Brave New World News: Fighting supposed anti-semitism is literally fighting the Truth!

The ashkeNAZI fake joo yids are not semitic.  The Khazarian ashkeNAZI’s were supposedly converted in the 8th century to Judaism but frankly was a ruse since very few actually practice it but was just another name steal by the Khazarian Pharisee money changer mafia.

Doesn’t the star of remphan 666 tell you something? They worship molech!

If I hear another programmed regurgitation that Jesus was a joo I am going to puke.  Anyone who practices judeo Christianity or Christian Zionism where they worship Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL is a prideful BIGOTED deceived moron.

Jesus took the whip to these subversive LIARS! To make the programmed regurgitation that Jesus was a joo is such profound ignorance. Who knows the real truth but for sure these inbreds are who Jesus fought and spoke about in the bible.

Point out the truth about the selfish slothful genetically deformed subversive LYING parasites and will get the fight the truth canard disguised as “Oh, you are an anti-semite.”  Notice the inbreds never call people LIARS?

Mel Gibson was called an anti-semite! Why? Because he told the truth! It is this bad!

Kanye West or Ye’s life is clearly in danger for him telling the truth about the narcissistic RETARDED fragile ego inferiority complex mental invalids.  Ye did not kill himself!

Gosh, he showed FACTS proving this truth! Telling the truth is anti-semitic! I appreciate the yids fragile egos proving this FACT!

Let’s just break down the simple FACTS!

  1. Yids did slavery in America and all around the world, not white people.

Oy Vey!! The ashkeNAZI yids admit telling the truth is anti-semitic!

2. The inbreds of Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL did the controlled demolition on 911.

Mossad admitted it! Harari is an anti-semite!

3. The holohoax is fucking bullshit!

This rabbi is an anti-semite!!

4. The criminal bankster sewage has orchestrated all wars and genocides.

Just another useless eating yid war! Oy Vey!!

5. The narcissistic RETARDS call white people what they are, complete fucking parasites

Can you say psychological projection? If you do you are an anti-semite! The parasites are what they accuseth! Every single time!!

6. The useless eaters are behind the current genocide with the Rockefeller death shot

Noticing this simple truth means you are an anti-semite! The fragile egos of the yids are hurt!

Need I go on?  If one of the subversive LYING parasites calls me an anti-semite I merely know they don’t like me telling the truth.  But Stockholm syndrome is immense isn’t it

Noticing the stockholm syndrome is anti-semitic!

Right now the extremist deplorable sycophant HATE coming from catatonic mentally deranged KKK slavery demonrat TRASH is immense as the unconscious vomit euthanizing themselves via the Rockefeller death shot is pure karma.

You cannot stop stupid can you? What? You noticed? You are an anti-semite!!

But the mind control by the useless eaters with the anti-semite charge works for the masses as the yids have about 4 layers of protection you need to break thru.  Don’t tell the truth or the maggots fragile egos will get upset!

The truth really upsets thier fragile egos as you can see! You anti-semite!

Hitler and Jesus were so right in their analysis of the narcissistic RETARDS, as they do control the world via their fraudulent banking system as most people are slave to them.  Voltaire was so right when he said to see who controls you, see who you cannot criticize.

As much as I have search and read Voltaire, I have not been able to find this quote as it appears the anti-semites have buried the books that have this in them. But all of Voltaires writings allude to this statement be true. Voltaire was right and very smart indeed!

The inbreds have a massive inferiority complex that is well deserved, as everything they do is against nature.  How the RETARDS believe they are superior and to be such Racist filth is beyond my comprehension.  The yids are the complete opposite of how they have been programmed as they are just stupid as evidenced by most of them being catatonic KKK slavery leftist TRASH!

Trump support syndrome is very real! He is just another actor and narcissistic LIAR like all politicians. At least he is now being mocked at press conferences and his popularity is waning.

Is this not the complete inversion of the masses reality?  Yes it is!  The logisitics of it all are explained in Orwell’s book 1984 as all you need to do is extrapolate what he wrote.

1984 is a guide as it helped me figure out all the logistics of what twilight zone episode we are in.

As someone who has white male privilege (which means to have a functioning brain) and is an open minded liberal who cares for women and children, I am an authority figure on this subject.  If you believe a parasitical yid ever, you are being an anti-semite and fighting the truth.  It is that simple and that completely inverted.  Since the masses are trained to trust authority figures, it is imperative to trust me.  You don’t want to be labeled an anti-semite do you?

If you have the majority programmed opinion, it is a LIE! And anti-semitic also!

Breaking down the anti-semite canard and using it to destroy the completely bullshit false narrative the masses are under living in Plato’s Cave helps people exit it into the true reality on God’s created FLAT earth.

Master LIARS is what the faulty inbreds are. Superior is NOT!

Dorkman fried of the FTX recent orchestrated fraud by the ashkeNAZI yids who was merely a frontman recently successfully duped the goyim out of some more money.  The goyim are simply way to trusting and controlled by their ego which money does.  The Khazarian yids have convinced the masses the more money you have the more successful you are, and for the most part the opposite is true as those people are typically the most unhappy of all because their soul is quite unfulfilled.  That is because to acquired this money invariably means you must do what satan says, like hospitals killing people for profit by following orders.  Dorkman obviously funded the satanic death cult KKK slavery demonrats with a lot of money, was pushing the climate change bullshit, and acting like he was the good guy while all along knowing he is full of complete shit.  Just another episode of those who were giving him their money being deceived by the road to hell being filled with good intentions. 

Gosh, a scammer calling other people scammers? That’s NOT anti-semitic since it is a psychological projection and NOT the truth! It is satan’s tactic though! All FTX scammers are yids! Every single time!

The masses intentions I do not doubt, but their follow thru sucks.  Obviously Socrates was so very right as the masses simply do not think and that has never changed.  That is why the truth is so offensive as people are programmed with comfortable LIES.  Obviously I am not OK with comfortable LIES especially when I know it is a FACT the RACISM and sexism is coming towards me as a straight white male for no reason whatsoever.  I simply did not start this war which has been going on since it seems the beginning of time.  Did not God say to extinguish the Edomite sodomite canaanites?  God was right as we are dealing with these same people who falsely call themselves joos today. 

This immutable truth suck!

God wins in the end, and to me it will be seemingly the greatest comeback story of all time, but I actually believe God is and always has been in control.  I have asked him to explain this to me but he postponed the interview.  Just wait he says as he is planning to blow my mind. I have just requested to be put in different twilight zone episodes to keep me entertained at least.

I agree with Voltaire on this as we live in pure trajedy, but watch comedies. I never know whether to laugh or cry most of the time. Color me frustrated but not angry. I will leave that to catatonic KKK slavery lefties!

If you continue to fight the truth I write, be prepared for me to call you an anti-semite!

Oy Vey!!

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