s everywhere and when you see these useless eaters, they are being their egotistically RETARDED selves.

If you defend mutilating children in this satanic transgender agenda, the fiery pit is your destination and it is well deserved!

As things collapse which you cannot stop it as it is all planned, they will get people to clammer for the “safety” of this new digital currency.  You will see this over all the media nonstop 24/7.  Believing anything from the media is like believing pigs fly at this point and if you don’t know to invert everything the subversive LIARS say, then you are not awake.  There is NOTHING safe about digital currency as it is pure tyranny where the few can control the many remotely.  It is NOT safe in the least and we either exit the whole system or succumb to complete tyranny.  At least most catatonic useful idiot lefties will not have too since they euthanized themselves with the clot shot.  A significant amount of Trump support syndrome morons also.

The pharisee money changers never left did they? The egotistical RETARDS have always been parasites and that has never changed. The yids are a unique race in that almost all of them are controlled entirely by their ego being the money grubbing fools they are. A selfish slothful morally depraved schizophrenic race with a severe case of the I believe I am right ego disease. Satan certainly chose correctly!

No just one lie but all LIES matter and the truth is still very offensive. Even a basic LIE like calling catatonic closed minded prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat a liberal is a LIE just like the inability to tell the truth that all mentally deranged KKK slavery demonrat filth are extremist deplorable sycophant vile RACIST filth!  The simple premise that all leftist TRASH is exactly what they accuseth is hard to break thru the programming.  We know why leftist TRASH is called progressive is they have progressively become more insane.  I applaud KKK slavery leftists euthanizing themselves since the gullible morons are not salvageable in the least. 

See ya gullible morons!

I listen to many different sources and one of them is Clif High which frankly I see he is for predictive programming purposes as the mind control makes it so the vast majority of people simply regurgitate what someone else tells them.  I am obviously different as see beyond the shadows and write the truth which requires inverting the things these supposed truthers say.  Clif will deflect onto Russia and China while talking about the Khazarian mafia which certainly appears correct to the normie truthers.  Bringing up the parasitical Khazarian mafia is good, but exactly where are the Khazarian mafia’s headquarter’s Clif?  It is the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL Clif who attacked America on 911 right?  He will defend those that falsely call themselves jews as he dismisses those RACIST supremacists who are subversive LIARS.  Does Clif point out the Racism towards White People by the egotistically RETARDED genetically deformed yids?  No he does not as Clif is a predictive programmer and deflector for the parasites completely.

Does Clif ever discuss the RACIST supremacists who regurgitate the fictitious term “White Supremacists?” Does he talk about how all catatonic prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are RACIST projecting filth? Omitting these obviously truths means Clif is controlled opposition and they want you to regurgitate his predictive programming.

As an anti-RACIST myself, it is obvious that Clif is a RACIST and that is a simple FACT.  But obviously American’s are brainwashed to ignore simple FACTS.  If you are still calling catatonic lefties liberal which is completely absurd, then you are in the Matrix completely.  Since KKK slavery lefties are NOT alive they are simply NOT liberal as it is an absurd LIE!  Clif is 100% controlled opposition and does predictive programming. But he keeps the normies in line so they will follow the plan of the parasitical bankster TRASH. I assure you Clif will NEVER mention the LYING thieves who run the extortion racket private federal reserve who ultimately is the enemy.

Gottfried Feder was 100% correct. If a German couple had 4 children they got a free house. The subversive LYING parasites don’t mention this do they? Clif will point to Russia and backing the money by energy to destroy the dollar which is their goal. Did he mention those same LYING thieves control the energy also? So it doesn’t change much but helps destory the fiat dollar which is exactly part of their plan. Clif is a LIAR!

Digital currency is 100% slavery with satan’s children having even more control than they do now.  The whole financial system is pure fraud now and it would be much worse under this system.  The only solution is the dissolution of the thieving private federal reserve period.  It is run by schizophrenic psychopaths who are the same egotistical RETARDS who Jesus called the Pharisee money changers in the bible.  Nothing has changed from the bible as if you have any reasoning at all it is very easy to connect the dots.  The only way the inbreds can keep control is for people to deny the bible which they have succeeded with all organized religion which is TRASH!

Nothing has ever changed from the bible. Jesus warned all of us in the bible and our own ego does not listen. Martin Luther called the inbreds vile incorrigible whores and we didn’t listen. The egotistical RETARDS are LYING theives and it is endemic in their schizphrenic DNA being money grubbing fools. The truth is offensive you know!

As stated in the bible or like Orwell in 1984, we live in a beast system that is inverted.  If you are a LIAR and a thief, you will be financially rewarded.  This is how the beast system works.  If you are honest you will be financially penalized period.  The beast system is completely inverted.  Digital currency is the ultimate beast system for satanic control.  It is that simple and the ashkeNAZI yid inbred’s will do what they have always done and LIE over and over again by telling the gullible masses it is for their safety.

Prejudices are what fools use for reason. The programming has completely inverted the mind!

Everything on our FLAT earth is a LIE.  Everything.  The mark of an educated mind is to be able to discern fact or fiction. But today in our dystopian world all you literally have to do is invert whatever is said in the media by satan’s children.   It is that simple.  Do not overcomplicate this or you will be confused.

The egotistical RETARDS are so arrogant they admit they are LIARS! Yet this is ignored and their subversive inverted LIES are regurgitated by the masses.

As usual I do not condone violence in the least as I am just a reporter. At this point to end the RACISM and HATE coming from morally depraved prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrats by getting them to take the clot shot is not even needed.  Just let time do it’s thing and practice social distancing as much as possible since whoever took the clot shot are poisoned lepers.

The masses simply do not think but merely regurgitate. This has never changed as they want to be led. If you do not understand the complete inversion we are in then you are not awake in the least. Whatever the propaganda media says is the opposite of the truth. Do not over complicate this or you will be confused!

This is just the simple truth and nothing else, but I know people are NOT used to the truth in the least and I trigger fragile egos galore.  If the truth I say offends you, all I can say is please FUCK OFF!

The truth is very offensive to those who cannot see thru the shadows and lies of our culture aren’t they? At least I don’t expect to be believed since it is the few who understand the inversion we are in!

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