How to properly mock the gullible morons who took the clot shot!

You cannot undo the poison injection obviously, and all the karma from those people who mocked intelligent people who did not take the Rockefeller death shot is coming around like I knew it would.

Oy Vey!!

Anybody that took the shot is just plain stupid.                  And obviously a ticking time bomb.  It is one hell of a way to get rid of HATE, BIGOTRY and Racism by having catatonic KKK slavery demonrats euthanize themselves isn’t it?

My God people are gullible!

If you ignore the subversive LYING Sodom and Gomorrah schizophrenic psychopathic RACIST supremacist faulty inbred maggots from ItsaHELL who are profiting off of peoples demise, you are ignoring FACTS that would have prevented you from your demise. It truly is amazing there are HATEFUL Racists care about the life of a useless eating ashkeNAZI yid maggot.

And the subversive LYING faulty inbred parasites told you! But you “trust” the authority figures right?

Doesn’t the bible talk about these genetically deformed faulty inbreds?  Why yes it does in Rev 2:9, yet obviously people don’t believe the bible like how it states the earth is FLAT.

Let’s see here! The Racist supremacist ashkeNAZI yid vermin are very jealous of white people right? And they are behind the clot shot but you suffer from stockholm syndrome? Oy Vey!! See ya!!

When the programmed RETARDS who took the clot shot starting mocking those of us who are pure bloods it only makes sense for us to mock the gullible morons before they die.  Karma is most certainly a bitch isn’t it?

I wear this on the back of my T-Shirt. The zombies cannot even see it! People are fucking stupid!

The prideful BIGOTRY and HATE that spewed from the gullible morons who took the clot shot was immense, as the RETARDS wanted to confirm they are good little sheep by trying to make fun of people who had a functioning brain like myself.  It obviously wasn’t going to work but the propaganda bullshit media run by the subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yid vermin was relentless, telling the LIE that depopulation was the only way to get back to normal.  Useless eaters obviously have been disposed of.

There are literally millions of these comments from the programmed morons. Many more to come!

Leading the way was obviously catatonic Racist HATEFUL prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat TRASH, as the unconscious morons always lead the way in being rude and obnoxious.

Gosh, here is the playbook from 2010! Nothing by chance!!

As an open minded liberal and anti-Racist, I obviously encourage all catatonic diseased sludge KKK slavery demonrat TRASH to get their boosters!  I obviously do this because I care since the faster these walking programmable zombies DIE then we will no longer put up with their programmed regurgitations!  I am done with all extremist deplorable sycophant KKK slavery demonrat rants of nonsense!

If you are so gullible to believe in climate change like your typical programmed RETARDED KKK slavery lefty, then you probably got the clot shot!

Now I take no delight in people willingly euthanizing themselves, but it was their weak disposition and programming that caused it not mine.  They will simply for once have to take responsibility for their actions.  It will be their final lesson!

If I am going to get attacked for telling the truth, I have plenty of arrows I have acquired to shoot back with. And it is I who can put the zombies in a coma.

Gosh, zombies!

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