My philosophical existence started at 5 years old when I asked my father why are democrats so stupid!

It is extremely obvious nowadays to see that RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are catatonic. Trying to talk to a morally repugnant walking zombie lefty is no different than talking to a brick wall.  There is simply nobody home.

I do not let any catatonic lefty regurgitate their programming in my presence! All programmed lefties are rude and obnoxious!

It is truly unfortunate that unconscious leftist TRASH did not have a compassionate mother who would brutally dismember then while injecting saline into their empty skulls. This would have saved their existence polluting the planet, as anyone who is a lefty at this point is a useless eater.

NPC is a perfect description for the gullible morons!

Catatonic KKK slavery lefties have an extreme case of the I believe I am right disease being unconscious vomit, and they are literally intellectually incapable of listening or even admitting they are completely wacked out of their gord. Lefties are simply not alive.

There really are conspiracy theorists who believe vegetable Biden has a function brain. It is a very sad commentary indeed!

Even at a young age, I knew intuitively just how RETARDED all leftist selfish slothful blithering idiots were, and it obviously has only gotten worse with time, as the narcissistic programmed RETARDS have gone from RETARDED to insane. I assure you it is impossible to save the prideful BIGOTED gullible morons.

It really is best they euthanized themselves! Can’t say I blame them in the least!

I was a philosopher at a very young age, and I wish I would never have had my brain scarred by public brain damaging centers falsely called schools, as I would be much smarter than I am today.

Everything you have been programmed with is a LIE!!

2 responses to “My philosophical existence started at 5 years old when I asked my father why are democrats so stupid!”

    • Not really as even though I resisted all disgusting leftist brainwashing very well, I did not question my own beliefs because of my own pride. The key to waking up is to question oneself first, and then the questions for others are much easy to figure out.

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