St. Augustine’s City of God book review: Outlining the inversion of reality we are currently in!

This will destroy the Matrix if you are willing to read it guaranteed!

I have been outlining the inversion of reality we are in for years now, as that is what open minded liberals who care for women and children like myself do! Yet most people do not listen because of their ego and instead blindly regurgitate their programming.  Everyone wants me to listen to them while they ignore the blatant FACTS I state over and over again.  It is I who talks about the inversion and knows exactly how it works, but satan’s claws are in people’s minds so they do not think.  It is myself who they need to listen too as this is just another part of the inversion.

The inversion of reality is so blatant to me it is very frustrating, but at least reading St. Augustine’s book confirms in spades what I realize to be the truth.

Just like yesterday I had a jehovahs witness cult member who has an extreme case of I believe I am right disease where they say they manipulate the scripture that supports their programming which I completely understand, and all I had to do was say that God’s created earth is FLAT and he ran away saying it FLAT earth is illogical yet he has never done any research I assure you.  Conspiracy globbery where we are on a spinning ba’al flying thru space at 1000 mph with no wind is completely irrational and absurd, but seeing first hand how water is FLAT is illogical?  Just more of the complete inversion of reality as the truth always makes people run away!  The glob is completely absurd!  But the ashkeNAZI yid programming from satanic pedowood and the propaganda projecting satanic media is good for sure!

FLAT earth Truth is so obvious!

I have never fallen for the extremist deplorable sycophant HATE and BIGOTRY of programmed RETARDED KKK slavery lefties EVER in my life, as my father who was an extremely honest man never did either. I simply have never understood how lefties tie their shoes.

In this book review which I obviously recommend reading yourself, St. Augustine compares the City of God with the City of the World.  We all obviously live in this world where all of man’s laws are designed to keep us in the lower vibrational world.  God who made this FLAT earth realm gave us his laws in the bible which are just common sense really as to trust God and to treat your fellow man appropriately is correct.  Of course man’s laws are designed to invert reality making the truth which is not programmed into people in the least seem like HATE because the truth is very offensive to satan and his banker minions who run the world we are currently in.  Physically I still live in the world, but mentally and my heart are ruled by God period.  Satan holds inverted events like United against HATE to project his HATE entirely, and designs laws to make sure his HATE continues.  Once you understand this inversion that man’s laws are completely inverted I simply ignore them at this point, but people will still waste their time sorting thru the mass of lies.  To fight the corruption is fruitless as whoever has stolen the most money wins in the World. In reality, if you live by God’s laws which are correct, you won’t break any of man’s law’s except by a false perception.

This is a long blog post and it behooves someone to read it all as it exposes our inverted beast system we live in. The first shall be last and the last shall be first is the Truth! Pride most definitely goes before destruction!

Now Augustine was raised a pagan and converted to Christianity around 30 years of age, so he is very adept at being able to compare the 2 sides.  Like all of us, he learned from his errors as really there is no other way.  The wise man learns while the fool continues his folly.

From pagan’s men’s gods never protected their souls. Chapter 4.

“In the first place, why were the gods so negligent as to allow the morals of their worshippers to sink to so low a depth? The true god leaves those who do not worship him to their own devices, but why did not those gods (whose worship, so thankless men complain, is forbidden) lay down moral precepts that would help their devotees to lead a decent life? They should have had as much concern for their worshippers conduct as these had for their own cult.  But some one will reply, each man is bad by his own will.  No one ever denied this! Nevertheless, it was incumbent on protecting deities, not to conceal from their worshippers the laws of a good life, but to proclaim such laws from the housetops. It was for them to seek out and call sinners to task through the medium of prophets whose duty it was to threaten evil-doers with the punishment awaiting them, and to hold out the promise of reward for virtuous living.

Who ever heard such a thing proclaimed, fearlessly and authoritatively, in the temples of gods? I myself, in my younger days, used to frequent the sacrilegious stage plays and comedies. I used to watch the demoniacal fanatics and listen to the choruses, and take delight in the obscene shows in honor of their gods and goddesses, of the virgin Caelestis and the Berecynthian Cybele, mother of the gods. Before the latter’s couch on the day of her solemn bathing, ribald refrains were publicly sung about here by lewd actors that were unfit for the ear of their mother of the gods, and of the mother of any Senator or decent man-so unspeakably bestial, in fact, that even the mothers of the players themselves would have been ashamed to listen. For, there is in human modesty an inborn respect for parents which wickedness itself cannot efface.”

Augustine can obviously compare his old days to his current wiser time after conversion.  His understanding how he was not fulfilled in the least during his pagan days of debauchery and how living a virtuous life is.  He was disgusted how the church was really not helping people to lead good and proper lives all the way back in the 4th century. I can only imagine what he would say about the current state of organized religion where they are pushing the satanic LGBT same sex morally depraved agenda so they can keep the money flowing in with their tax exempt status.  This status which they want to keep firmly keeps them within the beast system and most certainly NOT Christian in the least. Any church who follows these rules of the world are not churches of God in the least.  They are merely a control mechanism for the masses leading them away from God. God told us to HATE evil like the satanic LGBT agenda which harms children immensely, and to not recognize this FACT is very sad indeed.  The only thing I would be doing with the current church is brandishing a whip and knocking over tables.

Frankly If I tell the minister God’s created earth is FLAT, handing them the scriptures backing it up, and then I would get booted from the church.  Their fragile ego will be hurt by the truth!

Satan is very good at hiding the Truth from the masses! The truth is only attained by someone being humble and then and only then will it be revealed!

Chapter 21:

“Scipio, then, had said: “In playing the lute, or the flute, or even in vocal music, the different notes should be kept in harmony. If they are changed into discord, the trained ear cannot endure it. That agreeable harmony, however, is produced by the modulation of tones that are very dissimilar. In like manner, as in music, out of the highest and lowest classes, an of those that lie between, by reasonable control, the State is fashioned into a concordant whole by the consent of very diverse elements. What musicians call harmony in music, in the state is known as concord, the closet and strongest bond of security in any commonwealth, and which can in no way exist without justice. Then, further on, after he had discussed more fully how much the state has to gain from justice and how much to lose from the lack of it, Philus, one of the participants in the discussion, took up the discourse and earnestly begged that the question he treated more thoroughly, and that more be said about justice, especially as the common opinion was that the state could not be governed without justice. Scipio also agreed that the question must be thrashed out and elucidated. His answer was that nothing had as yet been said about the state that could serve as a basis for further discussion until two facts were established: first of all, the falsity of the view that the State cannot be governed  injustice, and secondly, the solidity of truth that it cannot be governed without absolute justice.”

I could only wish I had been in on these discussions as these people were so much smarter than what we have today, as like Augustine himself.  Comparing music to how the government works properly and improperly in the 2 different modes is brilliant.  The Rockefellers changing the tuning from a healing tone at 432 hz to a discordant tone of 440 hz in 1953 is a  perfect way to describe our discordant injustice inverted system of today. The satanic Marxists have completely inverted our justice system so it produces complete injustice, and so it produces chaos which is becoming ungovernable which is obviously what the satanic Zionist bankster sewage wants. The Free Mason order out of chaos right on your fiat currency $1 says this.  To deny luciferian secret societies rule the city of the world at this point is completely absurd!  They do not belong in the City of God in the least!

Satan does everything in his power to cause discord so we do not seek the truth, and music has been weaponized immensely while it should be for healing with the right frequencies. Just more of the inversion!

“But, if the prince is unjust, or a tyrant (to use the greek word), or if the aristocrats are unjust (in which case their group is merely a faction), or if the people themselves are unjust (and must be called, for lack of a better word, a tyrant also), then the commonwealth is not merely bad, as it was described in the discussion the previous day, but no commonwealth at all.  The reason for that is that there is no longer the welfare of the people, if unjust, be any longer a people, because they would not then be regarded as a multitude bound together by a common recognition of rights, and a mutual cooperation for the common good, as the standard definition of a people demands.”

If someone doesn’t know demonic satanic pedophile tyrants rule the world by now, they are simply comatose.  The narcissistic tyrants who rule by psychological warfare thru the propaganda media and pedowood filth regard decent people as cattle. I regard the masses as sheep, not cattle, because they have been so deceived.  I frankly pity them since it is these tyrants who will eventually suffer the wrath of God, not me.  Their ego will deny this truth and say there are no repercussions for their actions which means they do not fear God and they may do as thou wilt.  In essence the ends justifies the means.  I even had a discussion with one of the supposed elite to confirm this attitude. All I can say is this is satan’s biggest deception of all so he can keep them doing his will.  There is way too much reasoned belief to believe this for me, and I simply would not want to be them in the least.

There is always evil in the world and narcissistic retards who want control over the masses, while they do not have control over their own souls so they are jealous. Governments are in reality murderous robber barons entirely! The word government literally means mind control!

Divine justice and the growth of the Roman Empire: Chapter 3

(Regarding the duration of the Roman Empire) “In order to be perfectly clear on this point, we must not be carried away by hollow verbal blasts and allow our judgment to be confused by the high-sounding words of prattlers about nations, kingdoms, and provinces. Let us imagine two individuals – for each man, like a letter in word, is an integral part of the city or of a kingdom, however extensive. Of these two men, let us suppose that one is poor, or better, in moderate circumstances; the other, extremely wealthy. But our wealthy man is jaunted by fear, heavy on cares, feverish with greed, never secure, always restless, breathless from endless quarrels with his enemies. By these miseries, he adds to his possessions beyond measure, but he also piles up for himself a mountain of distressing worries.  The man of modest means is content with a small and compact patrimony. He is loved by his own, enjoys the sweetness of peace in his relations with kindred, neighbors, and friends, is religious and pious, of kindly disposition, healthy in body, self-restrained, chaste in morals, and at peace with his conscience.

I wonder if there is anyone so senseless as to hesitate over which of the two to prefer. What is true of these two individuals is likewise true of two families, two nations, two kingdoms; the analogy holds in both cases. If we apply it with care and correct our judgement accordingly, it will be easy to see on which side lies folly and on which true happiness.”

The contradiction of someone who lives in the city of the world (financially rich, but spiritually poor and worried) compared to the content moral man who lives and cares for his fellow man enjoying the fruits of content in the city of God. (financially fine and wise, spiritually rich).  I cannot help see this contrast in how white men like myself live and your typical ashkeNAZI yid.  The ashkeNAZI yid is viewed by his “fellow white people” peers as loser if he isn’t financially rich but the whole lot of them are always striving for more money and will use loser ethics to attain it.  Our current world they obviously can get money printed out of thin air for being one of the “tribe” and are helped immensely with nepotism.  Thus, your typical yid can’t help succeed with these advantages for financial success usually, yet are frankly troubled continuously.

It is interesting how many times people say of my exposing the yids fragile egos how they say I am jealous of them. Of my many interactions with yids, I have never been jealous of any of them, and I know it is them who are jealous of me.  I have felt it many times, as I have never cared how much money someone has EVER, as I just do the right thing by myself and anyone I deal with.  My father taught me proper ethics and I do my best to not get screwed by someone else, but I most certainly will not be dishonest.  This is the very reason why my words are more powerful than others, as people know my actions.  I have never even been in a fistfight in my life, and I only fight with words since I am a philosopher.  I frankly love fighting with words, I just wish I could find a competitor!

The bible is literal and most churches in the world today literally reject the bible’s teachings so they can stay tax exempt and in the city of the world. The inversion is immense and those who point this out like Martin Luther and his 95 thesies are ridiculed as heretics, as I think St. Augustine would agree with Luther. The church is full of heretics and idol worshippers.

Classical Philosophy and Refined Paganism.

Chapter 1

“I must now turn to a matter which calls for much deeper thought than was need to resolve the issue raised in the previous books. I mean natural theology. Unlike the poetical theology of the city which publicizes their evil desires, and both of which reveal them as dangerous demons rather than deities, natural theology cannot be discussed with men in the street but only with philosophers, that is, as the name implies, lovers of wisdom.

I may add that, since divine truth and scripture clearly teach us that God, the creator of all things, is wisdom, a true philosopher will be a lover of God. That does not mean that all who answer to the name are really in love with genuine wisdom, for it is one thing to be and another to be called a philosopher. And therefore, from all the philosophers whose teachings I have learned from books I shall select only those with whom it would not be improper to discuss this subject.

I shall not bother in this work to refute all the errors of all the philosophers, but only such as pertain to theology- which term from its greek derivation I take to mean a study of the divine nature. My only purpose is to challenge the opinions of those philosophers who, while admitting that there is a God who concerns himself with human affairs, claim that, since the worship of this one unchangeable God is not sufficient to abstain happiness even after death, lessors Gods, admittedly created and directed by this by this supreme God, should also be reverenced.

I must say that such philosophers were nearer to the truth than Marcus Varro (116-27BC) was. His idea of natural theology embraced at most the universe and the world-soul. They, on the contrary, acknowledged a God who transcends the nature of every kind of soul, a God who created the visible cosmos of heaven and earth, and the spirit of every living creature, and who, by the communication of his own immutable and immaterial light, makes blessed the kind of rational and intellectual soul which man possesses.

Even the most superficial student will recognize in these men the Platonic philosophers, so named after their master Plato. I shall speak briefly about Plato’s ideas, in so far as they are relevant to the matter at hand, but first I must review the opinions of his predecessors in the field of philosophy.”

Obviously, unless a person has read a significant amount of philosophy this whole chapter will go over their heads.  To understand Plato you must have read numerous of his works, as a lot of what he did was document many of Socrates dialogues, as Plato’s most definitely learned his way of thinking from Socrates.  Thus what this implies is someone like myself needs to find someone on my level of understanding to discuss these more divine concepts, yet it is difficult to find anyone I can discuss these with.  The current education brain damaging demonic system we have in place today is destroying brains to create good slaves.  Today we start with the basics like do you know there are only 2 genders and go from there.  Do you know who Plato is?  The percentage of people who even know the names of the great philosophers much less have read them is very low.

A very sad commentary indeed!

The tyrants who are currently ruling frankly know that their distractions keep people from reading, so it is the few who actually think.  But they literally tell you what they are going to do which sucks when I tell people this and it is ignored.  Not by all mind you but all I have to do to scare people away if they bother me is to tell them the earth is FLAT.

A person’s pride stops them from listening or comprehension of the bible, and thus doing the exact opposite of what the bible says. It is a constant. Organized religion is a prideful mess!

Chapter 6

“The Platonic Philosophers, then, so deservedly considered superior to all the others in reputation and achievement, well understood that no body could be God and, therefore, in order to find him, they rose beyond all material things. Convinced that no mutable reality could be the most high, they transcended every soul and spirit to change in their search for God.  They perceived  that no determining form by which any mutable being is what it is – whatever be the reality, mode or nature of that form – could have any existence apart from Him who trule exists because his existence if immutable.

The Platonists have understood that God, by reason of his immutability and simplicity, could not have been produced from any existing thing, but that he himself made all those things that are. They argued that whatever exists is either matter or life; that life is superior to matter; that the appearance of a body is sensible, whereas the form of life is intelligible.  Hence, they preferred intelligible form to sensible appearance.  We call things sensible which can be perceived by sight and bodily touch.”

The devils trick is too convince people he doesn’t exist.  Once you realize he does and especially when you see all the moral depravity and sexual deviancy with LGBT vomit, it is right in your face.  To find God you must not be manipulated by your ego and it’s quest for material things or materialism.  As long as you believe you need a new car and other gadgets, it actually stops you from thinking, and the satanic banksters love you since they know you will be a good slave if you get your little toy.  Your soul, while according to Plato’s Timaeous it lives in your bone marrow cannot be seen, but yet is it is the most important thing as it is what needs to be protected at all costs. In the city of the world obviously the more money you have it will appear as success in an outwardly appearance.  But as St. Augustine stated earlier it is the content man who is not troubled by significant materialism desires who is a much happier man.  Does that mean to follow God you get rid of all your possessions as we all have some right?  No, what it means to me is I do not strive to be financially rich, but I strive to feed my soul with wisdom.

It is of reason I know the earth is FLAT, not by faith from a luciferian free mason NASA who puts out CGI cartoons to fool the masses. This inversion right here blows up satan’s LIES!

Chapter 14

“Certain philosophers have declared that of all living beings possessed of rational souls there is a threefold division into gods, men, and demons. The gods, who hold the highest place, reside in heaven; men, who hold the lowest, sojourn on earth; demons, in the middle, inhabit the air. As the dignity of their abode is diverse, so, also, is that of their nature. The gods are superior to both men and demons.  Men, both in the order of nature and the scale of their values, are inferior to both gods and demons.  The demons, therefore, are in the middle. As they are lower than the gods in place and dignity, so they are higher than men.  They have immortality of the body in common with the gods, but passions of the mind in common with men.

Therefore, we should not wonder, it is said, if these demons delight in the obscenities of the stage and in the fables of poetry.  The reason is that they are subject to human emotions which are far removed from and altogether foreign to the gods. From this it follows that, when Plato prohibited these poetical fictions, which he detested, he did not deprive the gods but the demons of the pleasure of these theatrical plays. For the gods themselves are absolutely good and noble.”

I think this makes extremely good philosophical sense in that the human ego is controlled by emotion, not wisdom, and satan is the ego itself.  Thus, man possesses both good and evil in the form of irrational emotion controlled by satan, and calm wisdom inside each of us.  Our ego loves things that entertain us, but all this does is keep us from attaining wisdom for our soul which is where true happiness is attained. The fallen angels or Nephilim live in the air and we cannot see them, but with open eyes to wisdom we can feel them and know they exist.  Their satanic agenda is all around us but most are completely blind to it. The greatest trick the devil has even done is to make people believe he doesn’t exist. 

Your soul is important even if you cannot touch or feel it. Your ego does not want you to realize this EVER!

Origin of the two cities

Creation and the two societies of Angels.

Chapter 2

“Rarely and only with great effort does a mind, which has contemplated both the material and spiritual creation of the universe and discovered the mutability of all things, soar to the unchangeable substance of God and there learn that he is the sole Creator of every nature that is not divine. For, God does not speak with man through the medium of matter, with vibrations of air causing his voice to be heard the by the ears of the body, nor does he use apparitions resembling bodies such as we see in dreams or in some such way – for in this latter case the speaking is to seeming ears, through a seeming medium with a seeming material space intervening, since such apparitions are very similar to material objects.  But he speaks by mean of the truth itself, and to all who can hear with the mind rather than the body.

For, he speaks to that part of man which is the most excellent and which has nothing superior to it except God himself.  Now, since it is right to think or, if that is impossible, to believe that man was created to the image of God, surely man comes closer to God by that part of him which transcends those lower faculties which he has in common even with the beasts.  But, since the mind, which was meant to be reasonable and intelligent, has, by dark and inveterate vices, become too weak to adhere joyously to his unchangeable light (or even to bear it) until, by gradual renewal and healing, it is made fit for such happiness, its first need was to be instructed by faith and purified.

It was in order to make the mind able to advance more confidently toward the truth that truth itself, the divine son of God, put on humanity without putting off his divinity and built this firm path of faith so that man, by means of the Godman, could find his way to man’s God. I speak of the mediator between God and men, himself man, Christ Jesus. For it is a man that he is the mediator and as man that he is the way.”

Satan’s goal is always to build pride in ones beliefs (in essense brainwash people) so they reject the truth.  He has done a very good job at keeping the masses closed minded this way as narcissism abounds everywhere.  Our public brain damaging centers falsely called schools goal is obviously to create good slaves.  If a person has pride in their beliefs they will not listen nor will they be able to properly read the bible.  Supposed Christians are everywhere who are extremely prideful in their beliefs so they will not listen.  From jehovah’s witness cult members to 7th day Adventists to mormon’s, they all have the exact opposite of what the bible says, as they have pride in their beliefs. This is how satan deceives them. Just last week I had come mormon’s come up and I am always very nice to them but tell them I am not fond of organized religion because it is a control mechanism for the masses.  Then I mentioned the Vatican is satanic which they agreed. But in the Brave New World because they have pride in their beliefs, they will ignore the FACT that they agreed that organized religion is a control mechanism while being in another organized religion.  The ignorance of FACTS is the hallmark of the Brave New World and it strikes again!

I myself can attest to God speaking to me not thru the air but to me directly.  When I adamantly starting seeking the truth, I was being helped by getting me to read the right books, or meeting the right people, or putting me in situations where what I started to figure out especially with the complete inversion we are in, and having those beliefs confirmed in actions.  I wrote many pieces after I had eureka moment and there were many.  Each time I needed to write it down because my mind had to fight the brainwashing, and if I did not read what I wrote a few more times it wouldn’t take as well.  Everytime it was like God was showing me and telling me a ton of information, yet it still took me a while to internalize and accept what he told me.  If I would not have written it down it may not have taken.  It is like God was programming me with the truth, and because I was so eager to figure out the truth the information flowed.  I would get information in my head and it would all make sense.  If you seek the truth you will find!  If you are set in your ways and believe you are right, then even if God tries to talk to you, you won’t listen.  It’s seems God put Jesus on the earth because so many people need to see the truth instead of seeking it. Jesus was the mediator.  You must seek the truth with your heart, not your head as that to me seems to be the key!

You will not find God in any religion, you must seek him directly.

Chapter 9

“Here, unmistakably and by divine inspirations the angels are said to have been created by god, since they are included among all the other celestial things of which scripture declares: ‘He commanded, and they were created.’ And surely, no one would be rash enough to hold that the angels were created after all the other things mentioned in the six days of creation. If so, his folly can be refuted by the equally authoritative scriptural passage where God says: “When the star were made all my angels loudly praised me. (Job 38-7) The angels therefore existed before the stars; and the stars were created on the fourth day.  Must we say then, that they were made on the third day?  By no means.  For it is clear what was created on that day: the earth was separated from the water, the two elements each taking its proper form, while earth brought forth its vegetation.

Perhaps, then, on the second day?  The answer is again ‘no.’ For, on that day, between the waters above and those below, a firmament was formed and was called the heavens; and in this the stars were created on the fourth day.  There is, then, no doubt that, if the angels are included in the works of God during these six days, they are that light which was called day; and their unity is stressed by the fact that the day is called not the ‘first day’ but ‘one day.’ Nor are the second, third, and so on really other days.  They are all the same ‘one day,’ repeated to complete the number six or seven, and to signify that knowledge of the works of God and the seventh knowledge of his rest.”

So everything is quite logical as there are waters above and below plus a firmament which is a dome over us.  God created stars not other planets, so all this progression makes a lot of sense when you know the earth is FLAT, but absolutely NO sense if you are still a conspiracy globberyist.  The stars as we can see with cameras nowadays are in the firmament, yet NASA states they are planets?  We are clearly not spinning thru space at 1000 mph, but this complete and utter LIE is needed to deceive the masses to keep them away from God and the Bible.  The bible is a clear FLAT earth document, and to state otherwise is pure deception by satan.  If a church doesn’t teach FLAT earth, they are not teaching the truth.  Organized religion is merely a control mechanism for the masses!

The bible is simply a FLAT earth document. I did not figure out the earth was FLAT by the bible by any means as I extrapolated water being FLAT to do my reasoning. But FLAT earth confirmed by the bible truly strengthened my understanding of what the bible really is, and it is a book of wisdom entirely, albeit somewhat compromised.

Chapter 13

“Now the evil angels could not have had this same assurance (that happiness is eternal). Since their happiness was destined to end, there was for them no eternal happiness about which to be certain.  Thus, we are left with the conclusions that the angels were unequal at the time of creation, or, if equal, that the holy angels were given foreknowledge of their eternal blessedness after the fall of the other. Of course, it might be objected that our Lord’s words in the Gospel concerning the devil, “He was a murderer from the beginning, and has not stood in the truth, (John 8:44) should be interpreted to mean not only that he was a murderer from the beginning of the human race- when a man was created whom he could destroy by deception – but, also, that he did not stand in the truth even from the beginning of his own creation. Consequently, according to this interpretation, he could never have been blessed together with the other holy angels, since, refusing to be subject to his creator, he took an arrogant joy in his own private sovereignty, thereby becoming a most deceitful liar.  But, the power of the almighty cannot be evaded. And anyone who refuses to hold to the truth by a holy subjection strives by a proud elevation of himself to make pretense of being what he is not in reality.  Thus, the words of St. John the Apostle, “The devil sins from the beginning (John 3:8), may be taken to mean that from the moment of his creation the devil refused the grace which only a will devotedly obedient to God can receive.”

Satan wants everyone to be narcissistic and prideful in their beliefs.  It is the great deception that inverts the reality of the masses.  The ego which in an interview with a repulsive RETARDED rabbi stating to (((Larry “Zeigler” King))) we control the goyim by their ego which is rare that one of satan’s minions speak the truth.  The faulty inbreds are LYING thieves and when people figure it out by naming them, they use another LIE of anti-semite which is complete nonsense also as they are cainetic or descendent of Cain. They love to be very high on themselves so much so they proclaim to be the “chosen ones.” Yes, chosen by satan himself.  The ashkeNAZI yids are narcissistic RETARDS and always accuse others of what they themselves are guilty.  It is a broken record!  The yids really are the most unhappy race of all! They like to tell me Hell is for shabbos goy like me! Oy Vey!

Who are the money changers of today? Did not Jesus tell you in the bible that money is the root of all evil? Isn’t it obvious? The money changers are and always have been LIARS, and that race is easily identified by anyone awake. If you notice who they are they will NOT call you a LIAR, they will call you an anti-semite which is a LIE!

Chapter 27

“Merely to exist is, by the nature of things, so pleasant that in itself it is enough to make even the wretched unwilling to die; for, even when they are conscious of their misery, what they want to put an end to is not themselves but their misery. This is even the case with those who not merely feel miserable but manifestly are so, men who seem fools, in the eyes of the wise, and paupers and beggars to those who consider themselves well off.  For, if they had a choice between personal immortality, in which their unhappiness would never end, or complete and permanent annihilation if they objected to the eternal misery, they would be delighted to choose to live forever in misery rather than not to exist at all.

If proof were needed, appeal can be made to the well known feeling of these men.  They are afraid to die, and prefer to live on in misfortune rather than to end it by death.  This is proof enough that nature shrinks from annihilation. And even when they know that they must die, they beg for mercy and ask as a boon that death be delayed  so that they may live a little longer in their misery.  Without a doubt, they prove with what alacrity they would accept immortality – at any rate, one that involved no worse than perpetual indigence.

Why, even irrational animals, with no mind to make such reflections , from the greatest serpents to the tiniest worms, show in every movement they can make that they long to live and escape destruction.  Even trees and plants, that can make no conscious movement to avoid destruction, can, in some sustenance. They attach their roots deep into the earth in order to thrust forth their branches  safe into the air. Last of all, even material bodies, lacking sensation and every sign of life, as least rise upwards or sink downwards or remain balanced in between, as though seeking the place where they can best exist in accordance with their nature.

If proof be needed how much human nature loves to know and hates to be mistaken, recall that there is not a man who would not rather be sad but sane than glad but mad. Now, this great and marvelous light of love and hate is peculiar to men alone among all the living animals. For, although some animals have much keener sight in penetrating the light of the day, they cannot penetrate that spiritual light which, as it wer, illuminies our mind and makes us able to judge correctly of all other things. For our faculty of judgement is in proportion to our capacity for this light.

However, although we perceive them by our bodily senses, we do not make judgements concerning them by our senses. For, we men have another and far higher perception which is interior, and by which we distinguish what is just from what is unjust – justice by menas of an intellectual conception, what is unjust by the lack of such a form.  The function of this sense is not aided by the keen eye, not by ear, nose or palate, nor by bodily touch. By it I am certain of my existence and of the knowledge of my existence.  Moreover, I love these two and, in the like manner, am certain that I love them.”

I know from being in Toastmasters that people typically fear public speaking more than death which is ironic.  It is quite the inversion that the beast system has created, to fear speaking words of wisdom so that you may offend people.  But in what Augustine said most people fear not being accepted because in reality they are telling the truth, and they would rather suffer in misery than be rejected by the ignorant masses.  That has never been my problem, and because I stand fast it is why what I say actually gets more respect and people are scared of me.  The truth is frightening in the upside down Orwellian world.  Most people unfortunately would rather suffer and be miserable than dare to speak the truth.  The light of wisdom and while others would say I am brave to speak the truth, I myself would suffer immensely if I did not.  I would rather DIE than accept the LIES of satan which is all around us.  The world we live in is the city of the world, and it is all LIES.  If you are afraid to seek the truth you are dead already.  I cannot fathom living that way as just mere existence does not sustain my soul in the least.  The truth being spoken does offends those who live outside of it, and it is a literal act of selfishness to be afraid to speak it.  The inversion of this is just like it is everywhere.

When you realize all of this has been going on since the days of Socrates, it is a little frustrating to always see the good guys like Hitler and Jesus lose. I think this really is God’s ultimate test to see if you are seeking him enough to understand what Truth really is. I most certainly will be asking questions.

Created Wills and the distinction of good and evil.

Chapter 19

“The second of the fundamental positions I mentioned is that not even the knowledge of God can comprehend anything that is infinite. Very well, then, let them dare to say- from the depths of their abysmal impiety- that God does not know all the numbers. Now numbers are certainly infinite, for at no matter what number you think you have reached on end, you cannot merely add one to this number, but you can multiply it by two or any other number includeing itself; by the very nature of mathematics it does not matter how big or all embracing the number may be.

Moreover, by the very nature of numbers no one number can be equal to any other number.  The result is that, though taken separately, each number is finite, yet, because they are all unequal and different, taken all together, they are infinite. It ought not to follow, then that God does not know all the numbers because they are infinite, and that his knowledge can reach so far and count no further. Now who in the world would be fool enough to say that?

Some of the philosophers, those at least who respect Plato’s idea that God designed the cosmos on the principle of numbers, will hardly dare to depise numbers, in the sense of pretending that they are no part of knowledge of God. And as for us, our srciptures thus addresses God: Thou has ordered all things in measure, and number, and weight, and one of the prophets refers to God as one ‘who bringeth forther their world by numbers. (Isaias 40:26 post meme) Again, in the gospel, our savior declares ‘they very hairs of your head are all numbered (Matt 10:30) We are far , then, from doubting that all numbers are known to him of whose wisdom, according to the Psalmist, “there is o number.”

Although, then, there is no definite number corresponding to an infinite number, as infinity of numbers is, nevertheless, not incomprehensible to him of whose intelligence “there is no number.’ It follows, then, that since whatever is comprehended by knowledge is limited by the very comprehension of the one that knows, in some ineffable way, all infinity is made finite by God since in his knowledge it is not incomprehensible.

Now, if the infinity of numbers cannot be beyond the limits of the knowledge of God which comprehends it, who are we little men that we should presume to put limits to his knowledge, as it done by those who argue that, unless the same pattern of temporal events is repeated in identical cycles, God can neither foresee what he creates with a view to making it, nor know it after he has made it.  He creates with a view to making it, nor know it after he has made it?  The fact is that God, whose knowledge is simple in its multipolicity and one in it siversity, comprehends all incomprehensible things with an incomprehensible comprehension. And this is so true that, even if he willed to keep an endlessly creating one new and dissimilar thing after another, not one of them could possibly seem new and unexpected to him, nor would he foresee them merely, as it were at the last moment, but by his foreknowledge he would have them before him thoughout all eternity.”

I have known instinctively everything comes down to numbers and have believed God is a mathematician for years.  I have a friend who has figured this hidden knowledge out since he is a brilliant mathematician, but he also proved what is taught in the public indoctrination centers falsely called schools as physics and chemistry is a LIE.  The FLAT earth and humans are vibrating entities, and the reason we get sick is because we vibrate improperly.  It really is that simple but the beast system cannot profit off of this simplicity, and obviously our beast medical system trains doctors to push pills for profit to produce your early demise.  We can thank the satanic Rockefeller TRASH for this and once again the fiery pit awaits for this useless eating selfish slothful filth!

If everything comes down to numbers, then everything can be healed and remain healthy with numbers.  Cancer can be cured with numbers and common sense, as your current Rockefeller trained oncologist is programmed to profit off you misery and early demise.  Just like lawyers, doctors are trained monkeys who literally are financially rewarded by satan to do the WRONG thing.  Just more of your inversion.  The city of the world who is financially rewarded by satan for materialism, and the city of God who God takes care of because a person is humble.  God made everything quite simple, but satan wants us to believe it is extremely complicated to keep us in the dark about true reality.  It’s the numbers and once you figure it out, there is no profit in cures for diseases.  Satan nor the parasitical ashkeNAZI yids like this truth in the least!

I did notice they took out the word number in the NIV version which I will not even look at anymore it is so compromised. Numbers for sure are important.

Lee figured out how life works with numbers, and how to heal with numbers. This is not something big pharma wants you to know because there is only health in this, no money! Satan doesn’t like this in the least!

Adam’s sin and it’s consequences.

Chapter 17

“ Plato teaches that this soul of the universe flows, as it were, in rhythmic waves, and reaches from the middlemost point of the earth (it’s geometrical center) up through all space to the highest and farthest limits of heaven.  Thus, for the Platonists, the cosmos is an immense, eternal, and utterly blessed living creature, whose soul, without abandoning its own body, enjoys the perfect happiness of wisdom, while its body is eternally alive by reason of the soul, and yet, in spite of being complex and composed of so many great masses of matter it cannot dull the soul or slow it down.

Our philosphers, however, do not want to face either of those alternatives; they do not dare to grant to their gods a separation from their bodies, for then it would seem that they were merely worshipping mortals, nor will they admit a privation of blessedness, for then they would have to acknowledge that their gods are miserable. To attain to blessedness, then, there is no need to be free of every kind of a body but only of those which are corruptible and irksome, burdensome and moribund, not such bodies as God, in his goodness, created for our first parents but only such as were imposed as a punishment of sin.”

We are all connected at one point to God’s consciousness and satan has done a wonderful job of disconnecting us from God via our ego.  To truly find happiness we need to disconnect from the beast system which is very difficult.  The beast system feeding off our animalistic desires ultimately makes us miserable but has the appearance of abundance.  True happiness is found in the quest for wisdom, and it is miserable to never have enough gadgets as they never satisfy the soul. In the city of the world nothing is ever enough, but in the city of the God we always have plenty since humbleness ultimately provides what is necessary.  This lesson is the meaning of life and is the complete opposite of what appears to be right, as the inversion never ends.

God understands the blasphemy of satan, and if you seek truth, you will realize you are rich, as true riches are wisdom and contentment, not material objects in the least.  The rich fool is never truly happy.

Until you understand exactly what your ego is, you cannot let it go. It is a massive chain and the biggest challenge or your life by far!

Two Loves originate Two Different cities.

Chapter 3

“So Virgil. Our faith teaches something very different (from fear and hope, rejoice and grieve). For the corruption of the body, which is a burden on the soul, is not the cause but the punishment of Adam’s first sin. Moreover, it was not the corruptible flesh that made the soul sinfil; on the contrary, it was the sinful soul that made the flesh corruptible.  Through some incitements to vice and vicious desires are attributable to the corruption of the flesh, nevertheless, we should not ascribe to the flesh all the evils of a wicked life. Else, we free the devils from all such passions, since he has no flesh. It is true that the devil cannot be said to be addicted to debauchery, drunkenness, or any others of the vices which pertain to bodily pleasures – much as he secretly prompts and provokes us to such sins – but he is most certainly filled with pride and envy. It is because these passions so possessed the devile that he is doomed to eternal punishment in the prison of the gloomy air.

It is true that the apostles attributes to the flesh (which satan certainly does not possess) those vices which dominate the devil. He says, in fact, that ‘emnities,’ ‘contentions,’ ‘jealousies,’ ‘anger,’ and ‘quarrels’ are the works of the flesh, whereas the origin of all these evils is pride – a vice which rules over the devil who has no flesh. For, who is a worse enemy to the saints than he? Who is more contentious toward them, more wrathful, jealous, and quarrelsome?”

By satan corrupting the ego, he is corrupting the flesh.  Satan uses the love of money with feeds the ego with pride to always do the WRONG thing.  Satan uses that carrot dangling in front of us all the time because it works to corrupt our soul which is his quest.  So what really happens is seeing the corrupted soul act out with the vices.  These vices are a vicious cycle of misery unless we seek to figure out why they are NOT making us happy.  Satan makes these vices addicting on purpose so you can never get enough of any of them, and then a person just spirals downwards. With porn and drugs, this is how the useless eating faulty inbred ashkeNAZI yid vermin control the masses. Their inferiority complex and pride is exactly why the mental invalids do this.  By doing this they are bringing people down to their low level miserable reality.  The yids are extremely prideful and full of envy which makes sense because they are ugly and smelly.

It is obvious the ashkeNAZI yids are jealous of white people. I most certainly do not envy their thievery or their egotistical ways in the least. It must be a very miserable life for sure!

Chapter 11

“Take the case of the will. It’s choice is truly free only when it is not a slave to sin and vice.  God created man with such a free will, but, once that kind of freedom was lost by man’s fall from freedom, it could be given back only by him who had the power to give it. Thus, truth tells us: “If therefore the Son makes you free, you are free indeed. (John 8:36). He might equally have said: “If, therefore, the Son saves you, you will be saved indeed.” For the same reason that God’s son is our Savior he is also our liberator.

Thus, man once lived according to God in a paradise that was both material and spiritual.  Eden was not merely a place for the physical needs of the body, but had a spiritual significance as food for the soul. On the other hand, it was not so purely spiritual as to delight only the soul, and not also a place where man could get enjoyment for his bodily senses. It was both, and for both purposes.

However, the joy of eden was short-lived because of the proud and, therefore, envious spirit who fell from the heavenly paradise  when his pride caused him to turn away from God to his own self and the pleasures and pomp of tyranny, preferring to rule over subjects than be subject himself.

This lucifer, striving to insinuate his sly deductions into the minds of man whose fidelity he envied, since he himself had fallen, chose for his spokesman a serpent in the terrestrial paradise, where all the animals of earth were living in harmless subjection to Adam and Eve.  It was suited for the task because it was a slimy and slippery beast that could slither and twist on its tortuous way.  So, subjecting it to his diabolic design by the powerful presence of his angelic nature and misusing it as his instrument, he, at first, parleyed cunningly with the women as with the weaker part of that human society, hoping gradually to gain the whole. He assumed that a man is less gullible and can be more easily tricked into following a bad example than into making the mistake himself.”

I get flack for saying women should not vote nor should they be preachers.  The bible explains this as women were made to be the caregivers for the next generation and it is where they are the most fulfilled.  It is also what the bibles says as by putting women who are much more emotional than men and more easily manipulated, they are always making the wrong choice.  Do not women fall for the repulsive feminism garbage?  Empowering women to destroy themselves?  I assure you many intelligent women agree with me on this issue but not the majority.  Overall, women are meant to be ruled by men, and men are meant to take care of the women.  It is the natural order.

Eden had the natural order and satan used a more easily manipulated women to upset that natural order because it was much easier.  A man would not have fallen for that.  Women are not made to be thinkers as it is just how God made us.  Women are the weaker part physically and mentally.  This is why satan has been attacking men for a very long time because he wants to invert the natural order to control people.

I see this garden of eden event played out in our current upside down world all the time, as women especially white women are constantly being attacked by the inferiority complex ugly smelly RETARDED yids. As is obvious, all unconscious KKK slavery leftist thought is pure regurgitations of vomit!!

Women and men are NOT equal, but we are complimentary in the natural order. Parts fit also!

Chapter 12

“Someone may be puzzled by the fact that other sins do not change human nature in the way that the transgression of our first parents not merely damaged theirs but had the consequence that human nature, ever since, has been subject to death, to the great corruption which we can see and experience, and to so many and such opposing passions which disturb and disorder it, which was not the case in Eden before these was sin, even though the human body was animal then as now.  However, no one has a right to be puzzled, on the assumption that our first parents sin must has been a small, venial sin, since it involved  merely a matter of food – a thing good and harmless in itself apart from being forbidden, as everything else was good which God had created and planted in that place of perfect Happiness.

However, what is really involved in God’s prohibition is obedience, the virtue which is, so to speak, the mother and guardian of all the virtues of a rational creature. The fact is that a rational creature is so constituted that submission is good for it while yielding to its own rather than it’s creator’s will is, on the contrary disastrous.  Now, command to refrain from a single kind of food when they were surrounded by an abundance of every other kind of food was so easy to obey and so simple to remember for anyone still free from passion resisting the will (as would be the case later on, in punishment for sin) that the sinfulness involved in breaking this precept was so very great precisely because the difficulty of submission was so very slight.”

One of the most powerful acts to try in sales is to tell them you will not sell them this object you are trying to sell them.  It may seem counterintuitive to do this, but with human nature being what it is with the ego, then they absolutely want it.  Just another part of the inversion and while rare, I have actually used this technique a few times.  If someone is so in the Matrix this reverse psychology works, but with dangers obviously. 

The simple act of disobedience has compounded itself immensely, as the ego never learns and keeps making the same mistake over and over again since the ego never learns and never listens.  So today we has seen this tiny leak turn into a Tsunami of garbage, as it just needs to be fed by the devil to blow it all up!  So the inversion of HATE for people who are against moral depravity and sexual deviancy where prideful BIGOTRY abounds. Eve’s little prideful act has exploded, as it always goes back to pride.  And catatonic KKK slavery demonrat TRASH celebrates pride!  Lefties are most certainly not a rational creature much less alive at this point.  How satan was able to make this come to pass is very sad but true.  Any little opening and he exploits the hell out of it doesn’t he?

The greatest trick satan ever played was to get people to believe he doesn’t exist!

Pride in your beliefs will make you drive into the ditch every single TIME! It is an immutable FACT!

“Hence it is that just because humility is the virtue especially esteemed in the City of God and so recommended to its citizens in their present pilgrimage on earth and because it is one that was particularly outstanding in Christ, it’s king, so it is that pride, the vice contrary to this virtue, is, as Holy Scripture tells us, especially dominant in Christ’s adversary, the devil.  In Fact, this is the main difference which distinguishes the two cities of which we are speaking.  The humble city is the society of holy men and good angles; the proud city is the society of wicked men and evil angels.  The one city began with the love of God; the other had its beginnings in the love of self.”

If this does not completely show that pride or the ego is the issue and is exactly what I have been talking about for years, I don’t know what does. The cognitive dissonance is the ego and the ego does not want to listen to me, but always wants me to listen to them. If someone doesn’t want to listen to me, how about St. Augustine then?  This describes exactly what the Matrix is but in common sense terms as today we can it the ego, which is pride which is stubbornness. St. Augustine is 100% stating what I have been saying for years as a FACT, as this is how the Orwellian inversion works.  It is this one seemingly simple thing that Eve did in the garden of eden by eating the apple.  That is all it took!  And it has been going on every since!  It is your source of why people try to think with their head, while God wants to you to think with your heart.  Your head is prideful and your heart is not.  Thinking with your head your heart becomes hardened and each step you move further away from God. 

Wisdom is humbleness as God will fill you with wisdom and confidence.  Pride is for arrogant fools who will eventually end up in the ditch!!

If you refuse to question yourself, then you still have not figured out your ego. Your ego wants you to believe you are perfect, but the ego is satan and he is a LIAR! To figure this out is the greatest challenge of all!

The two cities in Early Biblical History

Chapter 5

“Now, the city of man was first founded by a fratricide who was moved by envy to kill his brother, a man who, in his pilgrimage on earth, was a citizen of the city of God. It need not surprise us, then, that long afterwards , in the founding  of that city which was to dominate so many peoples and become the capital of that earthly city with which I am dealing, the copy, so to speak, corresponded to the orginal – to what they Greeks call the archetype. For, in both cases, we have the same crime. As one of the poets puts it: ‘With brother’s blood the earliest walls were wet. For Rome began, as Roman history records, when Remus was killed by Romulus, his brother.  However, in this case, both men were citizens of the earthly city.  It was the ambition of both of them to have the honor of founding the Roman republic, but that was an honor that could not be shared; it had to belong to one or the other. For, no one who had a passion to glory in domination could be fully the master if his power were diminished by a living co-regent. One of the two wanted to have the whole of sovereignty; therefore, his associate was removed.  Without the crime, his position would have had less power, but more prestige.  However, the crime made everything worse than before.

In the case of the brothers Cain and Abel, these was no rivalry in any cupidity for the things of earth, nor was there any envy or temptation to murder arising from a fear of losing the sovereignty if both were ruling together. In this case, Abel had no ambition for the domination in the city that his brother was building.  The root of the trouble was that diabolical envy which moves evil men to hate those who are good for no other reason than that they are good. Unlike material possessions, goodness is not diminished when it is shared, either momentarily or permanently, with others, but expands and, in fact, the more heartily each of the lovers of goodness enjoys the possession the more does goodness grow.  What is more, goodness is not merely a possession that no one can maintain who is unwilling to share it, but it is one that increases the more its possessor loves to share it.

What, then, is revealed in the quarrel between Remus and Romulus is the way in which the city of man is divided against itself, whereas, in the case of Cain and Abel, what we see is the enmity between the two cities, the city of man and the City of God.  Thus, we have two wars, that of the wicked at war with the wicked, and that of the wicked at war with the good. For, of course, once the good are perfectly good, there can be no war between them. This much is true, however, that while a good man is still on the way to perfection one part of him can be at war with another of his parts; because of this rebellious element, two good men can be at war with each other.  The fact is that in everyone ‘the flesh lusts against the spirit, and the spirit against the flesh. (Gal 5:17)”

Now I cannot explain it any better than Augustine did as he nailed it.  This war we are in started in the garden of eden in that Cain was jealous and envious of Abel so he killed him for no reason.  Remus and Romulus seems to really be the same story as many of these stories have numerous references in different cultures.  The debate on which story to use in not what should be focused on but most do, but on the underpinning of the story as one brother is jealous of the other, so they try to bring the other one down to their level, or just plain kill their brother because of their envy.  This same scenario has played out by those who are good losing the war against the evil one.  I see this in my family and relatives entirely.  It is more than obvious today that the ashkeNAZI yids who live in the city of the world and will lie cheat and steal to get more mammon or money, and are jealous of white people like myself who is happy and satisfied by creating a better place for all.  I am not jealous of anyone and understand why people have been envious of me.  My own personal experience is exactly how I figured out this whole inversion, and how the city of the world(ego) vs City of God (humble) works.  I have been attacked out of the blue and never could figure it out.  But I know now it was people being jealous of me and their desire to bring me down.  If I only knew then what I know now, but that is past history.  Each instance was just a reenactment of Cain vs Abel, or Remus vs Romulus.  This battle goes on constantly, as St. Augustine so eloquently points out.  It is the constant battle!

The ashkeNAZI yids love money and are completely in the city of the world. Satan’s chosen ones and descendents of Cain the murderer!

Chapter 7

“Here we have the very heart of the earthly city. It’s God (or gods) is he or they who will help the city to victory after victory and to a reign of earthly peace; and this city worships, not because it has any lover for service, but because its passion is for domination. This, in fact, is the difference between good men and bad men, that the former make use of the world in order to enjoy God, whereas the latter would like to make use of God in order to enjoy the world- if, of course, they believe in God and his providence over man, and are not so bad as those who deny even this.

Now, once Cain knew that God had welcomed the sacrifice of his brother but had no regard for his, he should have made the change in himself in order to imitate his brother, but what he did was to yield to pride and emulation.  He let himself yield to sadness  and ‘his countenance fell.’ It is this sin of regret because someone else – in this case his brother – is good that God, in a special way, held against Cain.  It was this that God accused him of in asking: ‘Why are thou angry? And why is they countenance fallen?’ What God saw was the envy toward his brother and it is for this envy that God reproaches Cain.  To men, however, to whom the heart of a fellow man is hidden, it might be doubtful or quite uncertain whether it was envy of the goodness by which his brother was pleasing to God when God had regard for his sacrifice.  God explains why he refused to accept Cain’s sacrifice. It was because Cain should have been rightly displeased with himself rather than wrongly displeased with his brother; God makes clear that, unjust as cain was in not ‘distinguishing rightly’ (in the sense of not living properly and of being unworthy to have his offering approved), he was far more unjust in hating his brother without provocation.”

This is the what really goes into the internal battle we all have within ourselves, the battle between good and evil, or our ego vs our right thinking.  Cain’s dilemma applies to every thing in life, it simply never ends, as the ego is always wrong in every situation, but is a victory in the world, while a complete loss in the City of God.  In a perfect world, those who are jealous would ask those who they are jealous of, what makes you happy.  And then a good man will give them some advice after figuring out their situation, then the person would implement some changes and improve their life for the better.  A good man is a giving man, and an evil man is a manipulator who will try to bring the good man down.  Thus, the city of the world is constantly bringing people misery on purpose because the controllers are ego driven and never can be satisfied no matter how much they destroy or how much money they have.  The City of God is content and always tries to make the world a better place because they are happy and want to spread the wealth.

 Like the FTX scandal is merely a fleecing of the goyim by the ashkeNAZI yids and was applauded by the parasites as a job well done by evil selfish Cain loving narcissists.  This is just a microcosm of our whole fraudulent banking system that is a Ponzi scheme which will eventually fall. It is a total reenactment of Cain vs. Abel who Cain is envious of.  All the subversive LYING yid had to do is appeal to the goyim’s ego, as that is how they are controlled. Greed with the deception he was doing something good like all disgusting leftist brainwashing filth.

Things simply have not changed at all and it is always rinse and repeat!

Pride in ones beliefs makes it so people judge others, as the evil fool will psychologically project onto the good man what he is guilty of. This passage tells of the battle between the city of the world and the City of God entirely, as the evil man is simply envious of the good man, as Cain was envious of Abel. This battle is a constant between God and satan. It never ends

“A somewhat similar expression is found in the same inspired book in connection with Eve.  After her sin, God questioned her and judged and condemned the devil in the form of the serpent, and also herself and her husband. First God said: ‘I will multiply they sorrows and they conceptions: in sorrow shalt thou bring forth children.’ Then he added: “And to thy husband will they turning be, and he will rule over thee (Gen 3:16) What is said to Cain concerning his sin or the concupiscences of his corrupted flesh is, in the present text, said concerning  the sinful women. Thus we must conclude that a husband is meant to rule his wife as the spirit rules the flesh. This explains what the apostle says: “He who loves his own wife, love himself. For no one ever hated his own flesh.’ (Eph 5:29) Thus, a man’s flesh, like his wife, is his own and as such is meant to be healed, not treated like something alien and condemned. In Cain’s case, the command of God was received in a spirit of impenitence. The sickness of his envy grew worse, and he killed his brother. Such was the founder of the city of earth.

There is a sense in which Cain is a symbol of the jews who killed Christ the Sheperd of men, as Abel, the shepherd of sheep, is also a prefiguring of Christ.  But I shall refrain from discussing this here, because the sense is allegorical and prophetical. I refer the reader to a treatment of the subject in my work, Against Faustus the Manichaean.”

The ego or pride will not accept wisdom, as Cain just shrugged going on his merry way.  This is why people always give me advice, but never listen and tell me I am not listening.  The inversion is constant.  The ego is the I believe I am right disease and it is the disease of Cain.  That is what ails the narcissistically RETARDED ashkeNAZI yids, as they are programmed to believe they are smart while being literal sycophants.  The Orwellian inversion in a nutshell!  Cain epitomizes the city of the world and Abel is the shepherd for the City of God!  It is that simple!  Of course Cain was jealous of Abel because God loves him.

Pride is rampant in the city of the world, and God selects those that are humble to give wisdom. That is why only the few are wise.

The city of man in Ancient History

Chapter 2

“The city of man, for all the width of its expansion throughout the world and for all the depth of the differences in this place and that, is a single community. The simple truth is that the bond of a common nature makes all human beings one. Nevertheless, each individual in this community is driven by his passions to pursue his private purposes. Unfortunately, the objects of these purposes are such that no one person (let alone, the world community) can ever be wholly satisfied.  The reason for this is that nothing but Absolute Being can satisfy human nature. The result is that the city of man remains in a chronic condition of civil war. Hence, there is always the oppression of those who fail by those who succeed. The vanquished succumb to the victorious, preferring sheer survival and any kind of peaceful settlement to their own continued hegemony – even to liberty itself. In nearly all peoples the voice of nature itself has counseled that, when you have had the bad luck to be beaten, it is better to bow before the conqueror than to risk wholesale annihilation –so much so, in fact, that those who have chosen death rather than slavery have aroused constant admiration in those who do not understand. At any rate, God, in whose mighty providence lie both defeat and victory, has seen to it that wares brought supremacy to some people and subjugation to others.”

This must be God’s ultimate test to always have the bad guys who are ruthless and unfair win the wars.  The City of God is constantly attacked by the city of the world because it is simply too nice.  The reason white people are attacked constantly is because of our overall empathy, and the narcissistic Cainetic yids simply take advantage of this niceness.  Why?  Because they are jealous of it in the end!  This inversion never ends!

A person’s pride believes the LIE, that that is exactly why they are unjust! Only the Truth backed up by FACTS is just! The inversion in a nutshell. Satan is winning the battles because he is a master LIAR, but knows he is the loser in the end.

Chapter 46

(Jesus birth was prophesied and he performed many miracles to prove who he was)

“Despite all, the jews who refused to believe that he was destined to die and to rise from the dead slew him and were ravaged by the Romans worse than before, torn from their fatherland where foreigners were already lording it over them, and scattered over the whole earth – for they are now everywhere. And it is their own scriptures that bear witness that it is not we who are the inventors of the prophecies touching Christ. That is why many of them, who pondered these prophecies before his passion and more especially after his resurrection, have come to believe in him, as was foretold: “For if they people, O Israel, shall be as the sand of the sea, a remant of them shall be converted. (Isa 10:22) But the rest have been blinded, as was also foretold: ‘Let their table become as a snare before them, and a recompense, and a stumbling block. Let their eyes be darkened that they see not; and their back bend thou down always. (Ps 68: 23-24) That is why when they refuse to believe in our Scriptures and read their own like blind men, they are fulfilling what their own Prophets foretold.

However, some of them may object that we Christians mad up the non-Jewish prophecies concerning Christ which are circulation under the name of the Sibyl – or others under any other names.  My answer is that we have no need of any others than the ones in our opponents books, precisely because these enemies, who are scattered over the whole earth wherever the church is expanding and who possess and preserve these books, are living witnesses, however reluctant, to the truth of our position. For, in the very psalms which they read these is a prophecy to this effect: “He is my God, His mercy shall help me. My God has shown this to me in the midst of my enemies. Slay them not lest they forget thy law. Scatter them in they power (Ps 58:11-12) God has shown the grace of his mercy to his church ‘in the midst of her enemies,’ for as St. Paul says: “By their offense salvation has come to the Gentiles.’ (Rom 11:11)”

Now, in the 4th century the majority of those people who call themselves joos today were not called joos then.  The Khazarian ashkeNAZI name stealers (representing roughly 95% of fake joos today) stole the joo name in the 8th century (Read Arthur Koestlers The Thirteenth Tribe), so the question really is who are the people today who are descendents of the jews in the bible?  Most people who purport to call themselves Christian just assume without any research that the jews in the bible are related to those who call themselves joos today, but they are not related and it is part of satan’s deception, and a really good one btw. The Khazarian ashkeNAZI yids directly resemble the Pharisee money changers in the bible as they were athiests before the conversion, and frankly still mostly are today.  They are completely the city of the world and run it via our fraudulent criminal banking system, as their quest for more control and money is what drives the narcissists. But they seem to embody the malevolent nature of those who would be so selfish and jealous of Christ to actually want to murder him for no reason whatsoever besides Jesus being a force for good.  The yids are destroyers thru and thru, and immense inferiority complex will not let them quit being such narcissistic retards either.  Since they are in the slothful ditch, they think everyone else should be also. 

Now we know the satanic Zionists follow the disgusting Talmud, and this is what your ignorant Christian Zionists are supporting when they support Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911, while perpetuating the holohoax nonsense for mind control and empathy purposes on white people, who are the only race that can take their whole house of cards down.  That is why the faulty inbreds have been attacking good white people for centuries, as they are simply jealous of white people because unlike the yids, we have culture while they are pure cultural swine or the dregs of society.

Martin Luther in his pamphlet call the yids vile incorrigible whores. Jesus described the faulty inbred’s in John 8:44. Voltaire used the ugly smelly genetically deformed egotistical RETARDS as the villians in his books. Hitler described them as maggots. Joseph McCarthy was right about the mongrels. The list goes on the on. But stockholm syndrome is high as satan does not like to be pointed out!

Philosophy and Christianity on man’s end

Chapter 6

“Even when a city is enjoying the profoundest peace, some men must be sitting in judgement on their fellow men. Even at their best, what misery and grief they cause! No human judge can read the conscious of the man before him. That is why so many innocent witnesses are tortured to find what truth there is in the alleged guilt of other men. It is even worse when the accused man himself is tortured to find out if he be guilty. Here is a man still unconvicted must undergo certain suffering for an uncertain crime – not because his guilt is known, but because his innocence is unproved. Thus it often happens that the ignorance of the judge turns into trajedy for the innocent party. There is something still more insufferable – deplorable beyond all cleansing with our tears. Often enough, when a judge tries to avoid putting a man to death whose innocence is not manifest, he has him put to torture, and so it happens, because of a woeful lack of evidence, that he both tortures and kills the blameless man whom he tortured lest he kill him without cause. And if, on stoic principals, the innocent man chooses to escape from life rather than endure such torture any longer, he will confess to a crime he never committed. And when it is all over, the judge will still be in the dark whether the man be put to death was guilty or not guilty, even though he tortured him to save his innocent life, and then condemned him to death. Thus, to gather evidence, he tortures an innocent man and, lacking evidence, kills him.”

As we see this whole scenario continually takes place in the city of the world where injustice is standard operation procedure, as the peaceful protestors on J6 are sitting in jail while Racist domestic terrorist HATE groups like antifa and BLM run rampant, all controlled by the useless eating narcissistic RETARDED ashkeNAZI yid vermin behind the scenes. Everything that the inversion is can be traced right back to the genetically deformed faulty inbreds, because the city of world is upside down. Just like the absurdity that catatonic prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties being called open minded liberals when the programmed RETARDS cannot even form a complete sentence. The injustice system has been going on since the beginning of time, as the extremist deplorable sycophant HATE spewing from unconscious lefty zombies proves. Is this not proof that satan exists with this complete inversion of justice?   The evil man has always been at war with the good man and this is how it manifests itself.  Is this not just showing another version of Cain vs. Abel?  Why does God let the good guy lose if he is a benevolent God?  Is this not our test to figure this out?  It is so black and white yet very few can see this inversion right? The inversion never ends!

Until a person conquers their own prideful ego, they will be at the mercy of the world. Once this inversion is realized, the world and most people will be scared of you. God’s FLAT earth is simpified and easy to decipher, as satan no longer rules your thoughts. But it does take sustained thinking to figure it out!

Chapter 16

“Now, since every home should be a beginning or fragmentary constituent of a civil community, and every beginning related to some specific end, and every part to the whole of which it is a part, it ought to follow that domestic peace has a relation to political peace. In other words, the ordered harmony of authority and obedience between those who live together has a relation to the ordered harmony of authority and obedience between those who live in a city. This explains why a father must apply certain regulations of civil law to the governance of his home, so as to make it accord with the peace of the whole community.”

To create chaos and mayhem, the satanic Zionist faulty inbreds needed to break down the family which they have most certainly done, and especially destroy the Black family which the civil rights act of 1965 was designed to do.  As useless eating George Soros who as we know is an extremely evil man said he would use BLACK HATE groups like BLM to destroy America.  Satan’s minions certainly do rule the world as they are most certainly descendents of Cain who has been banished by God and have nothing to lose by being such soulless wonders. We know they are lying, the inbreds know we know they are lying, and they know we know they know we are lying.  But they continue to LIE because the narcissistic RETARDS are going for broke. 

So who are the satan’s minions behind destroying women with feminism? All ugly smelly inferior complex useless eaters who worship the star of remphan 666. Feminism is for the destruction of the family entirely as the maggots hate anything good since the egotistical RETARDS live in the city of the world with their faulty genetics.

Chapter 23

Following these verses of Apollo, here translated into prose, Porphyry comments: ‘In this Oracle Apollo has shown how incurable are the Christians, for it is the jews, not they, who have regard for God.’ See how he smears Christ and puts the jews ahead of the Christians by saying that they have more regard for God. He takes Apollo’s word about Christ being killed by upright judges to mean that their verdict was just and that he got what he deserved. It is not my responsibility to decide whether it was Apollo’s lying prophet that uttered these words about Christ, which Porphyry swallowed, or whether, possibly, Porphyry made up the whole thing out of whole cloth. Later on we shall have to see how inconsistent Porphyry is or, at least, what a job he has getting his oracles to speak their pieces in unison. What he does say here is that the jews, as being upholders of God, judged Christ justly when they decreed to torture him in the most ignominious of all deaths.  In this case, Porphyry should have lent an ear to what the God of the jews, to whom he bears witness, has to say: “He that sacrificeth to gods shall be put to death, save only the Lord.’ (Exod 22:20)

But let us come now to his more candid avowals, and hear how great he makes the God of the jews out to be. Once again we have a question addressed to Apollo – this time as to the superiority of speech, or reason, or law. ‘He replied,’ say Porphyry, ‘in verse.’ Then he gives these verses, including the following – which are enough for my purposes: ‘In God the father and king, older than all things, before whom the heavens, the earth, the ocean, and the sightless reaches of hell tremble, before whom the gods themselves quake with fear. For them the law is the father whom the devout Hebrews hold in profound regard.’ Using this oracle, Porphyry makes his god Apollo say that God of the Hebrews is mighty enough to make the gods themselves quake with fear before him.  Well, in view of the fact that this God is none other then the one who said, ‘He that sacrificeth to gods shall be put to death, save only the Lord,’ I am amazed that Porphyry himself did not quake with fear, too, and tremble lest he, in the act of sacrificing to his gods, be done away with.

Turth to tell, though, our philosopher has some good things to say of Christ. Either he is forgetful of the obloquy of which I have just been speaking, or else it is his gods who cursed Christ in their sleep and then, waking up, realized that he really was good and set out to praise him becomingly! For he says something extraordinary and beyond belief: What I am about to say is assuredly going to appear as remarkable to some. My gods have pronounced Christ a most religious person, now rendered immortal, and they have spoken very well of him. They say, however, that the Christians themselves are a besmirched and corrupted crew, all tied up in errors. And they have many similar hard things to say of them.’

At this point he cites some divine oracles cursing the Christians. Then, ‘Hecate, answering some people who asked her if Christ is God, replied: “You know already that the soul is deathless and journeyeth on after the body. One, however that is cut off from the wisdom wondereth ever. The soul of Christ is the spirit of a man of very great piety. But those who adore it do so in ignorance of the truth.


I ask: Who is so dull-witted as not to perceive that these oracles were either made up by this clever and implacable enemy of Christians or were actually uttered by impure demons. In either case, the purpose was the same, namely, by praising Christ to win a confident hearing in their slanderous abuse of his followers, and thus, if possible, to block that road to eternal salvation upon which one who becomes a Christian enters. The demons realize that it falls in well with their astute resourcefulness in doing harm, if they gain credit by praising Christ, and consequent credit in calumniating Christians. In this way they can make a man who swallows both tales the kind of Christ-eulogizer who is loath to be a Christian, with the result that the Christ whom he extols is rendered incapable of setting him free from the domination of the demons.  This is all the more true when you reflect that their praise of Christ is so shaped that anyone accepting Christ on their testimony would not be a genuine Christian anyway, but a Photinian heretic who accepts Christ as a man while rejecting him as God, and thus can neither be saved by him nor avoid, or escape from, the snares of these lying devils.

For our part, we pay no attention either to Apollo slandering Christ or to Hecate praising him.  The former would have us believe that Christ was a criminal, executed by right thinking judges; the latter, that he was a sincerely pious man- but merely a man.  Both have a single aim, to dissuade men from becoming Christians and thus keep them in the power of the demons.”

So the devil works in numerous ways to keep us from God.  The book of Enoch and the old testament truly point to a coming messiah, yet when Jesus comes he is treated with extreme respect by what he says, but he threatens the rulers of the day, which is exactly what goes on today.  It is no different today when speaking the truth about the ashkeNAZI yid fake joos you will be called an anti-semite, but not a liar.

So is there one God or a bunch of them?  From reasoned analysis there is one God but a bunch of angels who are both good and bad.  So those who follow the satanic Talmud believe murdering Christ was justified and today he is boiling in his own urine and feces.  It is the narcissistic RETARDED Zionist self proclaimed chosen ones who are behind the idea that every yid fake joo should have 2900 slaves to serve him. So your Christian zionist or your judeo-Christian are worshipping satan since each of those phrases are diametrically opposed to each other. As St. Augustine points out, the joos God is different than the Christian God, and the scripture from the joos themselves points to Christ with whom they rejected and murdered.  This whole puzzle gets even more confusing when you realize the people who call themselves joos today (and most are not religious anyway) are not related to the joos in the bible.

The trick the yids have done is say it is the same God and that has deceived most of Christendom, as for sure I am not one who believes in organized religion since it builds pride in ones beliefs, which is the exact opposite of what the bible says. Thus, your average supposed Christian is lazy and stuck in their prideful beliefs which is exactly what satan wants.  Thus, like your Christian zionist they are actually worshipping satan.  It is this inversion that satan works so well to make people worship him while having good intentions of worshipping Christ.  Is not the road to hell paved with good intentions?  The satanic Rockefellers have financed the seminaries so they can brainwash the ministers so they program their docile sheep parishioners with the lies they want them to know.   You know Jesus was love, but don’t point out he brandished a whip throwing out the money changers right?  That is anti-semitic right? Oy vey!!

So as Augustine points out, there are ways that satan uses to deflect and keep people off base by using their ego. This is just like the propaganda media where they show you 2 sides of gibberish and not meaning a thing to get the sheep arguing about things completely irrelevant.  Just like the completely absurd false left vs. right paradigm of nonsense.  That is what the fallen angels will do.

But this is just another Cain vs. Abel.  Was Jesus justly prosecuted and put to death, or was this an injustice.  Many yids like RETARDED disgusting bitch Sarah Silverman says I am glad we killed Christ and I would do it again!  Was Abel guilty of anything but Cain being jealous of him?  No, and Jesus was only guilty of many people admiring him for his wisdom. 

There is not a doubt in my mind that the yids god is satan, and many of them have stated this, so of course they have a massive inferiority complex which they should. The yids are narcissistic LIARS as Jesus stated. And if they are two different supreme beings one being God and one being the devil, you must make a choice by the actions of deeds of the tribe to determine who is who.

I can assure you I am not jealous of a yid one bit nor do I think they are smart in the least.  Being a straight white male and being attacked on a daily basis by the yids jealousy, my constitution gives me the ability to put a narcissistic yid into a coma. I do regard the yids as the children of the devil by their actions pushing the putrid vulgar leftist agenda that obviously has never worked on me in the least.

The subversive LYING parasites actions show they are chosen alright, and they are chosen by the fallen angels. This is a FACT by the RH – blood which relates to the Nephiliam or fallen angels, and being descendents of Cain the murderer. For to control the world, satan obviously had to invert the reality of the masses which he has done. A judeo Christian is 100% worshipping satan and is deceived as St. Augustine points out. But even though the egotistical RETARDS admit it, satan figured out a way for people to deny it, and he did it by getting people to deny the bible as they must. The bible is a literal FLAT earth document, yet telling this truth to people scares them.

Separation of the Two Cities in the Last Judgement

Chapter 1

“By the last day or time of divine judgement I mean what the whole Church of the true God means when she believes and openly proclaims that Christ will come from heaven to judge the living and the dead. Just how many days this judgement will take we do not know, since even the most casual reader of Scripture knows that the word ‘day’ is often used for ‘time.’ And one speaks of ‘last’ or ‘final’ in connection with this particular ‘day’ of divine judgment and, therefore, at the present time just as he has been doing from the creation of mankind. For example, he exercised judgment when he expelled our first parents from Eden and drove the perpetrators of the great sin far from the tree of life. And God exercised judgement when he refused to spare the angels who sinned and, especially, their leader who was the cause, by choice, of his own fall and, by envy and hatred, the cause of the fall of man. Nor is it without God’s high and just judgment that the life of the demons in the air and of men on earth is so miserable, so full of ignorance and anguish. And even had there been no sin to punish, there would have been a place for God’s good and righteous judgment in rewarding with eternal felicity all of his rational creatures who cling in constancy to him as Lord.

God’s judges men and angels not only as groups that deserve wretchedness as the wages of original sin, but also as individuals who have freely chosen to do what each has done.  When the demons beseech God not to torture them, he may quite justly be more sparing to one and more severe with another according to the individual wickedness. So, too, human beings – whether manifestly or hiddenly, whether in this life or later – pay a divinely assessed penalty, each for his or her own personal wrongdoing. And it is right to speak of penalty and reward even though no positively good action can be done without divine help, and although there can be no sin of man or angel without a divine permission which is at the same time a perfectly just judgment.  For, as St. Paul says in one place: ‘Is there injustice with God?  By no means!’ (Rom 9:14) Again he says: ‘How incomprehensible are his judgments and how unsearchable his ways! (Rom 11:33)

In this book, however, as God permits, I shall not discuss God’s first judgment nor those other judgments which are past nor those that of on today, but only that last judgment when Christ will come from heaven to judge the living and the dead. This will be a day of judgment in the precise sense that there will be no place for any uncomprehending complaint that this sinner has been blessed or that that good man has been punished. On that day, we shall see plainly the true fullness of felicity of all the saints and only of the saints, as we shall see the supreme and deserved misery of the wicked and of the wicked alone.”

The pride of the narcissistic RETARDED KKK slavery demonrats and genetically deformed ashkeNAZI yid fake joos will be there downfall, as their day of judgment is inevitable. You don’t have core values such as satanic blood human sacrifices and pedophilia like faulty inbred’s have and expect to be spared God’s wrath.  The egotistical RETARDS obviously deny God exists at their own peril, but just as the earth is FLAT as defined in the document proving that the bible.  To deny the earth is FLAT is to deny the bible period.  It is that black and white.  Cain would deny while Abel would have an open mind to at least look into it and figure it. 

We all face judgment and we all die, so at that appropriate time we all will stand before God as imperfect beings.  It is no different in following your ego for more sex, materialism, or drugs for a little temporal short lived pleasure, there is a price to pay for this.  If a reasonable creature thought of the costs of our actions we would not do it.  But satan loves to stop us from thinking about it so we commit the sins of the flesh.  We will all stand before God to answer.  You can deny this all day long but it doesn’t stop it from happening, as the ego will and always denies the truth.  The injustice we see all around us in the city of the world will be replaced with the justice of the city of God.  Good men who suffered injustice will receive justice, and bad men who perpetuated injustice will receive their divine judgment, as the wicked will get the misery they deserve. 

If the first shall be last and the last shall be first comes to mind, it should. 

If you seek money which is what the city of the world you will not have the proper morals to seek good, and you will not live well, but will only have the appearance of it. Seeking God will be what is the ultimate goodness for your soul and happiness!

Chapter 2

“While time lasts, however, we are schooled to bear misfortune calmly, for good and bad men without distinction have to bear it; And we set no great store by prosperity, since bad and good men alike may come to enjoy it. So it is that, even in these temporal vicissitudes where God’s justice is not apparent, divine Revelations must save us from confusion.

We cannot know, for example, what secret decree  of God’s justice makes this good man poor and that bad man rich; why this man, whose immoral life should cause him, in our estimation, to be torn to grief, is, in point in fact, quite happy; why that man, whose praiseworthy life should being him joy, is, in fact, sad of soul; why this innocent party leaves the courtroom not just unavenged but actually condemned, unfairly treated by a corrupt judge or overwhelmed by lying testimony, while his guilty opponent not merely gets off unpunished but goes gloating over his vindication.  Here we have an irreligious man in excellent health, there a holy man wasting away to a shadow with disease. Here are some young men, robbers by profession, in superb physical fettle; there, some mere babies, unable to harm anyone even in speech, afflicted with various kinds of implacable disease.  A very much needed man is swept off by untimely death; a man who, we think, should not even have been born survives him and lives a long life. One man loaded with crimes is lifted to honors, while another whose life is beyond reproach lives under a cloud of suspicion. And so of innumerable other examples.”

Does it not make sense that in the city of the world there would be complete injustice like this?  America which is a bastardized version of Plato’s Republic has maritime law of complete and utter injustice.  It is pure Marxist inversion where the victim is punished and the perpetuator goes virtually scot free.  The inverted system protects such scumbags such as pedophile Epstein and LYING thief Bankman Fried of the FTX most recent money changer fraud.  Would you want to be one of these genetically deformed ashkeNAZI yids on their day of judgment?  They get away with all their malfeasance in the city of the world, but their divine judgment will most certainly bite them in the ass!

Nobody gets out of here alive, and if you LIE cheat and steal like your typical ashkeNAZI satanic zionist yid, there is a price to pay not that the narcissists will ever admit however.  In the city of God there will be a divine judgment and it will actually be just.  If you do not fear God and humble yourself, that day of reckoning is a guarantee!

Did Jesus not say I don’t live in this world, and do not become materialistic or you will not like the end result?  The inversion will have justice in the end.  Pride rules the city of the world, and wisdom rules the City of God. It is that simple!

The bible is pretty clear if you seek money which is mammon, you cannot serve God and live in the city of the world. It is black and white as you have to choose one or the other. Happiness lies in the correct choice! Chose wisely!

End and Punishment of the Earthly City

Chapter 2

“It is not only easy to find a proof that will convince unbelievers of the possibility of human bodies remaining not merely active, alive, and uncorrupted after death, but alo of continuing forever in the torments of fire. Such unbelievers are deaf to any appeal to the power of the almighty, and demand a demonstration in term of positive facts. When FACTS are reported, they deny the value of the evidence.; when evidence is produced, they declare it inconclusive. In regard to FACTS, it is said that certain animals live in fire, although they are mortal and, therefore, corruptible; that in certain hot springs, too hot for any hand to bear, these is found a species of worm that not merely endures the heat but cannot live without it. But even when the unbelievers see such things with their own eyes (or accept reliable witnesses), they object, first, that such animals feel no pain from the heat but, in fact thrive in it.  Strange unbelievers, who find it easier to believe that animals can thrive in fire than survive the pain! Surely, if it is incredible that an animal can feel a fire and go on living, it is still more incredible that it should live in a fire and not feel it. No one who can believe the second marvel has a right to doubt the first.”

Satan has deceived the masses because they ignore FACTS, as the ignorance of FACTS is the hallmark of the Brave New World. Satan’s uncanny ability to get people to ignore simple FACTS is his power. Satan’s final and most important command is too reject all evidence of your eyes and ears like God’s created FLAT earth.  Since the bible is a FLAT earth document, then you reject the bible. 

Even when you put all the evidence in front of someone’s face about pretty much everything backed up by biblical verses, they will response with NO bible verses and their programmed satanic opinion.  Any conversation with a conspiracy globberyist who believes the baal we are living on is spinning thru space at 1000 mph with no wind is this way.  It is literally impossible to free these fools from the chains they so love.  Their minds ignore all FACTS as FACTS are simply irrelevant if you cannot comprehend them in the least.

Like Hitler said after destroying a yid in a debate, I gradually came to hate them.  The yid or a catatonic lefty just denies and becomes a total spaz. If someone is in a satanic trance, all the evidence in the world will not sway them.  This is because their ego which is satan himself will deny he exists, and it truly is satan’s greatest trick.  The fact he was able to do this FACTUALLY proves he does.  The irony is most certainly not lost on me.

To seek the truth a person must look at FACTS or they can be easily deceived. The hallmark of the Brave New World is the ignorance of FACTS! And it is a biblical concept entirely, as you must not have pride to be able to let God help you with this, as you must be humble to have the ability to comprehend FACTS.

The eternal Bliss of the City of God

Chapter 22

“This life of ours – if a life so full of such great ills can properly be called a life – bears witness to the fact that, from its very start, the race of mortal men has been a race condemned. Think, first, of that dreadful abyss of ignorance from which all error flows and so engulfs the sons of adam in a darksome pool that no one can escape without the toll of toils and tears and fears. Then, take our very love for all those things that prove so vain and poisonous and breed so many heartaches, troubles, griefs, and fears; such insane joys in discord, strif, and war; such wrath and plots of enemies, deceivers, sycophants; such fraud and theft and robbery; such perfidy and pride, envy and ambition, homicide and murder, cruelty and savagery, lawlessness and lust; all the shameless passions of the impure – fornication and adultery, incest and unnatural sins, rape and countless other uncleannesses too nasty to be mentioned : sins against religion- sacrilege and heresy, blasphemy and perjury; iniquities against our neighbors – calumnies and cheating, lies and false witness, violence to persons and property; The injustices of the courts and the innumerable other miseries and maladies that fill the world, yet escape attention.

It is true that it is wicked men who do such things, but the source of all such sins is that radical canker in the mind and will that is innate in every son of Adam. For, our infancy proves with what ignorance of the truth man enters upon life, and adolescence makes clear to all the world how full we are of folly and concupiscence. In fact, if anyone were left to live as he please and to do what he desired, he would to through practically the whole gamut of lawlessnesses and lust – those which I have just listed and, perhaps, others that I refrained from mentioning.

Yet, for all this blight of ignorance and folly, fallen man has not been left without some ministries of Providence, nor has God, in his anger, shut up his mercies (Ps 76:10). There are still within the reach of man himself, if only he will pay the price of toil and trouble, the twin resources of law and education. With the one, he can make ware on human passion; with the other, he can keep the light of learning lit even in the darkness of our native ignorance. This is the meaning of those many appeals to fear in disciplining the waywardness of growing children. That is why we have tutors and schoolmasters with their ferules and straps and canes, and why, in the training of a child we love, we use the authority of the Holy Writ to ‘beat his side … lest he grow stubborn (Eccli 30:12) – else he may become too wild ever to be tamed. The point of all such human punishment is to help dispel our ignorance and to bridle our untamed desires – the double birthmark with which we come into this world.

As evidence of this inheritance we have only to recall how difficult it is to remember, how easy to forgot; how hard to learn and how easy to be ignorant; how difficult to make an effort and how easy to be lazy. We need to go no further to realize to what depths our damaged nature tends to gravitate and what aid it needs to be rescued from its inclinations. We are weighed down in soul and body by sloth and indulence, and disinclined to make an effort because, in fact, this price of effort, even for our good, is a part of the penalty we must pay for sin.”

So doing the right thing is not without penalties in the city of the world.  The first paragraph Augustine writes is a perfect description of our world today!  This is so true today because we have satanic bankster pedophile Pharisee money changers running the world, blackmailing politicians to do the right thing for Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911!

The mind control most people are under stops them from looking at anything.  While the satanic cabal literally tells you beforehand what they are going to do, and they can do this because nobody reads much nowadays.  Isn’t there a good game on right?

Of course students nowadays are getting a pure satanic brainwashing instead of anything from the Holy Writ and this is a big problem, as the prideful BIGOTED satanic agenda is in full swing with the transgender, LGBT, drag queens etc, with one egotistically RETARDED tribe behind it all.

Satanic bankster pedophiles rule the world and the evil runs extremely deep. It is beyond the comprehension of most.

Chapter 30

“Who can measure the happiness of heaven, where no evil at all can touch us, no good will be out of reach; where life is to be one long laud extolling God, who will be all in all; where there will be no weariness to call for rest, no need to call for toil, no place for any energy but praise. Of this I am assured whenever I read or hear the sacred song: ‘Blessed are they that dwell in thy house, O Lord: they shall praise thee for ever and ever. (Ps 83:5) Every fiber and organ of our imperishable body will play its part in the praising of God. On earth these carried organs have each a special function, but, in heaven, function will be swallowed up in felicity, in the perfect certainty of an untroubled everlastingness of joy. Even those muted notes in the diapason of the human organ, which I mentioned earlier, will sell into a great hymn of praise to the supreme Artist who has fashioned us, within and without, in every fiber, and who, by this and every element  of a magnificent and marvelous order, will ravish our minds with spiritual beauty.

The movements of our bodies will be such unimaginable beauty that I dare not say more than this: There will be such poise, such grace, such beauty as become a place where nothing unbecoming can be found. Wherever the spirit wills, there, in a flash, will the body be. Nor will the spirit ever will anything unbecoming either to itself or to the body.

In heaven, all glory will be true glory, since on one could ever err in praising too little or too much. True honor will never be denied where due, never be given where undeserved, and, since none but the worthy are permitted there, no one will unworthily ambition glory. Perfect peace will reign, since nothing in ourselves or in any others could disturb this peace. The promised reward if virtue will be the best and the greatest of all possible prizes – the very Giver of virtue Himself, for that is what the prophet mean God will be the source: “I will be your God and you shall be my people. (Lev 26:12) God will be the source of every satisfaction, more than any heart can rightly crave, more than life and health, food and wealth, glory and honor, peace and every good – so that God, as St. Paul said, ‘may be all in all’ (1 cor 15:28) He will be the consummation of all our desiring- the object of our unending vision, of our unlessening love, of our unwearying praise. And in this gift of vision, this response of love, this paean of praise, all alike will share, as all will share in everlasting life.

But, now, who can imagine, let alone describe, the ranks upon ranks of rewarded saints, to be graded, undoubtedly, according to their variously merited honor and glory. Yet, there will be no envy of the lower for the higher, as there is no envy of the lower for the higher, s there is no envy of angel for the archangel – for this is one of the great blessedness of the blessed city. The less rewarded will be linked in perfect peace with the more highly favored, but lower could not more long for the higher than a finger, in the ordered integration of a body, could want to be an eye. The less endowed will have the high endowment of longing for nothing loftier than their lower gifts.”

So no more envy or jealousy?  Isn’t this actually the essence of the fall of man of Cain being jealous of Able?  Why yes it is and it is the same problem that has manifested itself and that satan exploits this weakness in men.  Envy is part of the human ego which is what satan is, and as I have mentioned before the human ego is actually the sub conscious minds programming which circumvents the God consciousness when someone is attuned to God.

This simple elimination of envy actually creates paradise.  The serpent in the Garden of Eden deceived Eve by getting her to believe she would attain wisdom, as this is the exact opposite of what happened as they became fools.  The inversion in a complete nutshell once again.  That one simple act of non compliance as gotten us all the way to where we are today. 

So is this the price God paid for giving human’s free will?  Maybe it is and it is certainly a question I would like to pose to God on why he allowed this to happen.  How it spiraled out of control is quite amazing.  But obviously satan’s bankster minions who most assuredly the most envious at all helped along to what we have today which is a completely upside down world.  All leftist selfish slothful egotistical programming is based entirely on envy and jealousy which foments itself as HATE.  Satan sure has made catatonic lefties miserable creatures, and God has decided to euthanize them for their HATE.  Can’t say I blame him one bit.

So after the purging things will be much easier to fix.  It is where we are at and it does sound very nice indeed as St. Augustine describes.  Without envy or jealousy, people can focus on pure consciousness which is of God.  I certainly like the sound of that!

The world will call evil good and good evil as that is where we are today. The City of God is all good and full of truth!

There you have it.  A book written by an genius who understands the difference between the city of the world (Hell) and the City of God.  If seems so simple, yet so difficult to figure out.  I obviously recommend reading the whole book but I know people are busy.  I picked out the best parts I believe to at least give someone a semblance of what is written in the book, and also a guidebook on how to exist the Matrix or inverted Orwellian World that we are currently in.  The world run by satan is diametrically opposed to the City run by God. And it all starts with one little thing called pride.  It is pride that will always lead to destruction and it has.  Our current sick world is living proof of that!

This is merely the truth and it is your free will if you want to accept it obviously. But it is the truth!

God wins!

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