The upcoming remake of the dumb and dumber movie!

Obviously the movie will be called Biden Fetterman 2024 but it is really the same thing right?

The casting is spectacular!

RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrats are simply catatonic and not alive.  When talking to a KKK slavery democrat, an open minded liberal like myself is quite as astonished and just how completely inverted our world is.  I know KKK slavery democrats have a line in their software program that states “I am very intelligent.”  This is completely laughable if not sad.

After you see their programming glitch by their head jerking, as KKK slavery democrat will regurgitate this line! LMAO!!

Nowadays KKK slavery democrats have trouble identifying their gender and it may kill the extremist deplorable sycophants if they were asked to form a complete sentence.

Orwell’s HATE minute vs catatonic KKK slavery democrats. There is no difference!

People are programmed to believe KKK slavery democrats have intelligence.  That is completely laughable at this point.  People are constantly insulting me with the extremely heinous insult by calling me a democrat.  How much more of a HATEFUL insult can you get than this?

It is scary to agree with evil bitch Hillary!

Still, there is HATE speech galore because of the propaganda media nonsense run by the Racist Supremacist ashkeNAZI yid fake joos who use psychological projection as it is their weapon of war, besides pornography and ball games to keep the masses docile so they do not figure out the complete inversion we are in.  Calling a prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefty liberal is pure HATE speech!

The psychological projections are not working anymore! Oy Vey!!

The movie dumb and dumber is literally being played out in front of our eyes every day.  And it is because of people pride in their programmed beliefs!  Open minded liberals like myself know this stuff!

The Brave New World is NOT fiction!

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