I Deny!

I deny the earth is a globe!

I deny the absurd holohoax!

I deny the clot shot is safe and effective!

I deny slave masks work!

I deny KKK slavery democrats are liberal!

I deny ashkeNAZI yids are God’s chosen!

I deny Islamic terrorists did the controlled demolition on 911!

I deny white people did slavery in America!

I deny the bible isn’t literal!

I deny ashkeNAZI yids aren’t narcissistic RETARDS!

I deny the propaganda msm isn’t all subversive LYING parasites!

I deny all of history!

I deny Hitler as wrong!

I deny America fights on the right side of every war!

I deny the false left vs. right paradigm!

I deny GMO’s are safe!

I deny global warming!

I deny satan doesn’t exist!

I deny KKK slavery democrats are conscious!

I deny big pharma is for my health!

I deny doctors programmed RETARDED advice!

I deny lawyers and our legal system produces justice!

I deny the Brave New World is fiction!

I deny Orwell’s 1984 is not real!

I deny Plato’s Cave is not actual reality!

I deny the ashkeNAZI yids are semitic!

I deny the government tells the truth EVER!

I deny common sense is common!

I deny our public brain damaging centers falsely called schools educate!

I deny there are more than 2 genders!

I deny muslim’s are wrong for throwing sexual deviant morally depraved LGBT TRASH off of roofs!

I deny white privilege exists!

I deny a white supremacist exists!

I deny subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yid privilege doesn’t exist!

I deny luciferian free masons are a philanthropy organization!

I deny IQ is an intelligence quotient!

I deny sniffing pedophile vegetable Biden has a functioning brain.

I will not deny the truth that God is in control.

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