Why I support God’s upcoming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL!

Pride goes before destruction and their isn’t a more prideful faulty inbred race than the egotistically RETARDED money hungry subversive LYING race as the self proclaimed chosen ones ashkeNAZI yid.  Fueled by their massive inferiority complex coupled with inbreeding has cause the whole race to be schizophrenic psychopaths as evidence by most being mentally deranged morally depraved prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties. As we know, KKK slavery lefties celebrate pride which is BIGOTRY, stubbornness and abject stupidity. Cultural swine savages obviously.

It is only a matter of time before God acts on the Racist supremacist prideful BIGOTS. The faulty inbreds psychological projections are working less and less each day!

Palestine has a right to exist, but the useless eating sub human beasts of the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911 and perpetuate the despicable holohoax LIE do not in the least.  If someone who supposedly calls themselves a Christian supports the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL, they are a heretic and will burn in hell due to their lack of knowledge.  The bible states that clearly in Hosea 4:6.  God wants you to seek truth and if a person is too lazy to do it, they will be rejected.

If you are a savage who supports the Racist terrorist synagogue of satan over the innocent women and children of Palestine, you deserve to burn in HELL!

The bible states satan will run the world.  And the banksters or Pharisee money changers most definitely run the world.  So who are the money hungry subversive LYING parasites who run the banks?  If you cannot name the ashkeNAZI yids you are in a complete trance as it is obvious.  It means your mind ignores blatant FACTS!

Jesus told you the enemy in the bible, as so did Martin Luther in his pamphlet “The jews and their LIES.” If your pride makes you refuse to listen and be ignorant of what the bible actually says, your destiny is as Hosea 4:6 says as you will be destroyed also.

God states quite clearly if you do not read it with pride that he will destroy these subversive LYING schizophrenic psychopaths, yet they have deceive practically the whole world. Many times God told his people to smote these people but obviously like a weed the parasites keep coming back.

If you are deceived in believing those who falsely call themselves joos are the jews in the bible, satan’s deception has worked! As we know, egotistically RETARDED satan’s minions have very fragile egos and get very upset by the truth!

There has always been evil in the world but most people refuse because of their ego to admit it. The extremist deplorable sycophant  HATE and evil emanating from mentally deranged putrid vulgar KKK slavery demonrats is just immense as clearly no child should ever be around a catatonic KKK slavery lefty in the least.  The braindead morons took the clot shot so they will be gone soon enough.

Those prideful gullible morons who believed the subversive LYING government or media will not be here much longer as they have failed the test!

The trouble with our world today is the Khazarian name stealers who are satanic sewage and stole the not only the joo name but the Israel name.  These inbreds are not related to the jews in the bible in the least.  Yet most deceived Christians are willfully ignorant and blindly accept they are.  Jesus was a jew they will say but who are the real jews?  They fail to ask that simple question and thus are completely deceived.  Most of those who call themselves Christians actually follow Satan in their church and do not realize it.  Any Church who took the money to euthanize their parishoners with the clot shot is 100% satanic.  If a church wasn’t preaching against the clot shot they most certainly were not telling the truth and probably suffered brain damage because they were wearing slave masks.  God does not reward anyone for being lazy and that is exactly what your typical church goer is.  Organized religion is just a control mechanism for the masses.

Just like the star of remphan 666 on the synagogue of satan’s ItsaHELL flag, symbols reveal it all. Once you recognize the symbols it is very easy to connect the dots. Ukraine is where Khazaria was so it is very easy to see why they are interested in taking it over. That is why gay fag Zelensky was installed as Ukraines puppet by the Rothschild controlled CIA. The fiery pit will be very hot for these useless eaters for sure!

If a supposed Christian doesn’t support God’s decision to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL and his euthanization of all sub human useless eating subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yid beasts, they too will go to HELL obviously.  I love how these ignorant supposed Christians always try to save me but their pride prevents them from saving themselves.  To postulate themselves to a group of people who wear dunce hats and copulate at a wall is just ignorant and stupid.

Satan loves to drag the ignorant down the the bowels of HELL. The upcoming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL is exactly what is predicted in Revelations along with Plato’s Republic America destroyed. American’s simply cannot fathom just how deceived they are to have fought on the WRONG side of every war. While painful, Satanic America must be destroyed so it can have a rebirth as something good. If there are any left, no subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yid will be tolerated in the least!

I certainly would not want to be a sub human yid would you?

As anyone who knows me as an anti-Racist and anti-HATE, I support catatonic prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties euthanizing themselves with the clot shot to put them out of their misery. It is the compassionate thing to do obviously.

Fischer was a yid himself, but he spoke out about his parasitical race. The false anti-semite canard is not effective and the yids could not call him a liar which they never do because it is just the truth about satan’s minons.

The end of the sub human beasts of ItsaHELL is at hand.  I suggest you prepare by setting aside your pride and comprehending what the bible says.  It is the only truth we have!

Paradise awaits when the useless eating parasites are destroyed!

2 responses to “Why I support God’s upcoming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL!”

  1. I can’t help but believe that a major chastisement is on the way. Many won’t survive. Particularly the prideful who won’t clean up their lives. This is very serious.

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    • The prideful have taken the clot shot so they will die. We know that and have friends and family who have done it. It is God’s will and their punishment for being that way. I couldn’t stop it and neither could you.

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