How do conspiracy theorists still believe the government and propaganda media anyway?

Conspiracy theorists come in all shapes and forms and there are some so wacked out they believe in conspiracy globbery?  How absurd is that? If you still believe we live on a spinning ball thru space at 1000 mph while water curves, you obviously are an extremely gullible moron. To be this einstein RETARDED I doubt you would be able to figure out your farts smell like einstein’s major achievement. I hear there are conspiracy theorists who believe in einstein’s conspiracy theory of relativity which is utter nonsense!  I find it bizarre that mental invalids like this are still out there nowadays!

Water curves? Com’n man!! It does NOT!

Other conspiracy theorists believe KKK slavery lefties have a functioning brain!  What is the FLAT earth coming too!  Even the goblin at the Racist supremacist pedophile HATE group ADL just admitted that the holohoax is a pure work of fiction but just like how egotistically RETARDED the inbred is, he stated we will keep lying!  The ashkeNAZI yids have to because it is in their DNA to be subversive LIARS! 

Show you care for the ashkeNAZI yids by calling all upcoming deaths from the clot shot cohencideaths! It is the least you can do for satan’s children!

I love how google states men can get pregnant!  No agenda there is there?  If you are such a conspiracy theorist who believes what their propaganda search engine shows you obviously are an absolute gullible moron.  How about the conspiracy theorists who believe snopes and politifact?  The only way someone can believe that nonsense is if they could not comprehend a simple FACT if it was shoved up their ass!  When I hear someone say just google it I know they are RETARDED!

Google is pure propaganda! Only conspiracy theorists believe google!

I love the conspiracy theorists who believe “authority figures” or “experts” who are completely indoctrinated with LIES at the universities who are falsely called schools.  What they really are nowadays are casting calls for the remake of the idiocracy movies.  Don’t you just love the professors who arrogantly regurgitate their programming while being unable to fix the toilet paper on the roll?  Most of their blithering idiots are such polluted thumb drives at this point they simply cannot be saved.  Asking them what their gender is usually throws them into a tizzy at this point.  Soon if the wind changes direction on a college campus classes will be canceled because it is offensive.  Any sign of intelligence on college campuses nowadays is frowned upon and those exhibiting common sense are called extremists!

No child belongs around any programmed RETARDED KKK slavery lefty EVER!

Intelligence is NOT regurgitation but conspiracy theorists believe it is!  Their software line telling them “I am an open minded liberal” doesn’t stop them from throwing a conniption fit when high levels topics like what is your name? High level conspiracy theorists like KKK slavery lefties who are completely unable to think and only regurgitate are better off staying silent, but we know they are not even remotely conscious.  KKK slavery lefties obviously must spew their extremist deplorable sycophant HATE and BIGOTRY wherever they go as they must show us all what ignorant rude and obnoxious fools the programmed RETARDS are!  Obviously it important for all KKK slavery lefties to get their boosters so the mental invalids no longer can spew their HATE!

Conspiracy theorists believe intelligence is regurgitation! It is just the opposite!

The conspiracy theorists who believe the official nonsensical narrative are complete and utter gullible morons as the propaganda media or corrupt government have simply NEVER told the truth, and if you cannot see that after the last few years of complete and utter bullshit, then you are a lost cause.

If all you can do is regurgitate what is told on the propaganda media to entertain you, you are NOT smart in the least!

This is the truth and if it bothers you, that is your problem!

I think we are in the violently opposed stage of most everything!

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