IQ is a memorization quotient, NOT intelligence!

Intelligence is NOT regurgitation by any means, as it truly it the ability to differentiate between fact and fiction.  If a person has trouble even with their gender, they are a failure no matter what the IQ test says.

How obvious can this get?

I figured I would do an update to the report of what IQ really is since I wrote it my report 5 years ago.  Nothing fundamental has changed obviously, but I thought it would be good to bring in more insights and how I figured this whole process out.

Wisdom is acquired thru humility. Stupidity is maintained thru pride!

First of all, I actually do have a high IQ but it is just not in the top 2% of the population with a an IQ of 130 or more.  It is just under.  However, the section I only scored in the average part was abstract reasoning which I found to be completely absurd since that is my biggest strength.  I questioned this and came to the conclusion what it really meant is that I am not as programmable as most.  If I can figure out what the IQ test is designed for and that is too determine how much of a programmable slave one can become. 

Intelligence is knowing the difference between arrogance and confidence. It really is that simple.

In my attendance of a KKK slavery democrat meeting made me realize lefties simply are not alive and have no reasoning or critical thinking skills whatsoever.  The walking programmable zombies are simply polluted thumb drives of misinformation.  No intelligence yet are still able to appear normal obviously.

The HATEFUL trope of calling a mentally deranged programmed RETARDED closed minded BIGOTED KKK slavery lefty a liberal must stop!

I then was thrown out of a conservative meeting because I was confronting the war monger speaker being against all war which he was promoting to get America to fight another bankster war for Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911.

If you don’t understand the false left vs. right paradigm is nonsense, you are not awake in the least!

The Brave New World we are in is the ignorance of simple FACTS, as the masses simply cannot comprehend those FACTS to figure out the truth.  And the truth is always the opposite of what common knowledge is. Every single time!  Both parties are controlled by the parasitical satanic zionist bankster TRASH. 

If you refuse to acknowledge the money changers are the problem, you are simply ignoring the warnings of the bible. It is your pride that makes you stupid!

Thus, the narcissistic RACIST supremacist ashkeNAZI yids who are not real joos nor are they semitic, but Cainetic control the minds of men thru the propaganda media nonsense.  Humans are simply very programmable just like a computer, and true intelligence is the ability to use your abstract reasoning to figure this out, the very part of the IQ test that I supposedly was weak on.  When you understand the complete inversion we are, if the test said I was only average, it really stated the exact opposite.

This is the hallmark of the Brave New World! The narcissistic RETARDS are NOT real joos!

Knowing KKK slavery demonrats obviously have NO intelligence whatsoever while some of them having very high IQ’s completely demolishes the whole premise of the test.  The test is really an analysis of what a person has been programmed with already.

Psychology is pure brainwashing techniques! Jung and freud were TRASH!

Remember, all KKK slavery lefties are walking programmable zombies!

To stop the Racist prideful BIGOTED rude and obnoxious diseased sludge, it is always best to not let them regurgitate their programming in your presence to avoid being drooled on.

At least the Rockefeller death shot will put the miserable TRASH with what they love and that is death!

When I think of a zombie lefty I envision a purple haired lesbian with one tooth.  Euthanasia is the only cure at this point for the useless eaters.

Your typical KKK slavery demonrat! Euthanasia is the only cure!!

But my main points of what IQ really means stands and I will show this right here.

What does it really mean in our current dystopian society?

People who have a high IQ are under the false illusion that it stands for being smart, when it really is just a measurement of how they are able to memorize things.  Thus, it is really a Memorization Quotient and the ability to intake data and regurgitate what that data is.  It is only a factor of intelligence and is not an accurate figure on if a person is intelligent who has reasoning or critical thinking skills in the least.

This false illusion of intelligence creates a significant amount of arrogant assholes who think that just because they can memorize things they are intelligent. This is completely false.

Fools just love to be programmed! The bible tells the truth!

In reality, real stupidity is the illusion of knowledge especially if that knowledge is a complete LIE where someone confidently spews this knowledge just because they believe it to be true.  Just because someone believes something to be true does not make it true especially if FACTS prove otherwise.

The extremely accurate assessment of Intelligence is NOT regurgitation by any means is the true meaning of intelligence. 

This brings forth the statement by Aristotle “The mark of an educated mind is one who can entertain an idea without actually believing it.” What this really means is don’t store information into your hard drive which is your brain before it has been proven by critical thinking.  The brainwashing we have been subject to all our lives invert our minds thinking so we do not question things. This is for the distinct purpose of having all of us believe everything we are told by merely them repeating the lies over and over again, especially in the indoctrination centers called schools.  Intelligence is thus the distinction of the mind of how to tell FACT from Fiction.

The high IQ minds are memorization centers and are perfect for brainwashing.  Therefore, a high IQ mind is most likely going to be a highly indoctrinated idiot, or as I call it a polluted thumb drive.  Many high IQ people are factual retards with no ability to critically think or reason.  They will be extremely confident in their ability to regurgitate what they have been programmed with which really produces complete Bigots which is in no way intelligent.  If we are not open to new information or cannot actually defend the opinion, it is not in the least intelligent.

Just because you are programmed with something does not mean it is true in the least! The illusion of blithering idiots being smart is so frustrating!

Let’s face it, our schools are nothing more than public indoctrination centers to pollute the minds of the children so they are good slaves.  When they create a despicable piece of shit lefty, they have completed their task.  Of course creating confused righty’s happens also as they are good working docile slaves who support the useless eating ugly smelly narcissistic RETARDED Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL vermin. as we know only the most ardent Racist supremacists care about the life of the genetically deformed faulty inbred losers who falsely call themselves joos.  I am an anti-racist and anti-hate so I regard the selfish slothful yids disposable sewage. The inferiority complex of the ugly smelly losers is simply too much to overcome and to help them end their miserable lives is the compassionate thing to do.  I obviously say this because I care.

It is child abuse to send any child to public indoctrination centers!! No putrid vulgar mentally deranged prideful BIGOTED morally depraved KKK slavery lefty should EVER be around children!

The Matrix we are in is basically narcissism which creates a closed mind so people do not think and remain good slaves to the satanic beast system.  Thru TV programming they can do this by a 36 sequence since the human mind is programmable, and all things come down to mathematics, and the mind opens up in a 40 sequence.  If a person actually wants to think, the TV must be turned off.  Anyone who keeps up the habit of watching TV is just a drooling zombie.  If you refuse to admit you are brainwashed, you will continue to be a zombie and obviously not realize it. 

The human ego inverts reality, and that is why the world is completely upside down! People do not want to admit they have an ego and that is what the whole problem is!

If pride prevents someone from questioning everything, they probably took the clot shot.  That sheepish act will eventually be someone’s demise and final proof of their stupidity.  And I assure you, many high IQ individual’s took the clot shot, and it will prove what I say that IQ is a memorization quotient, not intelligence. The clot shot is a true intelligence test, and it also proves that IQ does not mean intelligence, but a memorization quotient.

The clot shot really is an intelligence test. Most will fail!

This is the truth and if it bothers you, you probably are dead soon from the clot shot!  Karma is such a bitch isn’t it?

Like we have here, this programmed narcissistically RETARDED arrogant fool failed the intelligence test! But I bet he has a high IQ right? Karma is such a bitch isn’t it? The world is a better place when all of this filthy TRASH dies!

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