Happy Celebrate Women Day!

This holiday obviously coincides nicely with run over a whiny ass RETARDED feminist bitch with a truck day!

Euthanasia is the only cure I’m afraid!

It also behooves all of us to fight the extremist deplorable sycophant HATE, Racism and BIGOTRY by encouraging all catatonic diseased puke KKK slavery demonrats to get their boosters as it is pure karma that unconscious vomit lefties euthanize themselves!

The controllers know just how catatonic their sheep are!

Selfish slothful mentally deranged prideful BIGOTED feminists are just disgusting putrid vulgar filth so to be compassionate it is the right thing to do to help them along in ending their miserable lives.

Oy Vey! Look at the ugly smelly jealous useless eating genetically deformed filth behind the HATE movement feminism! Such a cohencidence!!

Women and men are obviously meant to compliment each other and obviously are needed to reproduce!  We are different and that should be celebrated as women are best suited to help raise children.

This is the truth!!

In the same token, ugly smelly useless eating genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED sub human ashkeNAZI yids should be used as urinals since that is what God designed the maggots for!

You can always tell the egotistically RETARDED faulty inbred ashkeNAZI yids by their big honker and utilitarian use as a urinal!

All feminists are inferior men and should be disposed of properly as no whiny ass feminist belongs in any civilized society and are an eyesore, and women are a work of art.  The contrast is quite immense!

Gosh, do you think ugly smelly genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED sub human ashkeNAZI yid fake joos are jealous of white people? You can bet that is the case with the useless eaters! The fiery pit awaits for the schizophrenic psychopaths!

Disposing of all useless eating whiny ass feminist TRASH must be a priority of all if we are to attain a civil society.

It truly is amazing how incredibly RETARDED all whiny ass feminist bitches are! Their ugliness makes them extremely undesirable for anything other than burning at the stake. All of them should be put in rubber rooms!

I say this because I care!

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