America is a banana republic!

Seeing the pedowood puppet show this last week of the speaker of the house literally makes me want to vomit.  If you don’t know it is all orchestrated theatre by now you need to wake up.  It is NOT real and to actually be talking about it is just absurd.  The satanic WEF who McCarthy is a member even had his picture up before he was supposedly selected. 

The KKK slavery lefty chairwoman is just a robot regurgitating the lines given to her because she or it simply cannot think. All LIES are exposed by the details.

All politicians are narcissists and actors so all of them LIE.  It doesn’t matter what party it is as both serve satan.

All serving the same subversive LYING parasites!

If a drooling vegetable like Biden doesn’t wake you up I don’t know what will.  Mentally deranged KKK slavery lefties are becoming unhinged more and more every day as they inject more of the poison into their bodies via boosters.

No Racist psychologically projecting HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefty regurgitates their programming in my presence for a reason. Lefties do NOT have intelligence.

I don’t have faith that KKK slavery lefties are catatonic, it is pure reasoned belief.  It is reasoned belief also that Republican’s are stupid.  Republican’s are still affected by their Orwellian Doublethink where they can be made to believe in diametrically opposed opinions.  That is why Republican’s are so docile and easily manipulated. 

I have been making fun of lefties intelligence my whole life. I have always been right!

It is more than obvious at this point that KKK slavery lefties are only able to regurgitate their programming, and the propaganda fake news media is programming lefties and rightys to still watch the nonsense with complete nonsense.  As long as they can keep you in the false left vs right paradigm so you actually think some of it is real, they have you. 

So who are the subversive LYING narcissistic RETARDED parasites who control the propaganda media nonsense? It is NOT white people I assure you!

Trump support syndrome vs. Trump derangement syndrome is exactly where they want you.  As long as you don’t recognize thru reasoning that Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL did the controlled demolition on 911 and ignore this blatant FACT whenever it is told to you, they are happy.

(((media))) All of it is bullshit!

The world is being run by narcissistic RETARDS.  It is that simple.  Having a drooling vegetable like Biden being selected should be enough confirmation of that FACT.  But FACTS are ignored because people have faith in their programmed beliefs. 

You have to have faith that a man can be a women and a black woman is a ficticious “white supremacist.” If you have reasoning abilities you cannot be programmed with this absolute nonsense! Faith is devoid of reasoning!

It is not faith that I have the belief America is a banana republic, it is pure reasoning I know it is a FACT!

Part yid Fischer had a conscious unlike most yids. He called out the parasites his whole life. We need more of that!! This is the source of why America is a banana republic!

You have been lied to your whole life about everything.  The bible is literal not metaphorical in the least.  It is time to drop the faith nonsense and start to embrace the reasoning that the bible gives you, and you will not achieve reason by only reading the bible.  It is truly the only way you will break the satanic programming that exists today. 

All of your media and your government is a complete LIE! You will know the serpent seed by their deeds! The FACTS are overwhelming and Hosea 4:6 most certainly tells the truth!

This is merely the truth!

The mind control stops people from even looking at new information. The truth is offensive to satanic pedophiles!

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