The ego is the exact opposite of what is taught in public indoctrination centers falsely called schools!

Below is the complete and utter gibberish that is taught in our public schools regurgitated to me by a programmed closed minded KKK slavery democrat.

“The ego is a term used in psychology to describe a person’s sense of self. It is the part of the psyche that is responsible for mediating between the individual’s inner desires and the external world.

In psychoanalytic theory, the ego is one of the three parts of the psyche, along with the id and superego. The id is the instinctual and primitive part of the psyche, while the superego represents the individual’s internalized values and moral standards. The ego, in contrast, is the rational and conscious part of the psyche that seeks to balance the conflicting demands of the id and superego, while also adapting to the demands of the external world.

The ego is thought to develop during childhood as a result of interactions with caregivers and the environment. It helps individuals develop a sense of personal identity and enables them to function in society. A well-developed ego is characterized by a realistic sense of self-awareness, the ability to manage conflicting desires, and the capacity to cope with stress and uncertainty.”

Egotistical RETARDS like catatonic KKK slavery demonrat TRASH are good compliant slaves!

This explanation of the ego is the complete opposite of the truth!  It is absolute convoluted gibberish of nonsense like how einstein’s conspiracy theory of relativity.  The whole explanation is literally einstein RETARDED whose major accomplishment is that he figured out his farts smell.

einstein was a useless eating subversive LYING RETARD!

This explanation of the ego is the complete opposite of the truth!  It is absolute convoluted gibberish of nonsense like how einstein’s conspiracy theory of relativity.  The whole explanation is literally einstein RETARDED whose major accomplishment is that he figured out his farts smell.

If you are controlled by your ego you are not thinking in the least and it will control you!

The ego is the I believe I am right disease where a person will not listen nor acknowledge anything you say while accusing you of this issue over and over again.  The ego makes the mind loop to stop questioning.  Sycophant closed minded prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrats are a pure example of this since they are only able to regurgitate what they are programmed with from propaganda CNN most of the time.  KKK slavery lefties function completely off of their ego with absolutely NO intelligence. Righty’s are obviously are docile confused mess that never really comes to a conclusion while holding diametrically opposed opinions that they agree with which is impossible. 

If you function off of your ego you will ignore simple FACTS and have an emotional reaction to anything that disagrees with your programming. Obviously anyone who functions off of thier ego will project onto other what they are guilty. If you function off of the ego you are merely a software program and do not think in the least!

The ego is pride is stubbornness is bigotry is abject stupidity.  A picture of a confused gender sycophant birth control feminist wearing a pussy hat is a perfect example of what the ego produces. The ego destroys intelligence plus decency and decorum. Sycophant mentally deranged KKK slavery lefties screaming into the wind being devoid of anything that resembles independent thought is a perfect illustration of what the selfish slothful ego produces. 

This is what the selfish slothful ego looks like!! Oy Vey!!

As anyone who knows me I am for the death penalty for anyone who calls a morally depraved prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat a liberal.  KKK slavery lefties cannot even form complete sentences nowadays and are completely devoid of independent thought, a pure polluted thumb drive of misinformation.  I truly have never figured out how KKK slavery democrats tie their shoes myself.

I do appreciate the prideful BIGOTED gullible moron KKK slavery lefties euthanizing themselves with the clot shot!

As is obvious, like what the ego does, KKK slavery democrats psychologically project their HATE, Racism and BIGOTRY onto others while their fragile ego is thrown into a hizzy fit if someone like me dares to shove their regurgitations back in their face.  As we know is someone still calls themselves a democrat they are utterly insane at this point. 

Uh oh! The wind changed direction and it upset a mentally deranged KKK slavery lefty!

The ego and how it works is actually quite simple and if you try to overthink what it is you will not come to the right conclusion.  The ego always believes it is right but it is always WRONG!  This is just how logical the ego is.  The ego is actually the sub conscious minds programming and it will regurgitate what it is programmed with with significant arrogance. It will also dive into the intellectual children’s even if there is not water in it since no damage can be done to the brain anyway right?  The ego cannot answer any questions since it is not programmed to do that, it will only ask questions while being intellectually incapable of actually comprehending the answer.  Then it will get frustrated which it will then render a personal insult to protect it’s myriad of deficiencies. 

Agent smith which is the ego or the sub conscious minds programming always attacks the truth!

The ego or sub conscious minds programming of a mindless KKK slavery democrat is programmed with the software line that says “I am very intelligent.” They will regurgitate this with ease along with any programming session from CNN they watch.

CNN is pure programming for gullible morons!

The most egotistically RETARDED race on the planet is obviously the one with the biggest inferiority complex of all that is cultural swine.  That race would be the ashkeNAZI yids who falsely call themselves joos.  The faulty inbreds are control freaks because of their ego and literally screw up anything good the mental invalids touch. The dumbest race on the FLAT earth and nobody even comes close. Unfortunately the lying thieves do control the planet thru their criminal banking system which is the bane to all humanity. The intellectually deficient morons fate has been sealed as their destiny is bleak.  The first shall be last and the inbreds sure have fragile egos when the truth is told about their malfeasance for sure.

White men are the most intelligent by far and that is why people are so jealous of us. This is why the ashkeNAZI yids have such an inferiority complex because they are so jealous since they are ugly and smelly!

The ego will regard truth as HATE because it does not agree with how they have been programmed so the ego will throw an emotional hissy fit.  See programmed RETARDED KKK slavery lefties for this example on a daily basis. 

The ego will regard the truth as HATE! Every Single Time!! That is why the subversive LYING yids have such fragile egos when they hear the truth!

The egotistically RETARDED projecting ashkeNAZI yids obviously regard White People as superior since the inferiority complex keep repeating “White People are superior” probably because they are so ugly and smelly and stupid.  The yids are master LIARS and must control the propaganda media or they would starve to death since they are incompetent and lazy.  The cultural swine useless eaters are parasites thru and thru and do not belong in any civilized society in the least.  If an egotistically RETARDED yids lips are moving, it is guaranteed to be a LIE.  The holohoax truly needs to be shoved up their asses until it hurts.

joo is just a fancy word for an egotistically RETARDED urinal!

The ego is most certainly how the masses are controlled so it must be made to be confusing so no one can figure it out like it is at the public indoctrination centers falsely called universities which are currently producing a bunch of mentally RETARDED sycophant easily led KKK slavery lefty morons.  Here lefty, take a clot shot that will kill you.  The KKK slavery lefty says ok since they always want to be compliant with ignorance!

Public indoctrination centers are not place for any children!

The ego is pure ignorance and unquestioning so it will be a good compliant slave.  It has NO intelligence, no independent thought, and regurgitates what is on the propaganda media with ease.

The ego will always deny it exists. The ego is always there and the blatant LIE that Jung stated you could have an ego is death is nonsense. Your ego is always with you and the only thing you can do is master it so you always recognize it’s existence. It is the Wall that everyone must climb to acquire wisdom.

The ego is simply controlled by materialism, sex, drugs and anything people get a short term high where they need more and more to satisfy their urges.  It is what keeps people from thinking about those who control them.  It is that simple.

The morally depraved yid gets upset when one of his weapons of psychological warfare gets burned! All the cultural swine books written by these morally repugnant egotistical RETARDS need to be burned!

This is the truth whether you like it or not!

If you yearn for understanding God you must care enough to figure out your ego which is satan himself. If you don’t care about the truth then you are lukewarm. That is not good enough!

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