Faith without reasoning is pride is abject stupidity!

Organized religion is satanic.  How they do this is they preach faith in your beliefs so they can program the typical church goer into believing anything.  They get a feel good message and then remain docile.  If you have pride God simply does not let you read the bible.  Your typical bible reading only supposed “Christian” then is not able to comprehend the bible which is exactly what satan wants and is exactly how he deceives.

If because of ignorance a Christian does not look for satan as in the Talmud, they are being prideful and ignoring information. Just like how they will not look at my blog because it disagrees with their programmed ego.

This is confirmed by most organized religion pushing the slave masks and the clot shot.  Their pride has led to their destruction.  Faith without reasoning is total pride.  To fear the Lord you must have humility, not pride, and that is the only way you will acquire the wisdom and critical thinking to be able to read the bible.

You must have faith to figure out the truth, but to figure out the truth you must have reasoning skills. If you do not have reasoning, you will not understand as faith is NOT a stand alone trait that will get you to understand the truth.

Thus, the vast majority of socalled “Christians” are living in a Trance like state because of their pride.  Pride is deadly and it always has been.  If you have reasoning capabilities which satan does not want you to have, it is more than obvious.  Pride is faith without reasoning is not suggestive conjecture, it is a FACT.  If you have faith you ignore this FACT.  It is how the Brave New World works!

Faith builds prejudices which ultimately makes people believe the LIE. Feelings don’t matter, the truth matters backed up by simple FACTS. It is very important to have reasoning to figure out the truth.

The subversive LYING parasites put out a headline this morning stating it is the unvaccinated’s fault that the gullible morons who took the clot shot are now poisoned lepers.  But the CEO’s who produced the clot shot are not?  I have no idea how the useless eaters have no shame like that.  I really don’t.  I know why they do this is because catatonic KKK slavery lefties can only regurgitate what they read and have no discernment so they will believe it.  KKK slavery demonrats cannot be saved.

Saw this first thing this morning and it pissed me off! What absolute nonsense!

Gosh, they forgot to mention the yids? What a cohencidence!

Your docile Christians preach love while ignoring that they are letting a satanic agenda play out in front of their eyes with this morally depraved LGBT transgender sexual deviancy.  This is obviously being pushed by the useless eating sub human ashkeNAZI yid beasts, the maggot race of faulty inbreds.  It is because of your typical Christian’s pride that they are letting this happen as they refuse to acknowledge the obvious.  This is exactly what makes organized religion satanic.  It is because of their pride.  And that is their sin.

Gosh, con man Trump is part of the satanic agenda! Wake up as the false left vs. right paradigm is total nonsense. Trump support syndrome vs Trump derangement syndrome is garbage. Obviously lefties are completely insane at this point.

Faith without reasoning is pride is abject stupidity.

Faith with reasoning is humility and the beginning of wisdom.

This is the truth whether you deny it or not.

If you speak the truth, people will attack you because of their pride. Pride is agent smith!

One response to “Faith without reasoning is pride is abject stupidity!”

  1. The consequence of “put to death” is quite black and white on the chart up top in regard to Christianity from its origins as well as before.


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