I am an open minded liberal, KKK slavery democrats are NOT!

I remember sitting in my chair in San Diego in 2016 and coming to the conclusion that it was I who was the factual open minded liberal.  It was literally a eureka moment and the start of me figuring out the complete inversion of reality we are in.  However, the programming takes a while to eradicate as even I called KKK slavery lefties liberal in some of my early 2017 writings.  Now the blatant LIE bothers me when I hear people say it and brush it off as unimportant. 

KKK slavery lefties do NOT have functioning brains so they are NOT liberal!

A KKK slavery lefty has part of their programming say they have an open mind and are very intelligent, but they will run away very fast if you dispute their programmed beliefs.  Once their erroneous belief they are liberal is disputed, their arrogance is severely dissipated.  Since a KKK slavery lefty has no intelligence so they are unable to recover. 

KKK slavery lefties have become progressively stupider in my lifetime! So have righty’s unfortunately. Left vs. right is nonsense.

The problem with righty’s is they are also programmed to erroneously call KKK slavery lefties a liberal and when I truthfully call myself an open minded liberal, they automatically connect with the KKK slavery party and vegetable Biden.  I can repeat it 10 times I am NOT a catatonic KKK slavery lefty but they will continue to HATEFULLY insult me by calling a sycophant KKK slavery democrat.

This is exactly right as long as the righty’s are docile the narcissistic RETARDS are happy!

The mind control produces an instant “it doesn’t matter” as satan doesn’t want you to start questioning things to figure out the truth. Once 1 LIE is breached and the first one is the most difficult, the domino effect happens as you figure out if they are LYING about this, what else are they LYING about. 

Agent Smith attacks me frequently when I call myself an open minded liberal. People will tell me I can’t say that and I will tell them I obviously can because I just did! I will state KKK slavery lefties cannot be a liberal since they have NO intelligence. Of course as soon as they don’t have me around they will go right back LYING by calling catatonic lefties liberal and regard my truth as a nuisance. Nobody is attacked by agent smith as much as me since I do NOT ignore any FACTS which is needed for the truth. Doesn’t matter how small or large a truth it is, agent smith gets mad at me!

Since the propaganda news states KKK slavery lefties are liberal, obviously you know then it is all completely fake propaganda nonsense.

Gosh, if you tell the truth you will be called an anti-semite but you will NEVER be called a LIAR! The yids are not even semitic!

So who runs the propaganda media?  Pedowood?  Who holds all the cabinet positions surrounding vegetable Biden? The porn industry?  The criminal banksters?  Who is behind the poison vaccine? If you ask that question to almost all American’s you will get a blank stare back.  This is how badly American’s are brainwashed.  It is entirely the Pharisee money changers who really are the Khazarian Mafia, and they falsely call themselves joos.  Yes, they are chosen alright just not by God.

This is not the right picture of Rosenthal, but the quote is from his interview done in 1976 which got him killed 1 month later for his arrogance. The whole tribe is arrogant narcissists and that is why they have not trouble LYING constantly.

Since I question everything, I do not take faith in the bible but question what it in it.  My reasoning skills acquired by reading philosophy and such does not just regurgitate what the bible says.  Most “Christians” are programmed to believe the bible is the inspired by the hand of God and nothing has ever changed.  My people are destroyed by a lack of knowledge as stated in Hosea 4:6 and that could not be truer than ever.  Your average “Christian” is a naïve blithering idiot. Organized religion is simply a control mechanism for the masses. 

This is the truth!!

The more I look into things, the more I see Paul who wrote a significant portion of the new Testament as an insidious LIAR who was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is not a very popular statement with your average “Christian” obviously since he wrote a significant portion of the new testament.  Paul preached blind faith while Jesus used parables to elicit reasoning.  The 2 approaches are diametrically opposed.  If you use reasoning you will be able to figure simple FACTS which is required to understand the truth.  If you use blind faith as Paul suggests you can be programmed to believe anything thru repetition.  Thus, the blind faith concept can easily be manipulated by satan while reasoning is rock solid and cannot be moved.  Faith is simply a satanic construct by liar and that liar’s name is Paul.  Everything he wrote should be ignored so you can figure out the truth.  This obviously decimates a significant portion of the New Testament which I am happy to do.  Current organized religion needs to be ripped to shreads as it is a pure controlled mechanism for the blind masses.  The sheep going to church on Sunday which is NOT the Sabbath which is Saturday are being led down the path of despair.

Blind faith is nonsense and was perpetuate by the fraudster Paul. To read the bible correctly you must have reasoning period. The bible is a FLAT earth document. If you don’t recognize FLAT earth you simply are not believing the bible. It is that simple. The glob is absurd!

It is clear many people have blind faith the KKK slavery lefties have intelligence, but I have absolute reasoned belief all of them are programmed RETARDS.  Calling a KKK slavery lefty a liberal is abject stupidity and continuing to call them this illustrates your own pride and ignorance.

Lefties are NOT alive! Pure NPC’s! Brick walls are smarter than lefties since they stay silent!

It is time we stop the extremist deplorable sycophant HATE speech of calling KKK slavery lefties liberal as it is really start to piss me off!

Can you say upside down world? The next time someone tells me I can’t say that or it doesn’t matter I may just have to perform a linguistic enema. This Matrix sucks!

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