KKK slavery vegetable Biden memes

In our current upside down clown world, it is obviously important actually laugh at the incredible absurdities that take place every day. There are still wacked out conspiracy theorists out there that believe vegetable Biden has a functioning brain which is just beyond comprehension for most at this point. Anyone believing the puppet show in DC is beyond hope I am afraid.

The deception is so immense it simply is too large for the mind to fathom without sustained thinking and a willingness to realize what you have been told your whole life is a complete and utter LIE. It takes time for the mind to wake up as it truly takes years to break the trance.

The idiocracy that is your typical walking programmable zombie KKK slavery lefty is truly a pure example of a walking NPC. None of them are able to get out of the intellectual children’s pool as evidenced with their obsession trying to figure out their gender. The programming tells them they are intelligent which is quite laughable.

I have never figured out how KKK slavery lefties tie their shoes.

Vegetable Biden is a special case obviously as the selected figured head of cultural swine and their morally depraved sexual deviant LGBT and transgender disgusting filth. Vegetable Biden is really a humiliation ritual for anyone who has a functioning brain. I can’t imagine the percentage of people taking any of his regurgitations seriously to be very high.

The desk obviously won the argument since it stayed silent.

Neither of these programmed morons is able to form complete sentences.

Even the dead people who voted for vegetable Biden are turning in their graves. To believe your vote matters anymore is just plain silly as Presidents are selected, not elected.

Oy Vey!!

Just pathetic!

When I see someone wearing a slave mask nowadays I know they do not have a functioning brain. Died suddenly is in their near future!

The KKK most certainly has never left the RACIST prideful BIGOTED slavery democrat party. The inversion never ends! Per public record the KKK even donated to evil bitch Hillarys campaign.

American’s don’t read so they can actually put this in books and very few will even know. Isn’t there a good game on?

Gosh, the subversive LYING egotistically RETARDED parasites don’t believe in affirmative action do they? 2% of the population but 100% of vegetable Biden’s cabinet? But don’t name the mental invalids or you will be called an anti-semite! I love how the Racist supremacists psychologically project don’t you?

Even under satanic Zionist Trump the Racist domestic terrorist HATE groups BLM and antifa were not stopped. Both parties are TRASH!

All Presidents are just puppets!

If you tell the truth, you will be attacked! I know this to be the truth!

At least we know everything that comes out of the mouth of vegetable Biden can be made into some comedy routine.

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