The Bible is literal, not metaphorical in the least!

Our dystopian world unfortunately is run by satanic pedophiles.  The bible states that satan would rule the world correct?  It is the truth!

Can you connect the dots?

Satan brought Jesus to a mountain on our FLAT which the Bible is a FLAT earth document and the only way he could see all the kingdoms, and satan offered Jesus all of these kingdoms if he would follow satan.  Jesus obvious could not be bribed by money nor power as he was well versed how satan is a LIAR and all of that would only bring pain and despair.

Is this not the city of the world vs. the City of God that St. Augustine talked about? Yes it is!

I myself was tempted in this way by satan also as a few years ago I got to know a Baroness (Blood rh – ) as she was amazed someone was as awake to reality as I am.  In a short exchange after she got to know me, she asked me if I wanted to help kill people.  I obviously knew what is going on now was going to happen as I was only having a limited amount of success waking people up.  In essense if I wanted to become financially rich and maybe even famous, I could have accepted to perpetuate all the LIES that satan is doing in our current dystopian world.  The chance meeting of myself with a Baroness to me seems like God arranged that meeting to confirm everything I had figured out.  And it did where it confirmed everything is a complete LIE.

I obviously with what I write am like Jesus in the temple kicking out the money changers. I don’t expect people will like what I say and I will be attacked for it. I certainly understand my bible verses and philosophical quotes I will be attacked for what I say as I know exactly how agent smith works implicitly!

During this time also I had a chance meeting with a yid in a Hot tub while I was working in Phoenix.  Right after the false flag Vegas shooting it was a big topic of conversation obviously.  It was a blatant false flag and was ripped apart so they were trying to stop it.  After trying to act all nice and caring for the supposed innocent victims, he then brought up the Sandy Hook false flag which I said it was complete and utter nonsense.  He then became enraged that I knew the truth and said he wanted to kill me.  Such a nice reasonable reaction because I have critical thinking right?  Agent Smith zombies always attack the truth and this was quite a reaction.  I got out of the hot tub as he was throwing his rage around and calmly told him his HATE is what is disgusting.  I turned around and slowly got my towel and walked away as he snapped his towel at me.  I did not look back on the demon.  It knew I wasn’t scared and that is actually what scares them.

The demons get upset when their deception doesn’t work anymore!

Now I relate this story because it does relate to the wisdom in the bible.  The inversion of almost every event in our current world can be described this way.  It really goes back to the way Cain was jealous of Abel so he killed him.  Obviously Cain who I met at the hot tub did not kill me but he wanted to right?  He said he had just met come Chinese generals who the yids are using as their proxy army.  Everything is orchestrated and just a puppet show.  Satan controls the world as God told us in how satan offered the world to Jesus.  It is exactly like that unfortunately.

Jealousy is what ultimately makes people LIE and kill. This scenario is still being repeated today over and over and over again!

While I have been a very doubting Thomas my whole life until recently, I have always been questioning everything.  From my early days of going to church every Sunday while in the back of my head something is wrong here.  I lived in Plato’s Cave which is really believing what your parents have been programmed with.  Was I not blessed to have good parents?  Yes, and why should I doubt them

I don’t live in Plato’s Cave and that is why I speak the truth. It is also why I get personally attacked which does get tiresome.

Now I did ask my father when I was 5 years old why democrats are so stupid so that basis of rejecting all satanic death cult RETARDED leftist brainwashing was very simple for me.  As is obvious, someone has to literally be clinically insane to admit they are a KKK slavery democrat today. Calling a walking programmable zombie closed minded prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat an open minded is just a sign of insanity.  And most people do don’t they?  The satanic programming is good!

Lefties are catatonic satanic death cult. It is an unfortunate reality!

Once you know Isaiah 5:20 is correct and the whole world is completely upside down, everything becomes completely logical in not such a good way.  It is then you understand satan and his band of pedophiles control the world we currently live in.

The Orwellian inversion is very real!

The solidification of the bible for me was doing research on FLAT earth.  I did not use the bible in my analysis of figuring it out as I just looked at how water was always FLAT and doing a test over a large lake.  A couple of hikes analyzing this logically made me realize the absurdity of the spinning globbery baal thru space at 1000 mph with no wind is completely absurd!  It was after this where I looked at the bible to see it was actually a FLAT earth document, and then the Matrix blew up even further for me.  It was because of this the bible literally came alive.  This is why satan works so hard to conceal this and is why I used to think who cares about the shape of the earth which I know was my own programming I had to pierce.  The baal earth keeps people in the Matrix of LIES, and understanding it is not wrecks the Matrix immensely.

I did not know this before I research FLAT earth. This really is what destroyed my doubting Thomas attitude.

Growing up a Lutheran I always had questions.  Most certainly we never ever learned about Martin Luther because if we did we would have left the Lutheran Church.  Martin Luther would be pounding thesis on the door of the Lutheran church and demanded his name taken off of it.  The reality is organized religion is all infiltrated and also inverted.  Satan has used the Jesuits to do just this and destroy Christianity within.  All those priests and ministers raping children?  The common denominator to all of them I assure you is all of them are Jesuits, as is the current pope who is a Jesuit.  The satanic Rothschilds literally control the finances of the Vatican.  Now if that is not a conflict of interest I don’t know what is.

The pope kissing the hands of a satanic Rothschild is a very big red flag!

So who are the satanic Jesuits financed by?  The Rothschild banking criminal satanic thieves.  Adam Weiskaupt who was also a yid and a Jesuit started the Illuminati on May 1st, 1776 which we know today as May Day.  Of course very few people understand what May day means.  This I believe was when the satanic Talmudic yids planned their major takeover of the free mason secret society as I do not think it was meant to be such a lucifierian secret society back then, but has been transformed into one now, but of course 99% of free mason’s are completely deceived while being used and abused for the satanic Talmudic zionist scum’s sake in their attempt to enslave humanity. This is what people refer to as the New World Order or the deep state.  It really is just satan behind the scenes as explained entirely in the Bible! 

These are pure satanists as the bible calls these people the Talmudic pharisee money changers. Jesus was right!

The bible while somewhat compromised is really the only truth we have today, and it is NOT metaphorical but literal.  Satan wants you to believe it is metaphorical, and God will help you realize it is not if you are willing to search for the truth and put your pride in the freezer. Pride is what has infiltrated organized religion to get them from taking the bible literally.  If reading the bible with pride you simply will not understand it.

Are the pharisee money changers prideful? I assure you they are!

St. Augustine and his comparison of the city of the world (which we currently live in) is characterized by selfishness and egotistical LYING.  We are there.  The City of God is where people are honest with each other and everyone works for the greater good.  We are NOT here in the least but as God has promised once we go thru a tribulation that that is exactly what will come about for those who resisted satan’s ways and searched for the truth. 

Jealousy like how ashkeNAZI yids are jealous of white people? Cain jealous of Abel? Esau of Jacob? It simply never ends!

Satan has used the bible to deceive and to me that is extremely obvious at this point.  Satan has made people worship him by manipulating the masses ego which inverts reality while ignoring all FACTS.  I see it every day.  They have the I believe I am right disease which precludes them from thinking so they react and constantly personally insult me by calling me either a faggot or retarded.  I also get insulted by people calling a democrat or jew which is just repulsive!

Mordicai Levy or Karl Marx as the name stealer changed it too was the ultimate in pyschological projection! That is all the propaganda media does! Whatever a yid says, the opposite is the truth!

The inversion is biblical and it is absolute.  Once you understand this it also makes the world logical as God created it.  It also makes the bible come alive in it’s literal sense.  The Bible is NOT metaphorical in the least!

All governments are corrupt as this is as true today as when it was written. Never EVER trust the government!

This is the truth and it takes much searching and personal attacks to come to this realization.  Because just as Jesus was attacked for telling truth, so will you if you chose this correct path.

The jealousy will cause their downfall into the abyss. This is the truth!

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