A Philosophers life is NOT popular!

If you dare to tell the truth which is exactly what a philosopher does, you will not be popular.  While you will be right it will also make people mad.  Being right all the time will make people’s perception of you as arrogant while it is actually confidence.  The ego is a LIAR and does not like the truth one bit so he sends Agent Smith to attack you no matter how large or small a truth is.

The truth will get a person personally attacked! Every single time!

The truth requires reasoning skills which have been purposefully eroded thru the public indoctrination centers falsely called schools so people cannot comprehend simple FACTS.  The LIES simply do not take if you have a discerning mind.  Our public brain damaging centers goal is to create a docile slave like a sycophant KKK slavery demonrat who couldn’t comprehend a FACT if you shoved it up their ass.  This is why the walking programmable zombies fragile ego is so sensitive that they get upset so easy and become extremely rude and obnoxious.  Since they are just a software program of nonsense and are programmed to believe they are intelligence and open minded while being the complete opposite a prideful BIGOTED closed minded RETARD. To shut up a KKK slavery lefty you literally only have to take their programmed “liberal” LIE away and the catatonic morons become silent.  Also being a liberal I know these things.

Blind faith is programmable. Reasoning is not. FACTS matter for the truth and anything ascertained by faith is built on quicksand.

Since I am a philosopher I know that modern psychology is really brainwashing so that people’s minds are inverted so they believe the opposite of the truth that is programmed into them via repetition while the mind ignores simple FACTS!  It is the essence of the Brave New World to program the masses to become good docile slaves.

Jung and Freud were frauds as all psychology is is brainwashing. It all needs to be unlearned to figure out the truth based on reason.

I understand that because I am right all the time it upsets the programming. Catatonic mentally deranged prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are vile RACIST filth.  The earth is FLAT.  The clot shot is for depopulation purposes.  Slave masks are bad for you.  All you have to do is literally invert whatever the narrative from the propaganda media by the RACIST supremacist media to figure out the truth.  If a yids lips are moving is it a blatant LIE.

The inversion is so blatant at this point it blows my mind people cannot see it. 1984 is a guidebook, not fiction in the least!

Frankly all the useless eating inferior insects who are attending this satanic davos conference should be hung to prevent climate change.  This would be a good start for sure.

Obviously we have evil scumbags ruling the world thru their criminal banking apparatus. The complete opposite of what Socrates was talking about.

Being a philosopher it also means I am obliged to do my best to deprogram people out of the Matrix of LIES.  To those much is given much will be expected.  In choosing my prose it is always a constant battle to try and deprogram people without actually upsetting them, but unfortunately there is no choice but to upset people since they are programmed with complete LIES.  It is overwhelming to anyone to come to the realization that everything they believe is a complete LIE and it takes time for the mind to figure that out.

It is the most important thing of all to unlearn. Until this happens a person’s ego will be triggered over the simplest of things. People have been extremely conditioned to reject the truth!

I obviously use my white male privilege which means I cannot be Racist or Sexist plus also catatonic KKK slavery democrats are not allowed to regurgitate their programming in my presence.  It comes in handy to say the least.  If a RETARDED KKK slavery lefty does chose to regurgitate any of their nonsence as a philosopher I have the ability to give the zombie a nice linguistic enema to put it into a coma.  I am obviously always politically correct by calling a lefty an it so I don’t misgender it!  I do this because I care!!

Lefties are just not alive.

On occasion I have ruffled feathers obviously since the truth always does that.  I have been interrupted more times than you can imagine and then their ego will accuse me of interrupting.  When I say some truth and I never know what that truth will be I will be told I cannot say that which is right after I said it so I obviously can.  People will constantly give me advice on my approach which is simply to tell the truth but never stop to think about what I am saying or to question their own beliefs.  This is how the ego works.  Anything to stop from thinking since the ego has the I believe I am right disease. 

Your ego is the wall that you cannot feel, taste, or touch. It is with you every day. It is the wall that prevents a person from the comprehension of simple FACTS which leads you to the truth. It is the elimination of prideful blind faith while embracing reasoning and wisdom. This wall needs to be recognized first before you can break it down. Most people stare at it everyday but cannot see it.

To be a philosopher in the Matrix is not an easy road I assure you.  I expect to be attacked for speaking the truth.  This is not an enjoyable endeavor as I do not like conflict in the least and do my best to avoid it, but it is a reality that I know will continue to happen.  To make people think is my goal and I must trigger their programming to accomplish this goal.  I can only take so many attacks for my own sanity so I do my to nudge everything along since I know the mind takes time to wake up.

This is the whole process.

To constantly expose all the mendacious LIES and having them ignored because most people cannot comprehend simple FACTS is frustrating to say the least.  To be viewed as arrogant for doing this is just another part of the inversion of reality we are in. If someone does a little searching by NOT using propaganda search engine nonsense, the truth is readily available.  But it takes effort and most people are simply lazy. It is just easier to call me stupid so a person can protect their programmed illogical beliefs.  I get this all the time.

The stupidest people are typically the loudest and arrogant while they will accuse me of exactly that. The truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth. It is the truth of the inversion!

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off!  Nobody controls my mind but unfortunately I know how other minds are controlled.  As a philosopher I cannot think for anyone else. I am resigned to be in a minority of one plus I know a philosopher will never win a jury trial.  Will I be forced to drink hemlock someday for telling the truth like Socrates?  Who knows but as a philosopher is it the risk you take for telling the truth.  Like all the philosophers in history like Bruno who was burned at the stake for telling the truth and upsetting the rulers of the day, it is what I will continue to do.  It is just against my constitution to lie.  In the end it is what a philosopher is and that is steadfast to the truth.

For these arrogant clot shot pushers I am not the least bit sad they are suffering as karma is a bitch! The ending of this short video show the jerk got what he deserved!

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