My being an open minded liberal hides the secret of the Brave New World!

Anyone who knows me knows I have been making fun of KKK slavery lefties intelligence my whole life. I am sure I occasionally called them liberals many moons ago also but usually just stupid democrats.

KKK slavery lefties are catatonic and are devoid of thought. Thus the closed minded prideful BIGOTED programmed RETARDS are most certainly NOT open minded! The Racist gullible moron filth also mostly euthanized themselves via the clot shot!

I asked my father at 5 years old why are democrats so stupid. Now at 5 years old I was getting my opinions from my father so there is that. My father from what remember tried to say well people have right to different opinions, but he didn’t discount democrats being stupid. Most would say my father was significantly more tactful than me, but what it really is is I have refined FACTS which disagree mightily with what the masses are programmed with and he passed away before our current twilight zone era.

KKK slavery demonrats are NOT alive! Such rude and obnoxious pieces of shit!

Hence,  my father never called himself an open minded liberal but if modern medicine hadn’t killed him early, he would probably be calling himself a liberal like I do, because it is a FACT,  not a label.

It is amazing how I trigger egos by calling myself an open minded liberal since the word has been so bastardized by the Racist supremacist parasitical ashkeNAZI yids! All it is is the simple FACTUAL truth as when people LIE by calling prideful closed minded BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties it pisses me off! Lefties are just walking programmable zombies!

The hallmark of the Brave New World is the ignorance of FACTS,  as programmed opinions like calling a closed minded lefty a liberal are engrained into the masses minds. 

The key to unraveling the Matrix is to get the mind to recognize FACTS as all the brainwashing we have been subjected too control the masses denudes the critical thinking process. I figured out this inversion 6 years ago yet I still in my writings in 2017 still called the mental invalids liberal after inflitrating a zombie lefty meeting and finding nobody alive. To be a liberal someone must be alive, and KKK slavery lefties don’t qualify.

Now if someone were to do sustained thought on why I call myself open minded and liberal they could start unraveling the complete inverted reality we are in.

The key to exiting the Matrix is never react to what someone says, but ask the question why do you say that? Words simply never trigger me even though I recognize the programmed LIES people are speaking, but if I interrupted them and tried to explain why it is a LIE, I would be doing this constantly and by now someone would have killed me. I am very fond of the truth, martyrdom not so much.

But the mind control only makes people react to it, not question it. This is the essence of how the masses are controlled as they don’t question things. My waking up to the controlled demolition on 911 was a big how the hell did they make me believe this shit? This along with intuitively knowing something is wrong here broke thru my own cognitive dissonance so I started questioning everything. Everything is a LIE is what I figured out. The enormity of it all confounds the human mind as people simply do not want to believe they have been duped their whole life. Thus, agent Smith steps in to stop them from questioning my calling myself a liberal. 

The human ego which inverts our reality never wants to admit it is wrong and that is how they keep the mind locked into place believing all the LIES. The ego will accuse others of what it is guilty, as this is satan’s or a marxist tactic entirely which unfortunately works for most people. If someone were to call me a Racist I scream in their face I AM NOT A FUCKING RETARDED DEMOCRAT and then they usually create a small puddle.

Agent smith tells me I can’t say that even after I just did so I obviously can. The complete inversion is exposed in this statement as if I am a liberal, lefties are then the anti-thesis of a liberal. I myself had to figure out my intellectual deficiencies by being aligned with rightys since they are merely controlled opposition in the false left vs. right paradigm. I left the Republicans 30 years ago but couldn’t figure out where to go. I was simply docile in la la land.

This is the simple truth as Trump support syndrome vs Trump derangement Syndrome is a complete false paradigm. Trump is a good actor trying to bide time for the useless eating satanic bankster scum. He has never been on your team!

Seeing people point out the parasitical ashkeNAZI yids is wonderful as their false reality they created is crumbling. Most still are afraid of the anti-semite canard which is nonsense obviously when FACTS are understood that they are not even semitic, just subversive liars. The yids do not control me in the least. I despise liars. 

No question Kanye’s life is at risk but killing him risks escalating the awakening to the satanic yid pedophiles further. Why hasn’t Epstein’s clients been arrested? Because the narcissistic RETARDS control the system as it is completely rigged as much as the elections. Voting and complaining about the election being stolen is a fun diversion to keep the masses busy, but not productive in any way. Your vote has never mattered as Presidents are selected, not elected, and they are all related!

It is a FACT not a label that I am an open minded liberal. The keys to understanding the Brave New World we are in is contained in the spatial analysis of this statement. This is the simple truth.

TV “programming” is all controlled by the parasitical ashkeNAZI yids and is pure propaganda. If you watch teLIEvision and understand you must invert everything and your mind is capable of doing the inversion like me instantly, you can decipher significant truth. I watch TV and see blatant RACISM and Sexism towards me as a straight white male, and that the yids are inferiority complex goblins and narcissistically RETARDED. If you don’t see this truth, you are NOT awake!

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