RACIST subversive LYING communist agitator day!

MLK was a despicable piece of dogshit and was obviously used by the parasitical yids.  All his emotional speeches that were completely devoid of FACT were written by a parasitical ashkeNAZI yid.

MLK was just another slave! Just like any Black who vote for thier demise by being a KKK slavery lefty piece of TRASH!

Did MLK mention EVER that the egotistically RETARDED sub human yids did slavery in America?  Of course not because the scumbag was just a tool.  He was used by the yids and when he started to get too big a head and actually start naming the faulty inbreds, they killed him.  Same with Malcolm X as soon as he figured out who the real enemy was they killed him also.

The egotistically RETARDED Racist supremacist ashkeNAZI yids have fragile egos when faulty inbreds hear the truth!

As we know implicitly, all putrid vulgar mentally deranged HATEFUL intolerant prideful closed minded BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are vile RACIST filth.  KKK slavery demonrats as we know are NPC’s and not actually alive.  Pure walking programmable zombies that mostly have euthanized themselves via the clot shot and are good little sheep by going to get their boosters so they will die quicker.  All rude and obnoxious  KKK slavery lefties euthanizing themselves willingly via the clot shot is obviously good karma.  Celebrating pride like the catatonic gullible moron lefties do means they have NO logic and cannot connect the dots to all the idiots who are dying suddenly.  It is obviously just pathetic.

KKK slavery lefties euthanizing themselves is the compassionate thing to do!

The new statue for MLK is a depiction of him eating ass which is very appropriate considering what a despicable scumbag he was.

If they only knew how they are being made fun of! An eating ass statue!

The world is completely inverted and all the mind control makes people ego-centric so they do not question things.  And obviously most people simply are not conscious to start with so questioning is out of the realm of possibilities.

Doesn’t 1984 point out the complete inversion in print? Understanding the inversion requires thinking which is in short supply in our Brave New World and understanding simple FACTS! The truth requires reasoning to understand FACTS and frankly the bible. Satan wants you to have faith so you do not question things and get mad at someone who speaks it. It is how the inverted Matrix works!

MLK was controlled by his ego as the parasitical yids gave him money and prostitutes for doing their bidding.  The heat this useless eater is in currently must be intense as we speak!

I can hear MLK scream! LOL!!

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