Why morally repugnant mentally deranged prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats should never be around children.

KKK slavery demonrats celebrate pride which is obviously BIGOTRY and abject stupidity. It is obvious when you see how KKK slavery lefties have progressed from RETARDED to insane.

It’s just reality. Sad yes.

All selfish slothful innocent baby murdering KKK slavery demonrats should and are being euthanized by God because of their pride by the clot shot.  It truly is amazing just how gullible all KKK slavery lefty regurgitating morons are. 

The gullible moron KKK slavery demonrats almost all took the clot shot.

Along with being despicable RACIST morally depraved worthless disposable sewage, we obviously know just how rude and obnoxious all catatonic KKK slavery demonrats are. 

Euthanasia is the only cure for this filthy TRASH!

Luckily, RETARDED KKK slavery demonrats have overwhelmingly euthanized themselves via the clot shot. This should help for the future since I am part of the anti-Racist and anti-HATE group RETARDED democrats lives do not matter.  I am glad the gullible morons are going to the slaughterhouse as the zombies are not alive anyway.  It will frankly put them out of their misery.

Every dead regurgitation moron journalist is a step in the right direction! The sooner the propaganda msm nonsense dies the better!!

Thus, obviously KKK slavery lefties are pure selfish slothful TRASH and should never be regurgitating their programming around children.  Absolutely morally depraved sexual deviants and RACIST prideful BIGOTED filth and to have any children around this filth is pure child abuse.  As long as the useless eating KKK slavery demonrat are still in the public brain damaging centers falsely called schools, no child should go there in the least.

We all must be anti-RACIST and Anti-HATE and encourage all mentally deranged diseased puke KKK slavery lefties get the clot shot!

Home school at this point is really your only option.  Indoctrination centers are just worthless TRASH and a danger to all humanity.

This is the unfortunate truth! If you have gone to a college, it is very important you recover from it!

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