Is the poison injection making sycophant KKK slavery lefties even more insane?

As we know the KKK slavery lefty farm animals are quite insane at this point and have absolutely no decency or decorum.  Willingly injecting poison into your body was the last thing the mentally deranged sycophants needed was to make them even more insane, but it has been done!

For anybody who actually reads (which is very few nowadays) they tell you what they are going to do as that is the satanic creed. They must convince you the poison is good for you! Hegelian dialectic completely!

On Friday night I went to a bar to watch a football game which is part of my 25 hours per year of TV “programming.” The bar is in an area where there are very few catatonic KKK slavery lefties but there are still a few and you cannot stop the zombies from coming into the bar obviously.

So this catatonic mindless sycophant lefty started getting belligerent I heard and called everyone stupid while bashing Trump.  The mindless drones are programmed to bash Trump while ignoring the current vegetable Biden.  The irony of a sycophant KKK slavery lefty calling people stupid not lost on me as mentally deranged lefties psychologically project exactly what the prideful BIGOTED gullible morons are guilty.

KKK slavery lefties willingly euthanizing themselves to put them out of their miserable existence. I can’t say I blame the prideful BIGOTS!

This is what psychological projection means: A theory in Psychology in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive or negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.

Satan’s favorite tactic! Accuse others of what they are guilty!

This is a FACT not a theory really as we know KKK slavery lefties are not technically alive.  Many righties with their Orwellian Doublethink will regurgitate that not all KKK slavery lefties are RETARDED and cite a specific example of someone they know is a complete programmed RETARD but they seem smart.  Sorry, your programming is false as all KKK slavery lefties are devoid of original thought and critical thinking.  Nobody is home.  It is NOT my feelings in the least as it is FACTUAL!  It is someone’s feelings that all KKK slavery lefties are conscious. They are not and are merely walking programmable zombies.

KKK slavery democrats are NOT alive! This is a FACT!

If someone actually infiltrates a sycophant KKK slavery lefty meeting like I have, it is readily apparent they are being programmed in these meetings and deserve to be called polluted thumb drives of misinformation.

Any regurgitation coming from a KKK slavery lefty is pure nonsense!

Just like the narcissistically RETARDED RACIST supremacist subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yid, it is more than blatant that all programmed RETARDED KKK slavery democrats are RACIST Trash!  But are completely unconscious so the diseased puke does not realize a thing. The poison injection into the blithering idiots will most certainly make the useless eaters even more obnoxious and rude. I suggest to not let any catatonic lefty regurgitate their programming, but if you do encounter them you must use emotion to combat them since they are devoid of intelligence.  Doesn’t matter what you say, just yell at the retards as it is the only thing that will work.

Oy Vey!!

Republican’s or righty’s simply do not understand this as they will call them liberals or libtards which is absurd since they do NOT have an open mind or functioning brain.  Most Republican’s are still being brainwashed by such nonsense as Fox news which keeps them in the false left vs. right paradigm of nonsense.  TV is “programming” period and if a person hasn’t kicked the habit, they are still docile zombies. 

Republican’s are docile and need to be woken up!!

Someone is obviously not alive if they don’t realize with sycophant KKK slavery lefty’s behavior by now they are all insane or insane already. Vegetable Biden should give people a little clue on how they have been lied to about everything their whole life.

They Live is NOT fiction! It is a documentary!

But it is important to protect yourself and try to avoid poison leper KKK slavery lefties and their propensity to drool while spewing complete an utter programmed gibberish. I suggest staying away from the catatonic sludge as much as possible.

Grant is cured and he will not be hospitalized! Can you guess what his party affiliation was?

This is the truth which does not care about your feelings in the least!

The bible sure tells the truth doesn’t it?

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