Blind faith is the ego is satanic and Paul was a fraud!

It has been stated that storytellers rule the world and that is very true.  The holohoax is a prime example of this where the egotistically RETARDED subversive LYING parasites push this despicable HATEFUL Racist LIE onto the masses who have been brainwashed to become Einstein RETARDED so they do not look at simple FACTS, but have blind faith since it has been repeated over and over again so many times. 

As is obvious our subversive LYING propaganda media is run by ashkeNAZI yids who are very jealous of white people obviously as that is why they are so RACIST. The yids are driven by their inferiority complex which is why they believe the ends justifies the means of all of their LYING. Their continuous efforts have only made me question if they are human which is the opposite of what they are trying to accomplish. I most certainly know their arrogant einstein RETARDATION very well!

Same with the conspiracy globbery nonsense which is absurd when reasoning and common sense backed up by the bible shows us that the earth is most definitely FLAT with a firmament or dome.

The earth is observably FLAT! And the reasoning you need to figure out this truth is confirmed in the bible. You must have faith in the glob!

All the LIES must rely completely on faith and be devoid of logic or reason to work, as common sense or FACTS are always needed for the truth.

Agent Smith is not very fond of the truth!

According to the bible, Paul never met Jesus but had some amazing experience where he was blinded on his way to Damascus.  No witnesses to this event so he could literally make anything up!  He probably had just gotten done killing some Christians as Paul was employed by the Romans at the time correct?  While Jesus preached calmly and used parables that were philosophical and logical in nature, Paul’s appeals were pure an emotional appeal so the exact opposite of Jesus. 

Paul’s emotional appeal may seem right, but it is wrong. Just because something makes you feel good does not mean it is wise in the least.

As we know in our current times what absolute sycophants every prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat is nowadays and how they are moved completely by emotion without an ounce of reasoning skills, we know lefties have blind faith in nonsense what they are spewing.  The notion that a KKK slavery lefty is an open minded liberal is absurd as they literally can be manipulated into believe the most absurd nonsense that men can get pregnant. Having RACIST KKK slavery demonrats willingly euthanize themselves with the clot shot is the best way to get rid of the useless eaters.

The end is near for prideful BIGOTED easily led KKK slavery sheep!

But to build credibility with his story telling Paul had to come up with some sort of miracle himself since that is what makes a good story to manipulate people so they believe you.  And thus it was so!

It is prudent to question everything even the bible. Organized religion thrives to keep people from questioning things as they get their message from a Rockefeller seminary trained minister. They get a feel good message to give them warm fussies that keeps them docile and lazy so they do not feel the need to seek out wisdom. My (insert organized religion here) is right and only we are going to heaven! We are saved mentally seems to be the biggest impediment to actually being saved. That is the biggest conundrum of all!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and how satan paves this road is thru emotional manipulation that is devoid of logic or reasoning.  Jesus parables differed in that he explained how the world works in contrast to God’s world.  Paul on the other hand emotionally manipulated people to have blind faith to make them feel better so they went on the wrong road because it felt right.  This makes Paul a great deceiver who not only killed many Christians in his day, but makes someone who has pride or faith in his beliefs deceived so they are sacrificed also.  If Jesus had met Paul he would have taken the whip to him as he would have instantly known he was a fraud. 

Paul worked for the pharisee money lenders and his words must be questioned for the truth. Everything brainwashed into the masses about Hitler is the complete opposite of the truth!

The fraudulent blind faith concept to deceive was clearly promulgated by Paul and instead of reasoning it became the dominate and lazy approach to take.  It no longer required wisdom or reasoning to understand God as all you needed was to have faith!  This pride in faith made it so people could ignore the bible and just do whatever they wanted as it didn’t matter is they only had blind faith!  This has never worked for me my whole life.

God is reason, not faith in the least! Voltaire was right!

An example of the pride was my experience with a 7th day Adventist couple who were very pious and arrogant in their belief that they were right.  This could literally apply to any organized religion however. They asked me if I had any problem with a religious discussion and I said absolutely not.  I brought up pride as an issue time and time again.  He responded with yes pride is an issue, but since they knew the truth that is why the preach it!  They really had pride in their beliefs and did not recognize or acknowledge their pride in the least.  These pious “Christians” lied many times to cover up LIES they did and had no problem with it and in the end actually stole money from me while making up excuses to why they were entitled to it.  Satan deceives with pride as pride is the Matrix entirely.  It is the hardest concept to figure out but it is simply the most important to figure out if you want to figure out the truth. 

The ego is pride is stubborness is blind faith without corresponding wisdom. The ego or pride is the Matrix and it is was keeps people believing all the LIES!

If you have pride you will not question your beliefs and questioning your own beliefs is actually far more important than questioning someone else’s.  If you do not question your own beliefs you have no right EVER to question others.  It is pride that inverts the reality in the mind and is what has created our inverted dystopian world.

It is pride that duped American’s to go fight on the WRONG side of every war! America simply is and always has been Plato’s Republic and fights wars for the satanic banksters who profit off of all death and destruction. It is reality and most certainly a tough one to digest.

God is reasoning and logic, and faith is pride and blind that ignores blatant FACTS needed to ascertain the truth.  It is time to ditch blind faith in God and to stop reading the deception from Paul.  I don’t care if Paul makes you feel good as undoubtedly he does because he is a good story teller, but like occams razor, if you stop believing Paul everything becomes much simpler and logical which is the way it should be.

Organized religion creates pride in one’s beliefs and that contradicts what the actual bible says. If you do not reason and question everything it is exactly what pride is. This is the inversion and why good is evil and vice versa.

So take your pick if you are a discerning Christian, Jesus or Paul?  You simply cannot have both as that is illogical as believing in the absurd glob.  If you are logical you will pick Jesus.  If you are easily moved by emotion you would pick Paul.  Emotion and faith as simply poison.  The road less traveled is one fueled by reason that is confirmed in the bible.  It is most certainly the one with much less traffic!

Faith brings good intentions but it is full of prejudices that send you down the wrong path even though it feels right. It is the deception technique that satan has used to fool the world!

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