Brave New World News: The upside down world battery inversion!

I observe the upside down inverted world daily as an open minded liberal.  There is not a day that goes by when I don’t see this inversion in action.

Taking pride in being a morally depraved sexual deviant LGBT pedophile? How much more inverted can it get?

So yesterday I went to the store to get some new batteries as I had 2 of them I needed to get.  One was under warranty so I thought I would get some money back on it.  Pleasantly surprised I got a new battery for free!  The other battery I wanted for my winter car to replace the cheap Chinese battery in it where I will put that in my RV for the accessories.  Simple routine task as I was very happy to get the one for free.

This is exactly satan’s playbook! Satan in the form of materialism, sex and drugs will appear as a way out of this mess. Voting is surrendering to the beast system!

However, this was confusing for the guys behind the counter since the one replacement even though the same size battery, it was a different one than the one I was returning.  So the inversion happened where they charged me for the battery that should have been free on warranty, and gave me free the battery I should have been paying for.  Now the difference was only $10 which I actually saved, but I knew if I would have pointed out their error it would have been a mess and they might have gotten mad because they would have been confused.  In our upside down world there are certain battles that need not be fought and since it actually saved me some money, I just gave them my money and went on my way.  My honesty wanted to point it out, but my desire to avoid confrontation let me walk away with ease. My telling the truth causes plenty of confrontations and I simply do not need anymore.

Everything is a LIE! The completeness of this is very hard for anyone to fully grasp since humans do not want to believe they have been duped their whole life.

This little story is just a microcosm of the upside down world we live in. Calling catatonic prideful BIGOTED closed minded KKK slavery democrat liberal is fucking absurd, yet that is what people are programmed with and get upset when I tell the truth that it is I who has the open mind which makes me a liberal.  I know their mind conflates a liberal with a catatonic morally depraved sexual deviant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefty before I say it but I know the more I repeat it I destroy their programming.  It is a battle of attrition which after numerous attacks I always win.  I am the anti-thesis of the bullshit ashkeNAZI yid propaganda media which programs people by repeating the LIE over and over again, and unlike them I speak the truth.

All pre 1900 history is a complete and utter LIE as they have tried to erase the Great Tartaria which most of America was a part of. San Francisco and Chilaga (Chicago) were developed cities per maps in 1605 as the architecture shows as buildings do not lie. WW2 history is completely inverted as Germany was the good guy and America like it always has been was the bad guy fighting for the satanic zionist bankster scum. Our whole beast system needs to be blown up and as people awaken it will be. The future is actually very bright, but the interim will be challenging to say the least as the great satanic reset being in motion simply cannot be stopped. A plethora of prideful gullible morons who took the Rockefeller death shot will be wiped off God’s created FLAT earth!

Doctors are Rockefeller programmed pill pushers for profit and lawyers make money by doing complete injustice, as satan financially rewards good programmed minions.  The Rockefeller death shot being pushed by programmed doctors to depopulate was very profitable if they themselves did not take it and die.  Most of them did however so karma is getting them.

Karma is a complete bitch isn’t it? And I should care about the HATEFUL disgusting prideful BIGOTS who die of the shot? Sorry that is not happening as just like the only good feminist is one who has been run over by truck, I shall enjoy not living with such rude and obnoxious RETARDS!

Intelligence is simply not regurgitation and the satanic banksters who run the world want good programmed slaves, as that is why the public brain damaging centers do there best to destroy all semblances of critical thinking or reasoning. Catatonic KKK slavery lefties are their desired product.

No child should EVER be around a mentally ill catatonic programmed RETARDED KKK slavery demonrat! Public indoctrination centers are merely for the perpetuation of Plato’s Cave.

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation and that unfortunately will never change, as the masses have been brainwashed out of their gord especially American’s who have been used as pawns to bring Rothschild central banks to the world enslaving those we fought.  America simply fights on the wrong side of every war and taking pride in America is the opposite of what you should do.  It is just like voting in these puppet show elections, as you are truly surrendering.  Trusting these fraudulent elections is truly like eating milk duds off of a toilet seat in a dive bar in Tijuana.  Your vote doesn’t matter and it never did, and it is high time more people come to this realization.

Public schools along with TV “programming” are poison for the mind!

The satanic Zionists narcissistic RETARDED sodomite ashkeNAZI yids goal is to exterminate anything good in the world, and that includes the white race which I obviously am a member of.  Whatever the yids accuseth like saying you cannot be racist towards white people needs to be inverted for the truth as you really cannot be racist towards the RACIST supremacist subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yid fake joo maggots.  Martin Luther described the mental invalids as vile incorrigible whores while Hitler called them maggots.  Jesus told us the truth that their father is the devil who is the father of all LIES.  Find out who the yids are attacking and listen to their truth, as their fragile egos are not fond of the truth in the least.

Zionism is satanic, and any Christian who supports Zionism is actually attacking the good yids and supporting the subversive LYING parasitical faulty inbred ones. Like on 911 when many American yids were sacrificed along with everyone else, they kill their own as most American yids unless they despise their race because they know, have been euthanized by the Rockefeller death shot. Since most yids are catatonic KKK slavery demonrats, clearly all the inbreeding the race has done has created some either schizophrenic psychopaths or just plain programmed RETARDED gullible morons. I get attacked for pointing this out, but the yids killing their own is just fine. What an inversion it is isn’t it?

The book of revelation once you invert everything to figure out the truth truly appears to be a guidebook, as I read into it as America is Babylon and it says all the nations of the earth mourned the loss of the merchant who bought all the goods from around the world.  The yids on purpose sabotaged the manufacturing base of America as we have been used along with being poisoned by our current food supply with GMO’s and chemical laden garbage.  You cannot avoid all the poison as you can only minimize it, as your typical grocery store I find only about 10-15% of what is there I will eat.  I obviously know how to read ingredients.

The yids are simply jealous of white people and that is why they are so HATEFUL and Racist towards us which I understand entirely. So I knew the Rockefeller death shot would be designed to attack white people the most beforehand. The Racist supremacist ashkeNAZI yids are just on a quest to destroy anything good so it makes total sense. White people build civilizations and the parasites literally destroy them. What do you expect from schizophrenic psychopaths anyway?

No doubt the Racist supremacist terrorist ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911 is Sodom and Gomorrah or the synagogue of satan.  These narcissistic RETARDS believe they are God’s chosen and are in for a big surprise.  Satan chose the schizophrenic psychopaths as they are the Pharisee money changers from the bible.  Connecting the dots is extremely easy once the mind has been humbled enough by all the absurdities. We know who the LIARS are and they are obviously controlling the world to their eventual demise.  The first shall be last and the last shall be first as this is an immutable truth!

I have been preaching this inversion for years now as it is biblical. Pride in someones programmed beliefs spells doom. No doubt God has blessed me immensely, and at many times he has humbled me to teach me. My arrogance needed it frankly. No doubt when my business struggled in 2009, I got a fluke wet and reckless (.08 alcohol level) in 2010 right before my best friend and idol father passed, God most certainly taught me a lesson about being humble. Just a few years away from traveling all around Europe and living a very nice life I was flat broke. While difficult for sure, the wisdom I gleaned from this time was immense. It broke my materialism quest and refocused me to what really is important, my inner soul. Money is simply not required to buy the necessity of the soul.

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