All vaccines are pure poison!

If the corrupt government and the media both say vaccines are “safe and effective”, then you know they are pure poison!  It is a confirmation of that FACT!  This FACT like the Hegelian dialectic process are obviously ignored!

Lots of dead people soon! It is not worth arguing with them at this point. It is smart to social distance from the poison lepers however!

Obviously since I actually look at the vaccine ingredients I can see that easily, but if you just are a mind controlled robot then you will “trust the authority figures.”  That means you are a gullible moron!

The poison is designed to maim and kill, plus make people stupid. If you can actually look at FACTS it is more than obvious all of the poison is bad.

I have had my life threatened because I am against all vaccines numerous times, and even my niece who has been brainwashed to be a catatonic KKK slavery democrat, to protect her programmed beliefs told me I have “white male privilege.” I used my privilege to give her and others a linguistic enema since obviously.

I use my “white male privilege” which means a functioning brain to give linguistic enemas to anyone who is a RACIST Sexist BIGOT and tells me I have “white male privilege.”

For me understanding the ugly smelly useless eating narcissistically RETARDED ashkeNAZI yid issue and seeing they were the subversive LYING parasites at the head of the Rockefeller death shot big pharma scam to confirm.  Literally no analysis needed in the least.  But people do not listen because of their ego and while I told everyone even the yids friends (all KKK slavery democrats) I used to know who are no part of the satanic cabal but innocent victims also, from what I know they all euthanized themselves with the clot shot.

Gosh, all the ugly smelly parasites have a star of remphan 666 next to them! What a cohencidence! Never EVER trust a yid!

If you desire the flu, get the flu shot!  It is exactly how it works!  If you inject poison into your body you will suffer the consequences.  It is that simple and how the Hegelian dialectic works.

How much more obvious can it get? This simple truth is scary isn’t it?

If you do not understand all catatonic KKK slavery demonrats are walking programmable zombies here is a story for you.  I know lefties are programmable zombies and obviously make fun of their intelligence since they have none.  Thus, when the guys here heinously insult me they call me a democrat. However, we do have 1 KKK slavery democrat here who even supported vegetable Biden.  Due to the other guys repeatedly insulting me by calling me a catatonic democrat, he was accidentally programmed to also call me a democrat recently. Don’t worry he has no clue and cannot connect the dots to how he insulted himself.  He just got his booster recently so I don’t expect him to be around much longer, as I know we have told him to not get the shots but his programming is not capable of understanding.

KKK slavery lefties are not alive! This is the unfortunate truth!

At this point people are obviously dying in droves, but most of the gullible morons who took the shot cannot connect these simple dots.  It requires logic and they simply have none. No reasoning capabilities in the least.  I knew it was a depopulation event from the beginning so it is of no surprise.

Some are coming around. For those who wanted me dead because I wouldn’t inject poison into my body, I have no sympathy for you in the least! Your death from this Rockefeller death shot will simply make the world a better place!

It is black and white.  It is not a debate over efficacy or any other nonsense and those who say vaccine saves lives are programmed morons.  Vaccines are designed to profit off of the masses as they get sick and die early.  It is that simple.  It always has been. An open mind taking a look at simple FACTS shows that.  All one has to do is see who satan’s minions are behind the poison injection.  It is the useless eaters who falsely call themselves joos.  If you deny this FACT you suffer from a severe case of Stockholm syndrome. The narcissistic RETARDS destiny is the fiery pit for sure.

How do people ignore this FACT? The programmed sheep get sick and then say it would have been worse if I wouldn’t have taken the shot? Sorry, you would never have gotten sick in the first place! The idiocy is just immense!

To be so confident in what I say scares people as it triggers their fragile egos which is really their sub conscious minds programming obviously.  When I think of a catatonic KKK slavery democrat I envision a purple haired lesbian with one tooth.  It not knowing it’s gender is a prerequisite obviously. 

It doesn’t matter what truth it is, it always brings out agent smith. Nobody gets attacked as much as me.

To be in such a dystopian time where people refuse to look at the simple FACTS and the satanic agenda being pushed by one ugly smelly inferiority complex egotistically RETARDED faulty inbred tribe while people refuse to acknowledge the useless eaters is bizarre to say the least.  The bible lays this all out yet people refuse to acknowledge the bible.  The deception is quite immense and complete for sure.

Narcissism abounds and that is how the masses are controlled. If you do not question everything, you are simply a fool.

The truth is just the truth. And it is blatantly obvious yet the masses simply are blind!

The mind control is immense and if you refuse to question things, you most likely took the clot shot. The poison lepers gullible stance will prove deadly.

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