Brave New World News: Capitalism and Communism end up in the same ditch!

Both of these corrupt systems are run by the selfish slothful LYING thieving subversive LIARS who wear little dunce hats.  While communism is what Orwell described in 1984 played out, Capitalism is what Huxley laid out in Brave New World and what we are experiencing in America today.  Capitalism has done a wonderful job of turning women in to sluts!

All these are complete True written by people typically insiders who knew how the mind control works!

Each system controls the human ego is different ways, as communism is done by total fear and self preservation where it keeps people docile so they don’t revolt against the tyranny, and Capitalism keeps people too busy watching porn or the ball game to really understand what is going on.  Both keep the farm animals locked entirely on Orwell’s animal farm while the commie pigs run the show.

Orwell’s animal farm is most certainly NOT fiction. The masses are not smart in the least!

Make no mistake, America is under communist control, and only has the illusion of freedom.  American’s are simply enslaved in their minds and controlled by the ego with materialism, sex, drugs, etc.  The useless eating dunce hats know porn and ball games are a weapon for a silent war.  I know myself as I used to love watching football until they became blatantly Racist towards me.  The extremely jealous genetically deformed egotistical RETARDED ashkeNAZI yid vermin has gone all out with their HATE and Bigotry, like what we see from the Racist supremacist pedophile HATE group ADL and SPLC goblin TRASH.

To learn who rules over you, see who you cannot criticize! You will find the little dunce hats EVERY SINGLE TIME!

We obviously know all mentally deranged diseased puke selfish slothful RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties are catatonic and walking programmable zombies. And they have willingly euthanized themselves via the Rockefeller death shot. Asking my wonderful wise father at 5 why democrats are so stupid I did not know that was the start of my philosophical existence.  I was right at a very early stage.  I most certainly was privileged by having such a wise father. 

KKK slavery lefties are catatonic TRASH! Always do your part to end their HATE and Racism by encouraging them to get their boosters!

Here is the poem I wrote for him after modern medicine murdered him young.

I will always remember you
You will always be with me
Your voice I still hear every day
The sound of wisdom to help me see

You gave me a strong foundation that keeps me upright
You taught me the will to never give up the fight
I know there is nothing I cannot endure
The sense of fairness, honesty, and integrity I learned from you, for sure

Unconditional love is what you always gave
Never raising your voice in anger, but confident, firm and fair
Respected by many as your council was true
A handsome little devil, even with no hair

A sense of humor whose timing was always right
A polished head which was continuously bright
Yet, thru good times and bad, your journey was always true
You did the right things to get all of us thru

Even though this journey is done
There is no need for any regrets
As your son I know who your are
And for the rest of my life I will never forget

Though I am truly saddened to see you leave
I know in my heart you did everything right, I believe
You are greater than all the men that I know
You are not only my Dad, but my mentor, friend and my hero

People don’t like the truth much, as they only want their programmed LIES confirmed. I learned from my father to always tell the truth. I am a truth or bust kind of guy!

Truly, my father gave me the wisdom to see between right and wrong.  This is why I have been able to resist the disgusting brainwashing of the commie leftist TRASH.  However, I was deluded into thinking Capitalism was the correct path and it is just another system that is created by the satanic bankster TRASH for the eventual path to tyranny.  That controlled opposition path is completely defunct in my philosophical mind entirely, as America is in the ditch and fights on the WRONG side of every war.

Usury is and will be eliminated! This is what produced paradise in Germany and why the satanic bankster scum needed to hide how benevolent this system was. The money changers are and always have been the problem!

I inherently knew something was wrong over 30 years ago.  I worked at a bank where I saw them create a recession by going from giving money away to pulling back overnight.   Why I didn’t do more research back then to wake up I don’t know, but I was still getting brainwashed by TV “programming” which doesn’t happen much anymore so I can think. 

The private bank federal reserve which prints money out of thin air is your enemy and always has been! The money changers are master LIARS and thieves!

Always knowing and never wavering on the simple FACT that KKK slavery lefties are stupid has definitely paid dividends to figuring out the truth. How the conspiracy theorists believe vegetable Biden has a functioning brain is mind blowing.

It is always best to stay away from conspiracy theorists as they might drool on you! Oy Vey!!

To understand how each of these systems ends up in the same place controlled by the money changers, one only has to follow the money.  Money is the root of all evil and it is the same LYING thieving tribe who keeps doing it, and their fragile ego gets upset when you point it out!  If you tell the truth, they will call you an anti-semite which the selfish slothful intellectually deficient morons are not even semitic.  The racist supremacist are master LIARS and master LIARS must control the propaganda media to control the masses. 

The bible calls them out! But NOT organized inflitrated religion as they are too busy promoting sexual deviancy and moral depravity nowadays! But bible verses trigger egos just like telling a jehovah’s witness the earth is FLAT makes them run away! LOL!! Everything is a LIE!

To fully explain the process would most certainly take a while which I will not do here but I have done it in other posts, but in both cases property ends up in the few parasitical banksters hands who are the dregs of society.  You will own nothing and be happy is absolute bullshit, and is merely the parasites telling you they are stealing from you.  The faulty satanic useless eating don’t hide what they are doing anymore because the narcissistic retards believe they cannot be stopped.  That is why we are bombarded with absurdities on a daily basis.  Useful idiot KKK slavery lefties are manipulated very easily as is obvious since they cannot actually think.

Rinse and repeat! Always the same repulsive narcissistically RETARDED dick sucking rabbi filth behind it all! Satan chose wisely didn’t he?

The truth will set you free, and holding onto your programmed beliefs will keep you enslaved in your mind.  The world is completely upside down and if you cannot see that by now, it behooves you to wake the fuck up!

FACTS must be recognized to understand the truth and then it is very easy. The mind control stops the minds ability to recognize FACTS so it regurgitates the programmed LIES like the holohoax nonsense. The LIES are most certainly falling apart as the Matrix is being exposed! Wake up!!

The criminal federal reserve burning with gallos in front! Such as pleasant thought indeed!

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