Stark Reality

This is not what I have wrote but from someone who is awake to all the evil.

FUCK THE CHINA TRAITOR CUNT DHS. The LBGTQ+, plus being for Pedophile Child Trafficker has long existed before it was called that. Before there was even written language, what became Royal & Banker Blood, Romanian, German, & Jewish hybrids … same as Vlad the Impaler the fictional Dracula lived very long lives drinking the blood of tortured children as allegedly does Hillary Clinton … little boy minions of these international bankers were J. Edgar Hoover & George H.W. Bush. In 1969, age 5, a John Birch Society WW1 Vet was assigned by my Farmer Grandfather to me, to help in the fight to preserve America, Farming, & US Constitution. So, at 5 I knew who J. Edgar Hoover, George H.W. Bush, & Henry Kissinger were.

At age 5, 70-80ish year old men of the John Birch Society showed me black & white pictures of horrific gay porn showing Bush, Hoover, & Kissinger serviced 1000s of mainly Jewish Bankers, Lawyers, Judges, & Int’l Corporate Org. Criminals. I had no respect for my father at 5, because I know he was “jumped into the gang” CIA the same way …

Before Hillary Clinton’s OKC Building Bombing the United Nations, George Soros types, WEC, Bilderberger, DAVOS, Central Bankers, Rothschild Big Pharma based in China & their Spies/Collectors B.A.R. Association lying lawyer scumbag thieves (2/3 of “Elected” Officials are Lawyers) were setting up what became DHS, because I applied to become a part time cop in Stafford Springs Connecticut, & I didn’t need the money. I wanted to know why police were mentoring youth to join gangs & commit crimes to be a new crop of inmates in prison for the State of Connecticut to up their inmate numbers to get more US Taxpayer Dollars in the billions from Trillions off-shored to the above mentioned Pedophile Satanists Child Traffickers out to take over the world.

In the Enfield Connecticut area, the Felitian Nuns had, or have vast tracks of land, very few people on it. So DHS was out to seize all the property in behalf of the UN & their Rothschild handlers in China. A widow in Suffield CT has a cow. She fell ill & her cow‘s water dish was near empty. A neighbor that the DHS had using binoculars for a piece of the proceeds taking her property after the widow was felony arrested for animal cruelty went to prison.

Your bank cards, smart phone, & anything electronic is giving the DHS (Rothschilds Big Pharma based in China) inventory on your children, property, assets, & cash. The DHS is just a scam to take all your stuff, guns, & the country itself.

They permanently estranged me from my only daughter, caused my divorce, made me lose my home, rental properties fixed up from a boarded up condition, extended family, social circle, retirement, credit, all my possessions, savings – the sum total of my life for trying to rat the UN & Rothschilds out. I could have made millions joining them w/ their Narcotics & Human Trafficking Operation.

I found out that 9-11 was coming. I tried to tip of then Connecticut Attorney General Blumenthal … found out he was part of it, so they railroaded me to prison & put me on the No Fly List.

NH Gov Sununu got me off the No Fly List Summer 2019, I flew straight to Odessa Ukraine July 2019. A woman w/ FBI ID told me that if I was there to look into the Bidens & continued to try to contact Alex Jones my plane back to the USA would be blown up all passengers aboard … & all those people dead would be my fault???!!!

I went to the Dominican Republic 3x in 2021, as first Spanish speaking country to start my W.B. Nemesis Currency Exchange App using country banks for the smallest possible transaction fee no matter the amounts. So if Hong Kong wanted to convert all their currency all at the same time, I got a 1/4 of a percent of all transactions. I wanted to be prepared when the DHS, Rothschilds Big Pharma based in China, & Israeli Intel B.A.R. & their UN Int’l Police & Teachers Unions crashed the dollar.

I know how to take down the Deep State by taking away their monopoly on money. Lenders & borrows can be connected w/ each other w/ a small fee by W.B. Nemesis & Central Bankers are not part of the transaction & any monetary system that they control is isolated out until you opt to get what you have in W.B. Nemesis at your local ATM in your currency. You also can leave your currency value in any other currency in any other country’s bank in our system. China Intel paid cops to put hit on me.

I also want to professionally make animated shorts of the true history of the world … which is not the crap they are currently teaching to youth taught to Gay Pride March up & down school hallways … We the People don’t have much time. How will you help save the world starting w/ yourself?

Steven G. Erickson
215 S. Broadway Suite 217
Salem, NH 03079

I check mostly texts once a week. 860 574 0695 WHEN IS IT TIME TO SAY “WHEN”???!!!

2 responses to “Stark Reality”

  1. A very sobering read isn’t it? This dark shit runs so deep through many generations. When I was a kid, I had no idea the real world that I was brought into. None of what he wrote here is any surprise to me. It’s just always good to hear the details when somebody in the know reveals them. It’s hard to believe that there are such soulless, psychopathic, benevolent creatures in this world. But they’ve attached themselves to the dark forces of the spiritual realms that control them. Definitely not the City of God right?


    • The city of the world is a very evil selfish dark place.

      Those evil forces will come across as the nicest caring being like a RACIST prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefty.

      This inversion is everywhere!


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