The mendacious canard of calling closed minded BIGOTED KKK slavery democrats liberal!

KKK slavery democrats are catatonic, not liberal.  A polluted thumb drive of misinformation, a simpleton software program, programmed RETARDED, unconscious, etc.  Liberalism produces a closed minded BIGOTED gullible moron who is morally depraved and prideful so they literally cannot debate. 

Fuck your programming! KKK slavery lefties are the anti-thesis of an open minded liberal! Pure closed minded catatonic BIGOTS!

Have you ever tried to debate a KKK slavery democrat?  If you want to see how fast they run away from a debate try too!  In a debate with a KKK slavery democrat they will do 1 programmed regurgitation and then they are out of there!

KKK slavery demonrats are selfish slothful gullible morons! The mind control produces their extremist deplorable sycophant HATE!

To be a liberal you must have an open mind! Plus you must be able to identify your gender so that blows most KKK slavery democrats away.

Liberalism is brainwashing 101! It is designed to close the mind so people are good slaves!

I know the propaganda media has branded KKK slavery democrats as such, but it is a LIE! 

Who controls the propaganda bullshit media? The star of remphan 666 who serve satan rules! Of course they are LIARS!

The hallmark of the Brave New World is the ignorance of FACTS, and if you ignore this basic FACT how many other FACTS are you ignoring?  Are you ignoring the obvious that the earth is blatantly FLAT?  Are you ignoring the blatant HATE and RACISM spewing from these same KKK slavery democrats?  If you ignore this one fact it only steamrolls into ignoring a plethora of FACTS!

I have glitched many RETARDED KKK slavery democrats programming by insulting their intellectual deficiencies because what I say disagrees with this statement “I am very inteligent.” I have literally heard this statement numerous times so I know that is exactly what the programming is while their head jerks. Nowadays I don’t associate with KKK slavery lefties, I merely get attacked by Republican’s for calling myself a liberal!

Does the truth matter?  Yes, at all times it matters, not just in this but in everything.  From knowing all of history is pretty much a LIE which if you research it is easy to figure out.

Everything is a LIE! Especially history as America fights on the WRONG side of every war!

I know everyone has been programmed by repetition to call KKK slavery democrats liberal.  I am the actual open minded liberal and I get attacked by people telling me I can’t say that.  Yet I do all the time so obviously I can.  Even when I say I am NOT a RETARDED KKK slavery democrat over and over again, the vast majority a Republicans are programmed to categorized me as a KKK slavery democrat.  Then they attack me like I am a democrat.  It is just a sign of how Republicans are programmed stupid as they will not listen either.

KKK slavery demonrats are not alive! This is no joke!

The false left vs right paradigm created by the subversive LYING narcissistically RETARDED ashkeNAZI yids is pure nonsense. Anyone still here is just stupid.

Russo knew the Rockefellers and he was an ashkeNAZI yid but told truth. He told how the satanic Rockefellers viewed the masses as cattle to be used and abused as they see fit. If someone is still in the Trump support syndrome vs. Trump derangement syndrome they are just not conscious in the least!

Calling a RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat a liberal IS RETARDED!

KKK slavery demonrats have been programmed to be against GMO’s so the useful idiots stay healthy, while most rightys are programmed to eat the poison. This creates the absurdity that since most KKK slavery democrats being good sheep have gotten the clot shot so they are a GMO while they eat clean food! Nice dystopian world!

If this truth bothers you then you are a programmed moron!

Which truth will trigger your ego? My telling you I am an open minded liberal or the earth is FLAT? I will not stop telling the truth just like the parasitical ashkeNAZI yids will not stop perpetuating the fucking Holohoax HATEFUL RACIST LIE!

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