Proper definition of common terms:

Gun Control: Gun control means you have practiced shooting your gun so you have complete control of it so if someone tries to steal it from you you are able to shoot the bastard in the head!

So who are the subversive LIARS who are trying to take the guns? NOT a cohencidence!

Pro choice: This is the compassionate thing to do to all murderers of innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinic by giving them the choice of what wall to stand against to be shot.  Obviously all selfish slothful KKK slavery lefties have a mother who made the WRONG choice!

Not your body selfish slothful murderer!

Liberal: An open minded individual who has exited the false left vs. right paradigm and understands both parties are the uniparty serving the satanic bankster sewage.

Wake up!

Conservative: Someone who conserves nothing and erroneously still believes their vote matters.

Republican’s are pure controlled opposition!

Pride: The adherence to BIGOTRY and adject stupidity

Pride is the ego is stubborness is faith without reasoning.

Republican: Someone who has the Orwellian Doublethink disease so they can believe 2 diametrically opposed opinions at the same time cancelling each other out making them confused and docile.

Republicans are docile idiots!

Democrat: An adherent to the KKK and slavery in their own mind.  Catatonic.

KKK slavery demonrats are a literal satanic death cult!

Progressive: Someone who admits they have progressed from RETARDED to insane.

Lefties are pure NPC’s!

ADL: A Racist supremacist pedophile HATE group who psychologically projects their HATE towards others, especially open minded liberals like myself who are straight white males who see thru their mendacious LIES!

A literal RACIST supremacist pedophile HATE group!

Joo: A stolen term by the Khazarian ashkeNAZI’s who are not semites in the least nor are they related to the Jews in the bible.

Not semitic nor real joos!

NAZI: The shortened version of ashkeNAZI

The German’s were NOT NAZI’s!

Psychological projection: It is what RACIST prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrats and ashkeNAZI’s do is accuse others of what they are guilty.

Whatever they accuseth they are 100% guilty!

Diversity and Multiculturalism: Jealousy of white people so they are RACIST towards white people all fomented by the massive inferiority complex of the egotistically RETARDED ashkeNAZI yids.

It is jealousy of white people, not Racism from white people! The yids inverted this!

Narcissist: Those who falsely call themselves joos.

Self or ego is what a confused narcissist is. Catatonic KKK slavery lefties are pure narcissistic TRASH!Chosen people: NOT those who falsely call themselves joos.

The egotistical RETARDS are chosen, just not by God.

antifa and BLM: Racist domestic terrorist HATE groups.

Absolute useless eating TRASH!

White Supremacist: A fictitious term made up by RACIST supremacist subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yids.

What made up nonsense!

Media: Pure satanic propaganda that is the complete opposite of the truth.

Total inversion on the fake news by the yids.

Orwellian inversion: Understanding the reality of the world is that reality is inverted in the minds of the masses because of their pride or ego.

Reasoning to understand simple FACTS is required for the truth. Faith is pride in your programming so you believe the LIES!

White male privilege: A fictitious term made up by the ashkeNAZI yids that makes it so white males cannot be Racist or Sexist unless they are catatonic KKK slavery lefties.  This privilege makes it so KKK slavery lefties are not able to regurgitate their programming in the presence of a white male.  Also, it is the privilege to be able to give a linguistic enema to any RACIST Sexist BIGOT who accuses a white male of said fictitious term.

Another absurd yid made up term!

Cultural swine: RETARDED ashkeNAZI yid

KKK slavery lefties are prideful BIGOTS obviously, but this meme shows the inversion as the Racism is coming directly towards white people.

Einstein RETARDATION: Being an arrogant prick who makes nonsensical convoluted gibberish up which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and then people erroneously believe you are smart.

Relativity is pure gibberish!

Subversive LIAR: ashkeNAZI yid.  If a yids lips are moving, it is a LIE.

The yids are projection artists. That is why they must control the propaganda media.

Conspiracy globbery: The absurd notion that we live on a spinning baal thru space at 1000 mph with no wind while water miraculously curves and doesn’t need a container.  You must have faith in globbery because your reasoning must be defunct!

So very true!

Bible: A FLAT earth document that is literal

200 verses show FLAT earth. NONE for globbery!

Humility: Wisdom

Satan does not want you to question the official narrative.

Intelligence: The ability to decipher the difference between arrogance and confidence.

This is the simple truth!

IQ: Memorization quotient to see how well a person can be brainwashed, not intelligence

Just because someone can memorize does not mean they are intelligent in the least!

Civil Rights act of 1964: Act designed to destroy the Black family and help satan minion’s (ashkeNAZI yids) who did slavery in America keep Black people as their slaves.

KKK slavery demoncrats have always been RACIST just like now!

Hate speech:  A simple truth that a catatonic KKK slavery lefty is not programmed with!

This Orwell quote is 100% correct!

Arrogant Pro vaxxers: Walking dead zombies!

Karma is a bitch for the arrogant pricks!

Anti-Vaxxers: Critical thinkers

Vaccines are obvious poison!

Israel: Racist supremacist terrorist synagogue of satan!

Most Christians are very deceived!

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