Please show you care and be an anti-RACIST!  RETARDED KKK slavery democrats lives do NOT matter!

As an anti-RACIST and anti-HATE open minded liberal who cares for women a children that I am, I like God want mentally deranged putrid vulgar prideful BIGOTED catatonic KKK slavery demonrats dead. The arrogant regurgitations coming from morally depraved RACIST KKK slavery demonrats is repulsive and disgusting. I obviously do appreciate KKK slavery leftist unconscious vomit willingly euthanizing themselves via the clot shot. The faster this worthless TRASH dies the better as the mental invalids pride has led to their destruction. It is not the NPC leftist doesn’t listen, it is the simple FACT it cannot listen.

And the prideful BIGOTS euthanized themselves! God works in mysterious ways!

Some will ask me isn’t this a little harsh? But they will ignore the extremist deplorable sycophant HATE and BIGOTRY that comes out the programmed mouth of a catatonic KKK slavery leftist piece of shit won’t they? It to me is simply a matter of compassion at this point that KKK slavery lefties are disposed of properly.  None of them are even remotely alive.

Psychologically projecting KKK slavery democrats are based on pure HATE! The extremist deplorable sycophants have willingly euthanized themselves with the clot shot!

The satanic death cult’s KKK slavery lefties support of murdering innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics is enough to warrant the death penalty obviously, as the selfish egotistical programmed RETARDED sloth is useless eating TRASH.  An eye for an eye and KKK slavery filthy leftist scum simply needs to be euthanized.

Gosh, this FACT is ignored! Murder is NEVER acceptable!

joo is just a fancy word for a RETARDED urinal obviously as the genetically deformed subversive LYING parasitical beasts are a bane to all humanity as anyone conscious knows the egotistical RETARDS are Satan’s children.  The yids epitomize the subversive LYING and inferiority complex that is embodied in the wretch satan. The ugliness and smelliness of these useless eating Esau/Edomite/Sodomite/ Amelek heathens has infected all civilized society.  Satan’s psychological projections from this sub human beast race are still affecting the masses since the faulty inbreds control the media which unfortunately there are zombies who still watch TV will regurgitate the propaganda nonsense on it.  All gullible morons who watch TV are completely regurgitating fools.

And you wonder where the filthy satanic agenda is coming from? Oy Vey!!

It is a simple FACT all prideful BIGOTED catatonic walking dead KKK slavery democrats are RACIST TRASH!  Anyone who regurgitates the fictitious term “White Supremacist” is an extremely vile RACIST obviously as mindless leftist drones regurgitate this extremely HATEFUL BIGOTED phrase if worthless TRASH. 

The death penalty is needed for anyone regurgitating this despicable HATEFUL RACIST fictitious term!

All of us must fight HATE and Racism, and all of us can work together to get gullible morons to take the clot shot. A dead catatonic KKK slavery demonrat is a dead piece of arrogant repulsive TRASH!

Open minded liberals like myself see thru the shadows and I most certainly am able to uninvert for the truth!

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