Brave New World News: Fighting anti-Semitism!

It is a FACT that the ashkeNAZI yids are NOT semitic which makes their charge for pointing out the truth about the subversive LIARS even more poignant. Thru their criminal fraudulent banking system they are controlling the world while the propaganda media they control the minds of the masses.

Kyrie knows the earth is FLAT, the yids did slavery in America not white people, and is very brave for speaking the truth! The subversive LYING goblins days are numbered!

The Khazarian ashkeNAZI’s are NOT real joos and connecting the dots to the bible they are the Pharisee money changers which they still are today running the parasitical banking extortion fraud racket.

The ashkeNAZIs are NOT real joos in the least! We know why the Ukraine is coveted by the narcissistic RETARDS as that is where the Khazarian empire of name stealers emanated from. The inbreds are NOT related to the jews or Israel in the bible as they stole the name!

The banking system we are under is really slavery which does not benefit humanity in any way, just the satanic pedophiles who run it.  The narcissistic RETARDED yids are lazy parasites along with being selfish slothful morally depraved useless eaters.

The inferior narcissistic RETARDS have wormed their way into all governments and are all disposable sewage! The end cannot come soon enough for these sub human beasts!

Thus, to really fight anti-semitism, you must point out the ugly smelly faulty schizophrenic psychopaths who falsely call themselves joos!

The bible is literal, NOT metaphorical in the least!

This is entirely biblical as the bible is literal, not metaphorical.  This is one of the reasons why they work for hard to stop the FLAT earth truth as confirmed in the bible as it solidifies the bible being right and satanic science being a manipulated LIE.  Once this truth is exposed, all the ashkeNAZI yids lies become exposed for what they are!

Goebbels was a brilliant man who told the truth, and instead of subjecting his family to the disgusting brutality of the sodom and gomorrah bolshevik ashkeNAZI yids, he along with his family committed suicide. He inherently knew what evil filth the schizophrenic TRASH is!

The Rockefeller death shot obviously will depopulate the FLAT earth as much as I tried to stop this, peoples brainwashing which produces pride in one’s beliefs created a bunch of gullible morons who willingly euthanized themselves.  It is not my fault and I simply cannot afford to have sympathy for the retards.

The prideful gullible morons selected themselves. Never EVER trust a yid!

I did not start this war, as ugly smelly useless eating genetically deformed goblins like the Racist Supremacist pedophile HATE group ADL did, and it is starting to turn where it is RACIST to even care about the life of the egotistical RETARDS! The RACISM, HATE, and BIGOTRY emanating from the parasites is immense, but the narcissistic mental invalids refuse to look in the mirror.

It is simply impossible to be HATEFUL or Racist towards the psychologically projecting narcissistic RETARDS! The pride of the mental invalids will be their downfall!

Fighting anti-semitism means to name the control freak yid maggots at every step, along with pointing out the luciferian free masons and Jesuits who have infiltrated every institution with their complete bullshit.

The red pill that the yids are canaanites, sodomites or edomites. Descendents of Cain the murderer as their selfish and jealousy of white people show. God shall have no mercy!

The world is upside down as good is referred to as evil and vice versa. Calling mentally deranged morally repugnant RACIST HATEFUL prideful intolerant catatonic BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats liberal is just the beginning as lefties simply do not have a functioning brain and thus are the anti-thesis of open minded.  Like I have stated before, catatonic lefties willingly euthanizing themselves via the Rockefeller death shot may be the best thing for them to put them out of their miserable lives.  Like Pontius Pilate I know people were deceived, but I wash my hands as there is simply nothing I can do.  You cannot extract the poison out of your body. 

This is obviously stating the obvious, that pride goes before destruction. Those pushing the satanic agenda such as the morally depraved sexual deviant prideful BIGOTED LGBT pedophilia TRASH shall receive their recompense in spades.

The used up anti-semitism canard is done and it doesn’t work on those who have awoken, and frankly fuels the parasites downfall.  Until the goblins at the Racist supremacist pedophile HATE group ADL apologize for their abhorrent behavior, I will continue to fight their anti-semitism!

Hitler was right!

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