The egotistically RETARDED 2%!

It is obviously when the KKK slavery democrats celebrate pride the catatonic BIGOTED Trash is celebrating their abject stupidity. The Racist mentally deranged unconscious leftist vomit obviously euthanized themselves with the clot shot as it is good karma.  Ending their miserable lives is the proper thing to do as morally repugnant sexual deviant KKK slavery lefties are just too stupid to save.

The mental invalids literally eat themselves!

Behind the scenes is the ugly smelly schizophrenic psychopathic useless eating subversive LYING parasitical 2%, the scourge to all humanity who falsely call themselves joos, but are the serpent seed.  I can show the FACTS that mossad did 911 to someone and right after this the regurgitated programming of “ the joos are the chosen ones” will come out ignoring all the FACTS about the parasites.

The egotistical RETARDS will arrogantly admit what they do, but call you the absurd term anti-semitic when you tell the truth about the inbreds which even that is a LIE. They don’t call you a LIAR though do they?

The bible talks about the Pharisee money changers who undoubtedly followed the disgusting satanic Talmud and is followed by the egotistically RETARDED Zionists of today.  The faulty inbreds are extremely prideful which means they are all LIARS and einstein RETARDED. If a yids mouth is moving it is a LIE.

Satan’s favorite tactic is psychological projection as shown in Matthew 7:1-5. The yids are always guilty of what they accuseth, just like KKK slavery lefties!

The inbreds control the disgusting propaganda bullshit media which inverts everything from the truth, the criminal banking system, pedowood propaganda, surround vegetable Biden and are in general very arrogant assholes who constantly LIE out of their ass making shit up to justify all their other LIES. What caused their RETARDATION and inferiority complex is probably that are ugly and smelly due to their inbreeding.  It makes sense they are mostly mentally deranged KKK slavery lefties.

So who are the egotistical subversive LYING RETARDS who control the media? If you can’t name them you are in a complete trance!

Every part of our current society has been degraded due to the egotistically RETARDED 2%. There is not one thing including organized religion they haven’t degraded.  All public brain damaging centers are producing a bunch of sycophant mentally deranged KKK slavery demonrat TRASH. The Rockefeller death shot is done completely by the useless eaters. Everything is inverted and it all comes back to the selfish slothful egotistically RETARDED subversive LYING parasitical satanic bankster sewage.  Yes there are ashkeNAZI yids who are deceived and most of them took the clot shot.  They have been programmed all of their life to be prideful and adjectively stupid unfortunately as I am sure of the innocent yids have taken the clot shot since they are programmed slaves to the beast system.

A prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefty accusing me of being RACIST? It is as absurd as having faith in the glob because that is what your programming says. Faith without reason is foolishness and abject stupidity. Faith with reasoning is wisdom and the fear of the lord!

The truth of our current dystopian society is not pretty in the least.  I am just an open minded liberal reporting the truth.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Spoken like a truly evil satanic faulty inbred! Sorry Henry, your upcoming judgement will not be pretty since you reject the truth! Enjoy the fiery pit!

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