Brave New World news: The Racist supremacist pedophile HATE group ADL!

Obviously we know from experience from the Racist domestic terrorist HATE groups like antifa and BLM just what catatonic selfish slothful despicable filth all prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat TRASH is.  By now we know lefties are simply NOT alive in the least. Walking programmable zombies. But we all must pledge to be anti-Racists so to show you care, encourage all comatose lefties to get their boosters!

Pscyhologically projecting RACIST prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties are NOT alive!

It makes total sense that the subversive LYING parasites who did slavery in America, the controlled demolition of 911, and perpetuate the HATEFUL Racist LIE of the holohoax, would run an extremist deplorable sycophant HATE group like ADL or the SPLC. The narcissistic useless eating parasitical goblins are master projection artists and subversive LIARS, so it all makes complete logical sense that ugly smelly losers would.

And the sub human RACIST terrorists admitted it!

Like everything and how it is inverted to make complete logical sense in not a good way, open minded liberals like myself see thru the complete charade of reality we are currently in. I understand Stockholm syndrome very well as people sure love to protect satan’s minions.  The bible outlines this inversion very well, but unfortunately people read the bible with pride so the literal interpretation of the bible is ignored like all FACTS.  The bible states the earth is FLAT which means if you believe the bible, you will do your research to confirm the earth is FLAT.  Obviously the satanic glob LIE is complete bullshit, but that is what has been programmed into the masses.  Someone irritating you?  Just tell them the earth is FLAT and they will run away!  LOL!!

The satanic morally depraved sexual deviant LGBT groomer agenda pushed by the narcissistically RETARDED ashkeNAZI yids is blatant proof! Enjoy the fiery pit yids!

The ashkeNAZI yids are master LIARS as evidenced by the completely obnoxious propaganda media nonsense.  It keeps people in the false Trump support syndrome vs. Trump derangement syndrome paradigm of nonsense.  If you get your news from the TV “programming”, you are NEVER getting the truth!  The subversive LYING yids will distract you with complete nonsense merely keeping you in Plato’s Cave. As long as you have one sacred belief you refuse to question, like your infiltrated organized religion or belief in satanic zion Donny Trump, they keep you exactly where they want you.  The detail which keeps someone in the Matrix can be very inane, but that belief not questioned can literally stop the whole mind from thinking.

Oy Vey! The bible telling the truth again? Better ignore it as it will trigger your satanic inverted programming!

The Racist supremacist terrorist pedophile HATE group ADL is extremely jealous of white people, so much so they will use fictitious terms like “white supremacist” which is really just a code word for ashkeNAZI yid massive inferiority complex due to narcissistic RETARDATION. The yids really are fucking stupid.  But because the loser trash has no empathy so they can LIE cheat and steal at will, they devised the beast criminal banking system to control the world.  I do not deny the egotistical mental invalids control the world nor do I deny the genetically deformed ugly race is a bunch of pathetic losers either.

The ugly smelly subversive LYING goblins sure are jealous of white people aren’t they? Oy Vey!!

I get emails from the RACIST supremacist pedophile HATE group ADL as the master projection artists say they are fighting HATE is completely laughable, as their inferiority complex makes them want to be the eternal victims. In the most recent threat to the synagogues of satan in NY, the terrorist ADL goblins are scared of the amount of HATE there is, and those threats are from a schizophrenic psychopathic yid which the ADL goblins fail to mention.  The amount of extremist HATE coming from the ADL is just despicable and it is for sure failing more and more every day.

The master LIARS literally have to manufacture their hatred towards themselves! The narcissistic mental invalids truly do hate themselves as they should. Even in this they push the despicable holohoax LIE which as we know if there actually were German death camps, their would be NO ashkeNAZI yids survivors!

I obviously did not start this psychological war as the master LYING projecting ashkeNAZI yids did, as they are NOT real joos nor are they even semitic.  Once this truth sets you free the yids warfare has absolutely NO power whatsoever.  I know the vast majority of yids are simply naïve and extremely programmed, as I told all of them I knew to NOT get the clot shot.  Of course they know I have called all catatonic KKK slavery lefties Racists which disagrees with their programming, so they didn’t listen to me.  I know some of them have already gotten sick from the clot shot made my their own people.  The faulty inbred’s kill their own as evidenced when ItsaHELL attacked America on 911, the American yids were almost all sacrificed while the ItsaHELLies got the text telling them to not come in that day.

Oy Vey! Don’t critisize the subversive LIARS as their egos are extremely fragile! The whining from the losers never ends when the truth is spoken!!

Nobody wants to hear my truth which I completely understand as they want to confirm the LIES they have been programmed with.  But with the vicious HATE, RACISM and BIGOTRY coming from the parasitical ashkeNAZI yids propaganda media apparatus towards me as a straight white male, it only behooves me to provide the needed linguistic enemas to combat their extremist deplorable sycophant HATE.  I am not the narcissist especially since I was able to deprogram all the yids LIES from my brain, it is from RACIST supremacist pedophile HATE groups like the ADL goblins.

The extremist deplorable sycophant HATE that spews from the goblins at the ADL is despicable!

The RACIST supremacist pedophile HATE groups founding. The goblins simply have no shame! The narcissistic RETARDS never accept blame for what they do as expected by satan’s minions!

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