Brave New World News: I glitch programming!

For many years now I have seen what I say glitch peoples programming.  Jerking heads, or the person I am talking too just nods off to protect their programming.  Whether discussing the controlled demolition on 911 done by Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL or chem trails, or some extremely inane detail so minor it confounds me, I trigger the programming to protect itself.  I simply do not know when it will happen and agent smith comes out to attack me.

If I had a dollar for every time someone tries to protect their programmed ego, I would be a very financially wealthy man! Not any wiser however!

I also know that to deprogram someone I have to actually trigger their programming, so each time I am attacked I am actually breaking their programming somewhat.  It is a painful process for someone like me who does not like confrontation in the least.  As an open minded liberal I question everything as word cannot upset me EVER!  Only if a person lives in the Orwellian World can a person be upset by words, as LIES like the despicable Holohoax will upset me or any lie for that matter. 

Whenever I trigger agent smith it can trigger a whole room!! The Racist domestic terrorist HATE groups BLM and antifa can be controlled by one person easily since they are not actually conscious!

My mind recognizes every FACT there is which makes me an anamoly, and thus if what I say will disagree with the majority of people’s programming.  Before the scamdemic began I knew this outcome entirely, as the narcissistic satanic pedophiles who run the world wanted depopulation.  I obviously could not fix the minds of everyone since most people are in a Trance, but I tried.  I knew an egotistical yid from social media a few years back told me you will not wake up the slaves and unfortunately he was right.

Any zombie still wearing a slave mask is a goner! For sure they took the Rockefeller death shot!

As evidenced by Al Roker having a brain freeze a few years back, to Shaq being frozen on stage on ESPN to many more people doing this, and myself doing this in real life many times to people, the human mind is simply extremely programmable.  After I figured out the controlled demolition on 911, I asked myself how the hell did they get me to believe that shit.  Frankly the mechanics of the mind control are explained in the book 1984, but obviously I had to extrapolate it out which I did and that is the reason I can pretty much foretell what will happen in any situation.  Everything is logical but not in a good way.

Mind control is extremely real!!

As is abundantly obvious, KKK slavery lefties are a walking programmable zombie.  Nobody is home in the least, and to state lefties are open minded in any way is ridiculous. Yet they are programmed with them being liberal.

Catatonic KKK slavery lefties have a software line that actually says “I am very intelligent.” The zombies are devoid of thought!

Since I have known many yids and even lived with one for a while and frankly enjoyed drinking many good bottles of wine with him, but during a party after he had been drinking he stated all white people are racist.  Thus, after I had jerked his head a few times with philosophical quotes plus my vocabulary being much more extensive, I knew that is how they are programmed.  He was also a KKK slavery lefty which pretty much all yids are.

The zombies psychologically project what they are guilty! It is quite simply to understand the inversion after you know everything is inverted!!

Thus, they are satanically programmed to accuse their opponent of what they are.  I knew I was not racist and I know I am white, so this projection is clearly 100% Racist towards me, and it actually is jealousy of white people fomented by the yids.

Completely satanic Marxist tactic to accuse others of what they are guilty. The ashkeNAZI yids are blatantly Racist supremacists and they obviously control the propaganda projecting bullshit media!

Catatonic Prideful BIGOTED programmed RETARDED KKK slavery lefties have overwhelmingly euthanized themselves via the Rockefeller death shot, and the Racists karma is getting them what they deserve.

Prideful Bigots are euthanizing themselves! I cannot help them as they would not listen to me!!

And lets face it, if I can make 2 KKK slavery lefties attack each other, imagine what those who programmed them can do to the zombies.  I obviously try my best to wake up Republicans as they are simply very confused.  The false left vs right paradigm is simply nonsense.

Oy Vey!! Trump support syndrome is a disease! Supporting this puppet show is just absurd at this point!

The masses are simply under mind control and I trigger people’s ego all the time. I know after a short conversations how a person is programmed since most everyone is a simply a variation on the inverted mind.  Thus everyone instead of questioning anything, they will simply react and call me stupid to protect their fragile ego. It is a blessing and a curse at the same time because while I know the problem I cannot reverse it at will by any means.  And my deprogramming does include getting the mind uninverted as someone has to do that themselves. My part does help immensely in that process, but someone has to figure that out themselves. Because of this the disparity between myself and others is still a wide gap. And until this is fixed, they will not listen to me.  

The ego which is the sub conscious minds programming simply believes the LIE while ignoring all FACTS due to non comprehension. The masses are simply brainwashed out of their gord!

Mind control is very real and to deny it at this point is absurd!

The truth only offends the brainwashed!

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