Book Review: Michelle Obama How I live with a Huge Penis!

Barry Soetoro and Michael Robinson are just typical members of the catatonic KKK slavery demonrats and playing their part in the puppet show, so Michael decided to write a book outlining all the ways it is so difficult to play her part with such a huge penis.

I wonder if she had any trysts with Rachael Levine?

Obviously it is much harder to hide a huge penis in dresses and sometimes the bulge is unbearable, especially when he was excited to see Barry. Thus, these experiences are erected in this book where Michelle stands behind Barry that Michelle was thrust into.

Ahhh!! Total lovebirds!!

In the introduction of the book, Barry willingly writes how his experience of taking his backseat to Michelles thrusts, and how satisfying is has been for him and never complaining or the soreness it caused him. In these challenging and unprecedented times, Barry just decided to take everything like a man.

As this photo shows, it wasn’t always possible to queel Michelle’s excitement for Barry!

Michelle explains that while Barry thoroughly enjoyed his huge penis in private, her broad shoulders and adam’s apple were difficult to hide in public as it was inevitable to have a few lapses judgement where the bulge was exposed.  Since KKK slavery democrats are not conscious in the least, it was easy to hide it from them, but acknowledging a significant part of the population did in fact notice this part of the puppet show. But with the Trance that American’s are in, it would still be in the minority since seeing the bulge would be a FACT, and American’s simply ignore FACTS.

Water is FLAT so if you can ignore this, you can ignore Michelle’s penis also!

Michelle stated some of the most challenging times on the TV programming were dancing and dresses just do no cooperate with the bulge in the least, so they made sure to mask the private part area with photoshop tricks like they do with free mason extortion fraud NASA.  For the most part it worked since typically only comatose KKK slavery lefties are watching nowadays and they are not alive.

Oy Vey!! Such a problem!!

Overall Michelle states, she is extremely happy to be able to hide her large penis since it enabled them to enhance their satanic agenda onto an unsuspecting general public.  Michelle is always such a giver as Barry can attest to that.

What a way to end their time at the puppet show in the White House! A good time was had by all as they finished up their acting gig!

Oy Vey!!

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