Ode to the greatest man I have ever met, my father!

I met the greatest man the day I was born.  I have no idea how I got so lucky.  I also had no idea at the time he was because he was my father so I took everything for granted never realizing the extent of how I was blessed.  I remember thinking to those who receive the most much will be expected and right from the start I thought I was somehow in a dream.

Since he was not swayed he always had the minority opinion. That means he was right!

I did not grow up with any type of racial strife which has been fomented on all of us by the egotistically RETARDED yids, and it really is the few not the many obviously.  The yids are the most easily manipulated race because they are controlled entirely by their ego being so money hungry and it is that which makes them rather unpleasant overall and incorrigible.  It is not their fault but a product of the beast system we are in combined with their inferiority complex. 

My father spoke the truth as best he could and it did defend itself. That simple lesson I took from him for sure.

I remember looking around at all the other families in my area with their mothers and fathers and realizing nobody else really had it as good as me.  My father never had a temper nor was angry ever as he was solid as a rock.  He made me laugh at a very early age and that never stopped, and as I got older I made him laugh.  I frankly never had a best friend other than my father because our personalities were very similar except I probably have more heat from my mother. 

My father’s actions were always a result of reasoned thought, not emotional good intentions. He always took the road less traveled which I obviously do also. Popularity is not of my concern in the least and neither was his.

But the example my father that gave me by standing his ground in doing what is right and not easy in whatever he did and eschewing any popularity contest is inherently what made him a great man.  It was a cool confidence and it is exactly why he was so respected. He never complained or whined about anything as he just was always steady and solid as a rock.  His honestly was second to none as he never wronged anyone in any business deal or anything in life so he treated everyone else as he would also wanted to be treated, even if they didn’t. He simply kept his ego in check at all times so he understood the proper concept without understanding the logical reasons behind it in detail.

My father understood this precept from the bible very well! It showed in his every day life for sure! I never heard him even swear believe it or not!

The brainwashing from the media or other sources simply bounced off of him as he ignored them, which was easier way back when before we became a complete clown world like we are now.  I have never had to suffer from former KKK slavery democrat syndrome as I have known my whole life lefties are stupid and should be ignored. Anyone who still calls themselves a KKK slavery democrat belongs in a rubber room and I have made fun of leftie’s intelligence my whole life while even making lefties laugh.  Lefties refuse to stop giving me so much material so what I am supposed to do?

I grew up making fun of KKK slavery democrats intelligence as I remember asking my father at age 5 why are democrats so stupid. This is from his rhetoric obviously as at that age I was not able to process things properly so I was regurgitating what my father was saying. My father was most certainly right and created a wall for me against all the brainwashing lefty nonsense my whole life.

I have refined my thinking further than my father’s thinking using biblical concepts with ancient philosophical percepts while repudiating modern psychologies farcical sloth.  While my father did not attain this in his lifetime if he had more time he would have because his principals were entirely correct and it clearly laid my foundation so I could.  My father unknowingly figured out the human ego and kept his completely in control while not fully understanding the concept in total.  He did not understand how the human ego inverts reality for the masses as I do obviously as he did not call himself an open minded liberal lie myself.  He eschewed labels as I really don’t think he even called himself a conservative much but in his early days he most certainly was a staunch Republican before the current insanity.

If you have been poisoned with any modern psychology, it must be completely erased to understand true reality.

He questioned authority and maybe was a little bit of a conspiracy theorist by believing the propaganda media and government but for the most part ignored the LIES and just lived his life.  I doubt a salesman ever sold him a thing which is exactly how I am.  If a salesmen actually tries to sell me something they literally just lost the sale.  The inversion has always been that way for me and it is from his example I learned it from.  Now I know for a FACT absolutely everything is inverted as illustrated in the bible!

Liberalism is brainwashing 101 and produces pure evil under the guise of caring. If you can’t see this with the sexual deviant LGBT and transgender moral repugnancy, then you are a lost cause.

But I just didn’t realize the full extent of just how good he was until he was on his death bed.  I am not a person who gets emotional just like my father as I never get angry, but obviously the truth I speak and write causes significant consternation.  I am the king of triggering fragile egos and nobody even comes close that I know.  People constantly insult me and try to get me to back down which I know from my father to never do.  Even though I could put most people into a coma if I so chose I don’t do that because how would that benefit me?

The ego simply did not control my father. It was very evident in his actions and unconditional love.

But here is the poem I wrote for my father right after we found out he had terminal cancer and he had about 6 weeks left to live.  I assure you I cried every day for those 6 weeks and for a about 6 weeks after he passed away.  I simply could not stop it for quite a while.

I will always remember you
You will always be with me
Your voice I still hear every day
The sound of wisdom to help me see

You gave me a strong foundation that keeps me upright
You taught me the will to never give up the fight
I know there is nothing I cannot endure
The sense of fairness, honesty, and integrity I learned from you, for sure

Unconditional love is what you always gave
Never raising your voice in anger, but confident, firm and fair
Respected by many as your council was true
A handsome little devil, even with no hair

A sense of humor whose timing was always right
A polished head which was continuously bright
Yet, thru good times and bad, your journey was always true
You did the right things to get all of us thru

Even though this journey is done
There is no need for any regrets
As your son I know who your are
And for the rest of my life I will never forget

Though I am truly saddened to see you leave
I know in my heart you did everything right, I believe
You are greater than all the men that I know
You are not only my Dad, but my mentor, friend and my hero

I would have never been able to see thru the shadows without my father’s help.

One of the few benefits of knowing your father is passing away is I was able to read this poem to him in the hospital a few weeks before he died while he was still lucid. After I read this he responded with I am not that good!  This response was from a man who knew his ego well and only proved he was that good. I told him yes you are as the immutable truth of our world is you cannot toot your own horn as it shows arrogance which is the opposite of wisdom.  This statement was proof he lived his life just like my poem illustrated. 

To be right in the world, you must admit there is something wrong. The world is completely upside down making the bible the only truth we have!

I am not as good as my father as I am not able to control my ego as well as he did in the least, I just have been able to more thoroughly define exactly what the ego is than he did.  He is still my hero.  That is something that will never change.

My father understood his own ego or wall which very few people are able to achieve. The road less traveled which everyone should be on is not as smooth as the road maintained for pride and the ego, but it is the proper road to take. He showed me the way.

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