Organized Religion is satanic!

I have known for many years that something was very wrong with organized religion.  It is simply a control mechanism for the masses.  The Vatican is obviously despicable filth as the pope is currently a satanic Jesuit and completely evil scumbag.  If the current pope doesn’t scream out at you as the supposed leader of Christianity that he is scum and everything is completely inverted, then you are not conscious.

Without reasoning God will not let you comprehend the bible because of your pride. Organized religion pushes faith so you will have pride. That is why Organized religion is satanic as it keeps you away from God and reasoning. This is how the inversion takes place in the church.

After reading Martin Luther and growing up a very doubting Thomas Lutheran, it was quite easy to see that Martin Luther would despise the current Lutheran Church.

Luther’s phamplet “The jews and their LIES” should be required reading for any Christian especially anyone who professes to be a Lutheran. I know why he has been blacked balled is because Martin Luther told the obvious truth. We have been warned about satan’s minions many times!

I grew up going to church every Sunday because that is what you are supposed to do right?  We were taught that you must have faith in God and faith alone saves.  I always felt like that was grasping into thin air and expecting to find some gold nugget or something.  We were brainwashed with this over and over again.  But I needed some logic to go with that faith and I never received it.  Thus, I was staying in Plato’s Cave since it was my parents beliefs and I had excellent parents. 

The Cave wall is the modern day big screen TV “programming.” Turn the subversive LYING joo tube of nonsense off!

But my father who served on the regional board for the church became disillusioned with church and started asking questions also.  He posed a question to some very pious member of the church if only our particular synod of Lutheran was going to heaven.  The answer was yes only us and not even all the other Lutheran’s but a small sect in Germany also.  Talk about prideful beliefs or what?  The minister I grew up with who had a wife and 5 children turned gay as he got older and was even caught in a department store masturbating in the 90’s.  What the Hell?  Red Flags everywhere!

If you want to have more money, being prideful will help! If you want wisdom and to have the truth set you free, humility is the correct path. KKK slavery democrats who almost all took the Rockefeller death shot will be free soon since they will be dead from their ignorant faith in the clot shot. Many Republican’s also if they have Trump support syndrome.

The Lutheran church my parents joined after now preaches Racism towards white people in the “white privilege” form.  Obviously I administer linguistic enemas to anyone that utters that phrase in my presence.  I wonder what egotistically RETARDED sub humans came up with the term because they are jealous of white people?

Satan sure loves the prideful mental invalids doesn’t he? The narcissistic RETARDS sure have pride don’t they? What a selfish slothful useless eating race! Hitler simply was too nice! God surely won’t be!

If someone believes KKK slavery lefties have intelligence, it is completely by faith since the walking programmable zombies are literally catatonic.  My reasoning and critical thinking have researched this immensely and have not found any lefty to actually be alive.  KKK slavery lefties are total NPC’s or polluted thumb drives of misinformation. 

KKK slavery demonrats mother made the WRONG choice! Willingly euthanizing themselves via the clot shot may be the first right choice the RACIST prideful BIGOTS ever made!

The reason why Organized religion is satanic is they purposefully program the docile followers with you must have “faith” in God but do not use reasoning as you might actually figure out the truth!  Common sense and using what the bible states like being a FLAT earth document are dangerous!  The bible is labelled anti-semitic is you figure out what it says and who are the parasites running the criminal fraudulent banking system!  Yet the narcissistic RETARDS are not even semitic but Cainetic which reasoning and research easily brings you this truth.  But you must have an open mind to information which it is out there and most certainly in the bible.  Organized religion is designed to get people to say with pride “The truth doesn’t matter!”

The mind control produces narcissists galore with the I believe I am right disease. This is especially true with organized religion. If you do not have reasoning to read the bible you are not following what the bible states. Faith is pure poison. It is becoming more obvious to me that Paul was a fraudster. It appears no man has killed more Christian’s than Paul himself.

I do not have faith in God and I realize now I never did!  I have avoided most bible study groups and obviously churches because I don’t like being yelled at.  But recently I ventured into one because all the people were very nice so I have gone to a few.  As the group was discussing faith and how James said faith was the opposite of what Paul said it was, the members agreed with both.  I immediately recognized the Orwellian doublethink in this as it has to be one or the other as doublethink is the Republican disease.  I brought this up saying it has to be one or the other but it was not really acknowledged because it was a FACT and FACTS are simply ignored in our Brave New World.  I had not had enough time to process in my own mind what this really meant. 

If you reject the simple truth that the bible tells you the earth is FLAT, then you are actually rejecting the whole bible. You are declaring you have pride in your beliefs. Organized religion even has pride flags in the churches showing they reject the bible, but the truth of the bible is pride goes before destruction. God is surely not pleased.

Later in the meeting I later spoke about how the mind can ignore what is written in one of my own personal experiences and basically was told to be quiet.  I realized I had triggered an ego as what I say is hard to comprehend quite often.  This came after I was called a faggot and retarded about 50 times because I have reasoning skills to figure out the earth is FLAT and KKK slavery demonrats are catatonic.  Plus I am an open minded liberal which really pisses off Orwellian Doublethink Republicans.  Even if I repeat it 10 times I am not a catatonic KKK slavery lefty, their programming states I am a lefty so they will continue to be HATEFUL and call me a lefty.

I speak the truth so I already know I will be attacked. I have long since past the point where I care about any feelings in the least.

This triggered ego then triggered everyone else’s so all of their ego’s who were triggered because I was questioning their faith with reasoning made it so everyone started giving me advice on my approach or whatever. This is exactly what the Matrix is. Since this has happened to me numerous times before I know I have to use emotion to combat it since their brains shut down.  Satan doesn’t like the truth being told so he programs people to try and stop it. Works with most people but obviously not me.  While righty’s are confused because of their Orwellian doublethink and I don’t believe I could put them into a coma like I can catatonic KKK slavery lefties, it is not my intent ever.  But I know I must use emotion because once the ego is triggered all reasoning shuts down and they will not listen.  So I used my best emotional acting skills to hammer on their programming and then gave them all a hug to show no hard feelings.  The reality I was not really mad as I have been thru the same Matrix scenario so many times now so I know the logistical process.  I know that once I trigger the ego I will even get Ham I am giving away thrown back in my face. At least I know Mike ate it since he will eat anything.

This is why I get emotional now every time I trigger someones ego. I already know their mind is no longer working so I must do this to glitch their programming. I never know when it will happen obviously as it can be the most inane detail that causes it. The Matrix doesn’t have me as I will always get emotional when the Matrix happens. I play psychological warfare with the Matrix not the other way around.

The reason organized religion is satanic is because they rely on blind faith which is ignorance and abject stupidity instead of relying on the reasoning of the bible.  This is what creates the inversion stated in Isaiah 5:20.  There is no Socratic logic in blind faith but fosters pride in ones beliefs.  This is so they can get supposed Christians to support the synagogue of Satan whose base is Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911.  The yids self proclaimed chosen one’s is correct as their prideful declaration proves satan chose the narcissistic RETARDS. 

I show this too many and site this verse, but the inversion is so immense people’s minds simply cannot comprehend the magnitude of how extremely true this inversion really is. Orwell talks about it in 1984. It is the few who can really grasp and start to quantify the meaning of this verse.

Plato’s Cave is very real as I believed what I was raised with as I to figure out the truth I had to question my own father’s belief which was maybe the most difficult questioning of all.  But he towards the end of his life was questioning things also. If modern medicine hadn’t killed him young he might have figured it out by now.  If I had figured out the inversion sooner I would have stopped him from taking the plethora of big pharma poison he was taking for so many years.  Blind faith is Rockefeller pill pushing for profit doctors to produce your early demise is not using reasoning whatsoever.

I can verify this is the Truth!

Blind faith in your organized religion which is merely keeping you away from God is the exact reason why Organized religion is satanic.  It is that blind faith that keeps a person’s pride intact and why they literally are incapable of comprehending what the bible is telling them.  Their blind faith in reading the bible and bible only produces complete ignorance without wisdom or logic.  Understanding God requires reasoning which is attained by questioning your own beliefs first before you judge anyone else.  People’s pride always wants to “save” me as they have the I believe I am right disease.  I remember a 7th day pious 7th day Adventist a few years ago which I told him Pride was the biggest issue of all, and his prideful response was since he knew the truth that is why he preaches it.  His pride did not listen nor did he comprehend his response was blatantly prideful. Herein lies the conundrum of all conundrums.

Have I told you about pride being the biggest issue of all yet? Pride is what causes the inversion of reality in the mind!

Faith is pride is literally satanic while God wants you to reason.  This is how the inversion works in your organized religion.  How many churches had their sheep wear slave masks and set up places to inject their parishioners to be injected with the Rockefeller death shot?  Their sheep had faith in the clot shot and their church wouldn’t lie to them would they?  It’s an “authority figure” right?  No they did not knowingly do it because they had faith in the poison injection, but did not question the poison because they were being good sheep without an ounce of reasoning.  But when they die suddenly it becomes tougher to virtue signal.  It is the very reason I do not let catatonic prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats regurgitate their programming in my presence

A yid telling the truth! Obviously he was killed a month later by his “fellow white people” for telling this truth! Organized religion is a control mechanism for the masses and it is a very effective way to build that pride!

Pride goes before destruction and this is being proven to us daily with people dying suddenly of the Rockefeller death shot.  If you do not have the reasoning to connect the dots on this simple issue, then I have reasoning or logic to believe you are catatonic.  It is that simple.

Another example of pride goes before destruction! Can you connect the dots yet?

This is the truth and the truth does not care about your feelings in the least.

Any questions? Open minded liberals like myself do not mind questions EVER! Telling me my approach is WRONG is what is offensive! The inversion continues!

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